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How To Burn The Bad Boy

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"Why do you keep choosing Arjun? When did you choose me?" Ragas asked while looking at Ralin. "If Arjun invites you to the cafeteria again, will you refuse him?" "Oh, I certainly wouldn't refuse him. Arjun asked me to go to the cafeteria? Just the two of us? To eat French fries? And I foolishly refused?" Ralin smiled wryly at Ragas. "How stupid of me to refuse him." "BUT I ALSO WANTED TO." Ragas answered firmly. "I'M THE ONE WHO DOESN'T WANT TO!" "Do you realize I'm jealous?"

Chapter 1 : Morning Commotion

"What an idiot! Don't you know how to ride properly?"

Trying not to care about the swearing from others, Ragas tried to focus on the crowded road he was traveling on. The school bell rang in five minutes, and he did his best not to be late again. It had been three days in a row that Ragas had received a scathing accusation from Mrs. Mumun. And yesterday, the counseling teacher threatened Ragas with a very serious look on her face. If the threats were to pick up plastic waste, salute the flagpole, or run ten laps around the field, Ragas would have been fine with it. But, Ragas' punishment was more horrifying than that.

He was threatened with expulsion from school!

With a sharp gaze, Ragas focused his eyes on the street. His thick eyebrows were almost fused together, while his muscular hands held the handlebars of the motorcycle dutifully. Ragas had already recited a prayer in his heart three times. He was hoping that this time good fortune would befall him.

It was impossible to catch up with the time that had run out. When Ragas's red motorcycle reached the front gate of his school, he was forced to get off the motorcycle. The gate was closed, which meant he was late. Oh sh*t!

Ragas walked slowly towards the gate, his jaw already hardened with annoyance. He could have been mobbed by the counseling teachers. No! Ragas had to get in and escape the pursuit of Mrs. Mumun.

"Hey you!" Accidentally seeing two people who were chatting, Ragas immediately called out to them. The goal was only one: to ask them to open the d*mn gate in front of him.

Realizing that his call was ignored, Ragas was annoyed. The boy looked down, circulated his gaze, and then picked up a pebble. He immediately threw it at the two people who ignored his call.

"Hey!" called Ragas again. The intonation of his voice rose several octaves, and the boy's sharp gaze is now clearly visible.

Finally, the two people Ragas had called earlier turned their heads. They were seen walking toward him, and without asking why he was calling, one of them opened the gate.

One of Ragas' eyebrows rose a few centimeters. Then he shrugged his shoulders. It's good to be sensitive, he thought.

"I called out to you, did you two not hear my voice?"

However, when Ragas got back on his feet and was about to lead his motorcycle to the school parking lot, the person who opened the gate stopped him.

"Your name?"

Ragas looked confused at the boy in front of him. Ragas did not answer immediately but instead asked, "Why do you ask my name? Do you want to meet me?" Ragas' lips pouted. "Sorry, you're not my level!"

Ragas smiled sarcastically, he intended to avoid the two people again. But again and again, his steps were intercepted.

"I repeat, what's your name?"

Sighing in exasperation, Ragas lowered the standard of his motorcycle again. He walked up to the neatly dressed boy in front of him, a stark contrast to what he was wearing.

"What the hell do you want?" Irritated and feeling like he didn't have much time, Ragas pushed the boy's body again. "Get out of my way, it's not important!"

"Hey, be polite to us!"

Hearing a girl's yell, Ragas immediately turned his head, until finally his gaze fell on a girl with loose hair standing not far from his position.

Smacking his lips, Ragas folded his arms. His cocky smile was clearly imprinted on his lips. "Who are you to tell me what to do? Want to be an hero? It's still early in the morning, if you know."

The girl walked up to Ragas, complete with a glint of hostility in her eyes. Not only that, both of her hands were clenched tightly. Furious, the girl put on a fierce expression. "We're students at this school, why, what do you want?"

Ragas chuckled. "I'm also a student at this school."

"You should be polite! Don't you know who you were pushing?" The girl said it again, her voice even louder. Her face was already red.

Ragas' eyes shifted to the boy he had pushed. Only for a few seconds before he returned his attention to the barbaric girl in front of him. "Is it really important for me to know?"

"You can't act like that! You're late, you don't have any etiquette, and you're a jerk! You're an ignorant boy! You shouldn't be studying here. This school is too good to accept ignorant students like you!"

"What should I do then?"

The girl gave Ragas a sharp look, then she grabbed the boy's hand. Without further ado, she dragged him away from the school gate. Before actually leaving, the girl with the oval face and thin lips looked at Arjun, the smart student.

"Arjun, you just calm down. This boy will be my business. You better go to class," she said with a small smile.

Without waiting for Arjun's approval, the girl was already dragging Ragas fiercely. Her feet walked fast, while her hands grasped Ragas' wrists tightly.

Ragas, who had just realized that he was being carried away by the devil, immediately widened his eyes. He then looked back to see where his motorcycle was.

"Hey, where are you taking me?!" asked Ragas emotionally. He jerked the hand of the girl, who didn't know herself.

Ragas glared wide, his lips already forming a straight line. While his chest was rising and falling because he was annoyed with everything, he finally said again, "I want to go!"

"Go? You have to come with me," prevented the girl again. She tugged on Ragas' hand, then let out a long sigh. "You've already caused two problems, and now I'm taking you to the counseling room!"

Instantly, Ragas's eyeballs bulged even wider and now looked almost out of place. "What? Are you crazy?"

The girl pushed Ragas' forehead back roughly. "You're the crazy one. Already, you have to obey. Boys should dare to take responsibility and solve problems."

"What are you talking about?" Ragas snapped, not wanting to be blamed.

"That means you must obey me."


"You've made two mistakes at once. First, you came late, and second, you pushed Arjun. You have no ethics toward other students. Arjun is the teacher's favorite student, he's smart, and you shouldn't do that," the girl scolded again.

"Who are you to suddenly get angry like this? He has no problem with me, and why are you angry? Think with your brain!" He retorted, no less fiercely. He looked at the girl in front of him with his eagle eyes.

"You need to go to the counseling room!"

"You don't have to talk so much!" Ragas, who had already lost his temper, pushed the girl hard. Until finally, the girl fell down.

Ragas' forceful push was so strong, it caused the girl's elbow to blister and bleed fresh blood. Ragas smiled with satisfaction at that. Instead of helping her or at least feeling guilty, he waltzed away towards his motorcycle.

Chapter 2 : Muscle Fight


Just as he was about to turn his head to the source of the voice, Ragas was rewarded with a raw slap that landed on his cheek. Unprepared, Ragas swerved slightly. Fortunately, his strong leg muscles did not cause him to fall to the ground.

"What the hell do you mean by slapping me?" Still holding his burning cheek, Ragas sharpened his eyes on the perpetrator. Slightly surprised, Ragas gritted his teeth. It was Arjun who had hit him. Yes, the student council president, whom Ragas thought was arrogant and pretentious.

Arjun took a step closer to Ragas, his chest puffing forward. Along with a quick push, Arjun said emotionally, "What do you mean by pushing Ralin? You sissy, how dare you push a girl!"

Ragas turned his body slightly, his face now directed at the girl he had pushed to the ground. For a long time, Ragas watched Ralin, who was busy blowing on the bleeding wound on his elbow.

Ragas refocused his eyes on A


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