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Magic Underperformer

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Andrew Bright, who has reached the top of the game world, travels into the game world of the post-god era with the underground fortress of the Great Tomb built for the God War. At this time, the gods have disappeared for thousands of years, the strong ones have fallen away, and the survivors have re-established civilization in the ruins, but they have not recreated the once glorious era of magic. The strongest team of heroes and the strongest army in the game were enough for Andrew Bright easily conquer the world with his strength... But Andrew Bright lost all his power during the time travel and turned into a six-year-old child. In the era when steam civilization shines brilliantly, the dragon roars at the steel chariot. The sword wielded by the angel competes with the silver wings. Airships lined with cannons cast shadows over the land. The immature children stretched out their palms to cover the sky.

Chapter 1

[You are about to enter a whole new world, but you must make a choice about what you possess:

1.Retain your personal strength and enter the new world alone.

2.Reset your personal strength to zero and enter the new world with everything inside The Great Tomb.]

Andrew Bright looked at the dialogue box that suddenly appeared in front of him and did not rush to make a choice. He felt something was not right, the entire game felt off.

In the corner of his vision, the countdown for the server shutdown due to a game update was ticking down second by second, and clicking the exit option continuously yielded no response.

He tried to contact his friends in the game through internal communication, used the emergency customer service channel, and even tried to force the exit program, but there was no response from any of them...

What had happened?

Was it a game bug? Or was it necessary to choose in this dialogue box and complete the entire process of opening the god realm to restore everything?


"Heroes of the World" was a holographic simulation game. Upon its open beta, it became an inseparable second world for people with its incredibly realistic features. Players could explore, socialize, travel, and do everything they could do in reality and many things they couldn't in this virtual world.

Andrew Bright was one of the players in Heroes of the World, and he was the most accomplished among them.

He had grown and developed step by step from a clueless newcomer in the game. With his clever mind and a bit of luck, he had founded the neutral faction known as the Five-Colored Flag Alliance. In the great battle of the Melting Pot City of Good and Evil, he had carefully laid out plans, ending the all-realm war initiated by the original Good and Evil factions and prompting the establishment of an orderly world.

He was...

The Dust Flying Prince, one of the three kings of the First Empire in the Main World.

The Blackfire Lord, a main ally of the Five-Colored Flag Alliance.

The Death Mentor, Bone-Carving Monarch, and Immortal King of the Undead Death Kingdom.

The Shoulder-to-Shoulder King of the Dwarf Race.

The Founder of the Dark Elf Kingdom.

The Chief Advisor of the Angel Cloud City.

The Master of Hell.

The Executor of Order.


These were the titles that Andrew Bright had earned in Heroes of the World. Each represented a peak, a journey of strategy and intrigue, and a legendary story that was passed down. When all these peaks converged on one person, they created a conqueror who was looked up to by all players and system heroes, a dark hand that could manipulate the winds and clouds of the game world.

Andrew Bright, who had already touched the apex of the power system, was drawn to the higher level of the god realm. It was a hidden realm where even more powerful gods resided... or perhaps they were god-level heroes.

Andrew Bright decided to unlock the god realm and usher in a new era for the game.

He gathered all his alchemists to study the unlocking of the god realm. At the same time, he realized that the descent of the gods might cause a devastating impact on the current game world. To survive the realm conflict, he had to prepare ahead of time.

Therefore, while investing heavily in the research to unlock the god realm, Andrew Bright also mobilized most of his financial and material resources to build his final refuge... The Great Tomb of the Buried Bones.

A super underground fortress that could survive a god war.


Today, Andrew Bright presided over the experiment to unlock the god realm. The entire process was very smooth. Everyone in the game heard the sound of the god realm opening, followed by the system's announcement to all servers, "The game requires an update. Please log out of all players..."

At this moment, something unusual happened.

Andrew Bright didn't know if other people were experiencing the same situation as him. He clicked on the exit option, but did not receive any response... All external communication channels had failed, as if he had been left behind in the game.

Only an abrupt dialogue box appeared in the middle of his vision.

