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The chubby girls also fall un love
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Amber Weys is a 17 year old girl with prominent curves and it is well known that during adolescence boys are usually very hard, bullying is more serious every day leading Amber almost to madness, one of the main perpetrators of her bullying is Adam Raymond an important player of the school, acclaimed by all and envied by others. But his life is not perfect, he was abandoned by his parents which led him to depression, fortunately he received help from the person he least expected, making them both live that first teenage love, but sometimes life takes unexpected turns.

Casada con el rey de la mafia
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Cuando Elijah vio a Alicia por primera vez, supo que iba a ser la madre de su hijo; el contoneo de sus caderas le volvió completamente loco. El rey de la mafia necesitaba urgentemente a su reina, y esa iba a ser Alicia, así que le hizo una propuesta que no pudo rechazar. Ante la crisis económica y la enfermedad de su padre, Alicia aceptó ser la esposa y madre del hijo de Elijah Morgan, convirtiéndose así en la reina de la mafia.


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