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My Sister's Bestfriend

  • Genre: YA/Teen
  • Author: Kemzy
  • Chapters: 84
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 1.7K
  • 7.5
  • 💬 566


The love story continues for the lovebirds who were still so madly in love with each other like the first day even after being together for almost a year. But now, they have to deal with the distance as Daniel was now in his first year in the university and Victoria in her last year in high school, new faces among their friend group, new love interest and competitors. Would their love for each other be strong enough to sustain their relationship or would misunderstanding arising successfully break them apart? Find out in the sequel to My Bestfriend's Brother PS: Cannot be read as a stand alone

Chapter 1

Victoria's POV Stretching lazily on the bed, I yawned loudly as I picked up my phone to check the time. "F*ck." I thought. It was already seven and I was supposed to be up by six thirty. Being the head girl came with a lot of responsibility which included waking up earlier than before. "Welcome back to planet earth." Anna said. She was dressed and ready for class while I was still in bed. "Why didn't you wake me up?" I asked, standing up from the bed to begin my day. "You slept late last night, and to avoid your cranky behavior I wanted you to have enough rest." Was her smart response. "But we're going to be late." I argued. "We won't if you enter the bathroom now." Anna replied. I spent most of the time talking to Daniel last night, and it will be so strange not seeing him at all in school. It was remaining just Anna and I, as the rest had gone to the university. Today is the first day of resumption, and it is also my last year in high school. I couldn't be happier. "See, we're early." Anna said. We walked into the cafeteria for breakfast and immediately the students saw us, they all quietened down and focused on eating their food. "I don't understand how you manage to control them without saying anything. I have to shout my lungs out before they listen." Dennis, the headboy, said joining us on our table. "They like my pretty face." I joked."I guess you're right." Dennis is nice, since the day we were given the prefect's position he had always been by my side and was quite helpful. "So guys, what do you think of the new teacher?" Anna asked excitedly. "Young." "I think he's too young and inexperienced to be teaching seniors." Dennis responded. "You guys are leaving out the fact that he's handsome huh?" That was Anna again. If you didn't know, Anna is dating Jason so I didn't understand why she would think that the new teacher is handsome…. though he's really good looking and I'm sure most girls, both students and other female teachers were swooning over him already. Kelvin is the new teacher for biology, and I'm sure it will be so much fun when students start asking foolish questions. "We're not having that conversation today, it's time to head to class." I said. "Thank you, I think you're the only one not falling over heels for him." Dennis said happy at the change of topic. "I don't understand your problem, but okay let's get to class." Anna pouted. After making sure everyone else went to class, the three of us made our way to the first class for the day. Luckily for us, the first period happened to be biology and I'm certain it was because they wanted to formally introduce him to the students. The excited chatter from the girls and groans from the boys brought my attention back to the happenings in the class as my thoughts were divided. "Hello class." He greeted us, and I wouldn't deny that his voice is a killer neither would I deny that I would go out with him if I saw him first. "Good morning sir." We chorused. Calling him sir sounded a little strange since I know he was only a few years older than me and with the thoughts I had….sir is a little inappropriate. He introduced himself as Kelvin, and even his name sounded nice but I shouldn't be bothered by it, not if I can help it though. As Kelvin went on teaching, and though he looked young, he was really good and he explained everything in detail unlike the previous teacher. "What do you have to say?" Anna asked. We were done with the class, and I really enjoyed it though I wouldn't tell her that because I knew she was going to say "I told you so" "Fine." "Just fine???" She yelled, drawing attention to us. "What else should I say? And don't forget, you have a boyfriend." I reminded her. "Sadly right?" Anna likes Jason a lot, so whatever she was doing right now was to have fun and it was understandable since the guys aren't here to make our last year interesting so we have to find our own way to do that. We moved to our next class and everything about the new teacher was least for now. "Did you notice that Dennis never said anything to us when the guys were around except something school related?" Anna asked. It was true, for the first five years that we schooled together he didn't for once say anything to us probably because nobody wanted to deal with Daniel, Jason or Gideon but now that they were gone, he was always with us. "Hey guys." Dennis greeted."Talk of the devil." I thought as I smiled at him. "Hi Dennis baby." Anna replied. His face turned a different shade of red when she called him baby and I smiled at how adorable he looked. The entrance of the teacher put all our conversation on hold. There wasn't a need for an introduction since we were already familiar with who he was. As the class went on, I kept thinking of Daniel and what he was doing presently and if he missed me as much as I did. Time for lunch came, and I couldn't be happier because of how hungry I was and the continuous teachings didn't help matters. "It feels strange sitting here." Dennis said. I totally understand him, this is the first time he's sitting with us and this used to be our table before the guys left. "You'll get used to it." I assured him. "I hope so." Looking at the table which held many memories of everything that went on, the heartbreaks, the funny times and especially when the video was sent out. It was a day I'd never forget in a hurry, I was grateful for everyone who had my back then. Since I was starting a new journey, I hope it doesn't contain any emotional stress and I'm also happy that Liz was out of the way seeing she was part of the reasons I broke up with Daniel before we sorted it out. Thinking back to that time, I felt terrible for what I put him through and it was a good thing it was over now but was it really over now that I have no idea what he's doing or how he's keeping up. One thing I wish for is that everything that happened in the past shouldn't show up again because I don't know if I would be able to handle it.

Chapter 2

Daniel's POV "This is strange." I said to my friends as we all sat together waiting for the next class. "I know right, this school is sick, have you walked around?" Gideon said. One would think that he grew wiser but I didn't think so, if anything I think he became dumber and sometimes I wondered how he even got in. I was talking about the fact that Vee and my sister were the only ones absent from the group. Though he was lucky that Anita also got admitted. "I don't think that's what he's talking about." Anita whispered to him. "What is he talking about then?" He asked. "You're a lost cause, I don't know how Anita keeps up with you." Jason said for the first time since we sat down. "Hey, I'm sure he's just exploring his options of course he knows what you're talking about, right b


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