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Revenge On The Scumbags

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Happiness was short lived for Rosalie, who just got the proposal from her long time boyfriend, but then was sent to the bed of a stranger by her step sister who was jeallus of her. Little did she know, the man she had spent the night with was the richest and most powerful man in J city. Months later after that night, she was pregnant and termed a failure by her family and kicked out of her home and city. Five years later, she returned as a successful business woman with a cute little son, anger and revenge solely on her mind.

Chapter 1

"Rosalie, will you marry me?"

Rosalie stared at her boy friend with her watery eyes. It looked like she would burst into tears any moment from now.

"Yes Jackson, I will." Rosalie nodded. Her dream finally came true after they had been in love for years.

Jackson smiled happily and slid the silver ring into her finger. He stood up from his kneeling position, took her in his arms and twirled her around happily while she giggled in excitement.

"Thank you so much for agreeing to be mine baby. I promise that you won't regret it." He swore.

Applause rang from different people who had watched the blissful moment between the couple. They were in the restaurant of the hotel they lodged in for the night.

"Congratulations sis." Rosalie heard and turned to face her step sister, Rose who was smiling at her. She had accompanied them after persuading her sister that she couldn't stay home alone.

"Thank you very much." She replied beaming from ear to ear.

"I can't believe you'll be getting married before me." Rose said looking sad.

"Me neither. But don't feel downcast, I'm sure you'll find someone who will love and respect you like Jackson does to me." Rosalie said trying to encourage her.

"Maybe. But enough of that. I shouldn't ruin you perfect night with my sob story. Let's have some fun to congratulate you and your fiancee." Rose said, dragging Rosalie towards her hotel. while Jackson left after saying he had to receive an urgent call.

Rose entered inside her closet and brought out a bottle of champagne from her bag. She took two glass cups from the cabinet and filled the both of them with the drink.

"Here's a toast to my younger sister who'll soon be getting married. Cheers." Rose said and clicked her glass with Rosalie's.

"Cheers." Rosalie said and downed the whole content of the cup.

"Have more." Rose urged, filling her cup again and no one noticed the cunning flashed in her eyes.

Rosalie knew she could hold her liquor so she didn't mind and drank more. However, she started to feel dizzy before she could finished her second cup.

She looked around, but everywhere was blurry. Why were her eyes spinning?

"Rose, I need to go to my room. I don't feel good." Rosalie said.

"So soon? Why don't you have another cup of champagne." Rose urged.

"No thank you..... I need to go now." Rosalie said and managed to stand on her feet.

"Okay. I'll walk you there." Rose directed Rosalie into a room. After that, she locked the door from the outside.

"Enjoy your night, sis. " Rose muttered left with an evil smile appeared on her face.

Inside, she met a man sitting on the bed.

"Jackson" she called.

"I thought you went to receive a call ? What... are you doing here?" She asked.

He didn't reply but kept staring at her hungrily. Though her head was spinning, she didn't fail to notice his sweaty face and the bulge in between his pants.

"Jack...." she called but was cut of by his lips on her mouth. She didn't know when he appeared that close to her.

He kissed her hungrily while she returned it twice as hard. She didn't fail to notice that he tasted different, sweeter. But she didn't mind.

He carried her up and laid her on the bed. He tore off her clothes hurriedly and without using foreplay, her plunged into her hard and deep while she whimpered in pain.

Outside the room, Rose could be seen eavesdropping and smiling mischievously.


Around 6:00 am in the morning.

Rosalie's peaceful sleep was disturbed by sounds of people quarrelling outside her room. She held her head in pain when she felt a splitting headache.

She tried to move but couldn't because of the soreness she felt in between her legs. Her body felt very weak. There were also blood stains on her sleeping bag.

She smiled when she remembered all that had happened the last night between her and her long time boyfriend Jackson Hillary.

He had finally proposed to her last night in the presence of her elder sister Rose Tucker.

Rosalie became drunk after taking a little bit of the liquor her sister gave her and she pounced on Jackson and they had s*x all through the night.

She stared around her room and found out it looked unfamiliar.

Where was she? She thought.

"I'm so sorry Jackson, I didn't meant for this to happen."

"Quiet, do you want Rosalie to hear your voice? Let's just forget this ever happened."

Rosalie heard the voiced and decided to go out and check.

She put on a new set of clothes she saw in the closet because the old ones were torn off her by Jackson last night.

She walked out of the room and went towards the place the voices were coming from. It was her sister's room.

She saw her sister lying on the bed naked with s*x fluids all over her and a naked Jackson.

He had claw like marks on his back.

She immediately knew what had transpired between them and she gasped in shock.

Their heads turned towards her and Jackson put on his clothes immediately.

He came out of the room and stared at Rosalie looking remorseful.

"I'm so sorry Rosalie, I didn't know what I was doing. I thought it was you I had s*x with last night. Please forgive me." He said looking guilty.

She heard Rose say too but wasn't listening to them.

All that was in her mind was the person she slept with that night if it wasn't her fiancee.

"What is that?" She heard Rose asking.

"What do you mean?" She asked back.

"That mark on your neck." She said.

Rosalie quickly picked her phone and stared at her reflection through it. There, she saw love bites on her neck. Her face was filled with horror.

"So, it wasn't a dream, it's actually real." She thought.

"Who did that to you?" Jackson asked angrily.

"I don't know." Rosalie replied nonchalantly.

"What do you mean you don't know? You had s*x with someone and you don't know who it was?" One could tell Jackson was already furious.

"Yes. I thought you were the one I spent the night with just like you did with my sister." She said.

"Don't worry, I'm not upset. I give my blessings to you and my sister and here's your ring." She said removing the ring he gave her the last night when he had proposed and placed it on his hands.

She didn't fail to notice the happy look on her sister's face but she didn't say anything about it.

"Wait, Rosalie. We can fix this. We can make it work. Please don't break up with me." Jackson pleaded but she ignored him and walked into rthe room she came out from.

"This room must be owned by that stranger." She thought staring around.

She didn't have the time to observe the room last night because she was drunk.

The room screamed luxury. Though Jackson was rich, he wasn't that wealthy to

There was no trace of the man she had slept with the last night. Just his minty scent.

"This is all your fault." She could hear Jackson telling Rose.

"How is it my fault? You slept with me and now, you have to take responsibility. My sister has already given us her blessings." Rose replied.

Rosalie felt a pang of sadness in her heart, how could her own sister say thing like that. It was as if she wasn't remorseful.

Rosalie decided to forget about them. She spotted a wad on notes a paper on the nightstand. It was obviously from the man she had spent the night with.

She picked it up and read it's contents.

"If the money isn't enough, come to Hart Villa district to find me."

She stared at it angrily. Did he actually think she was a prostitute? She took the note and money with her into the room she was supposed to share with her fiancee.

She packed all her belongings and left the hotel while Jackson called after her.


Chapter 2



Rosalie stared at the test results in her hand, sweating profusely.

"It can't be true. It isn't possible. I can't be pregnant all because of one night." She thought.

"It's the truth madam. This is the third time were conducting this test. What more evidence do you need?" The doctor asked impatiently.

She grabbed her hair in frustration and placed her head on her laps.

Ever since that night with that stranger, nothing had been going well with her. Her sister told her parents about all that had transpired between them and as usual, she was scolded and termed a 'slut' by her father and step mother.

Jackson had to marry her sister because she was already pregnant for him. She now two months pregnant and she's expecting their child in the next seven month.

And Rosalie, she lost her job. Now, she's penniless and living like a stranger in her


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