"Enter a new world?" Did it mean the God Realm?

There was no further indication.

Perhaps this was a hidden reward from the system because he was the first to unlock the God Realm... Andrew Bright could only give himself such an explanation. However, not being able to contact customer service had already made him a little worried.

There was no close option on the dialogue box, and he had to make a choice.

1.Retain your personal strength and enter the new world alone.

2.Reset your personal strength to zero and enter the new world with everything from The Great Tomb.

Andrew Bright glanced at his attribute panel.

Name: Andrew Bright (Main Hero Status)

Main Hero: Human

Level: 93

Attack: 264 (Affects hero's attack power)

Defense: 263 (Affects hero's defense power)

Intelligence: 365 (Affects magical attack power and effect)

Knowledge: 366 (Affects mana value)

Health: 21,200

Morale: 1-2

Luck: 2

Hero Specialty: Magic Wizard

Hero Unique Skills: Master-level Wisdom, Master-level Navigation, Rule-level Fire Magic, Master-level Earth Magic, Master-level Intelligence, Master-level Witchcraft, Master-level Air Magic, Master-level Dragon Magic

Skills: Madness, Meteor Shower, Minefield, Summon Iron Fist, Mountain Crashing, Chain Lightning, Blazing Lance, Thunderbolt...

Secondary Hero Status:

Flame Commander Basic Attributes (15th-level Fire Elemental)

Attack: 40

Defense: 50

Damage: 700-750

Health: 8,000

Creature Unique Skills: Defense Enhancement (reduces damage by 50%), Flight, Enemy Morale -1, Explosive Flame

Hero Unit: Level 85

Attack: 465

Defense: 465

Intelligence: 334

Knowledge: 338

Hero Specialty: Fire Lord (increases Fire Magic by 25%, +1 to Fire Magic Skills)

Hero Unique Skills: Shared with Main Hero

Skills: Shared with Main Hero

Equipment: Shared with Main Hero

Notes: Rule-level Fire Magic upgraded to God-level Fire Magic (weakened)

Andrew Bright had two hero statuses. His main hero was human, and before mastering Rule-level Fire Magic, he could defeat any of the strongest heroes in the game with his top-tier equipment and paid items.

Now, because he had unlocked the God Realm, his Fire Magic skills had been elevated to Rule-level, and his hero level and basic attributes had also been greatly enhanced.

His personal strength was, of course, extremely powerful.

In addition, Andrew Bright had a second hero status. He could transform into the ultimate creature, the Flame Commander, a pure fire elemental creature with ultra-high defense, attack power, stamina, and affinity for fire elements. When Andrew Bright transformed into the Flame Commander, not only did his attributes increase significantly due to the ultimate race's talents, but his newfound Rule-level Fire Magic was also strengthened to God-level because of his specialty.

Although the God-level Fire Magic had the suffix "weakened," indicating that he could not yet unleash the full power of a God-level skill, having a weakened version of God-level Fire Magic would undoubtedly enhance his survival ability during the initial exploration of the new world, assuming that the new world was indeed the God Realm.

However, if he chose to enter the new world with his personal strength, it would mean giving up everything outside of his personal strength, including his accumulated wealth, army, and subordinate heroes.

Chapter 2

"The Buried Bones" is situated in the undead realm of death. In this realm, Andrew Bright holds the esteemed title of the Immortal King among the undead and is recognized as one of the nine lords of the Death Kingdom, known as the Bone King. Because of his promotion of the ultimate faith and the dissemination of a new, pure doctrine, he is also honored with the title of Death Mentor within the Pure Church of the undead.

Therefore, although Andrew Bright is a human, his status among the undead is second only to the Sorrowful Pope of the Pure Church, wielding immense power in this undead realm.

During his research on the God Realm, Andrew Bright gathered countless undead to hollow out the entire Buried Bones, constructing a final refuge for himself in the God War. As the excavated earth was piled up on the surface, forming a mound similar to a tomb that was tens of kilometers wide and hundreds of meters high, Andrew Bright named this underground project "The


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