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Fire and Ice: The Alpha Twins Single Mate

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MATURED CONTENT (18+) "Rhett, what are you doing here" Aria asked and he turned to face her. His heart skipped numerous beats and his throat went arid as he stared at her bared skin. Her fresh flawless legs, thighs, shoulders and arms was capable enough to make him rock hard. Then the wet hair and water dripping down her shoulders made him loose whatever they called self control. He walked briskly to her and she blinked nervously. "D*mn it, Aria, I'm not going to hold back now. I want you and it's driving me crazy" he muttered and before she could say another word his lips met hers hotly. The kiss went from hot to deep and none of them was ready to break the kiss. Aria totally forgot about the towel around her. Her grasp on it went loose and the towel fell off her body. She felt shy immediately but the shyness soon left her when she felt Rhett's mouth around her nipple. "F*ck, Rhett!" she moaned silently as he s*ck*d her n*ppl*s hard. He did justice to her boobs and proceeded down to her tummy... Aria Morgan grew up as an orphan who lost her parents in a tragic war at the pack when she was three. She spent all her childhood and half of her teenage years living as a slave with her wicked aunt and her rude daughter. Her life soon take an unexpected turn when she catches the eyes of Rhett Kingston and his twin. Will she be able to break free from their clutches or finds herself entangled in the web of love, lies and deceit??

Chapter 1 Perfect Girl

It all started when Alpha Lorenzo was given a royal consort by his mother but he didn't make her feel like one.

He even refused to consummate their mate bond...


"Your majesty, the consort is here!" the eunuch announced and the King gave permission to let her in.

She was dressed for the night and came looking for the king to consummate their two years marriage.

She got into his chamber and bowed slightly before approaching his bed, with determination to make their marriage a perfect one.

"Why are you here by this time? dressed like this?" King Lorenzo asked and she smiled.

"I'll be sleeping with my husband today and not your majesty" Consort Kylie muttered.

"Why? Is something wrong with your room?" he asked feigning ignorance.

"No, your majesty, nothing is wrong with my room. I'm just a wife desperate about having a child for her husband" she replied and he rolled his eyes.

"This isn't the right time for all this. You know what the country is facing, so how could I possibly think of having kids now?" King Lorenzo said and her jaw dropped.

"What the country is facing now isn't related to this issue of having kids. We've been married for two years but you're not even going to share a bed with me?" Consort Kylie yelled and his anger flared.

"Are you saying I should turn a blind eye to what is going on in the city and be concerned about myself? Is that how you reign?" King Lorenzo threw back in anger.


"No buts, Kylie. I need you to get out now" he told her as calmly as he could.

Kylie couldn't explain how angry she was right now. He shouldn't have chosen her as his consort if he wasn't going to sleep with her.

How could he make her so miserable?

King Lorenzo threw the vase on his table across the room as soon as she stepped out.

"Eunuch Lee!" he called angrily and the eunuch ran into his chamber instantly.

"I don't want to set my eyes on the consort tomorrow, you either get her locked up or do whatever it takes but I don't want to see her" he ordered and the eunuch bowed deeply before going out.

. . . . . . . . . . . .

~NEXT MORNING~ Consort's Chamber~

Consort Kylie woke up with puffy eyes and the maids panicked.

"What's wrong, my lady," her maid asked and she shook her head.

"I'm fine, nothing is wrong" she replied.

"How can you be fine when you look so sick right now?" Ashley asked again and Kylie felt the corner of her eyes burn with fresh tears.

"I... I'm okay" she said again but the tears betrayed her and Ashley knew at that moment what made her cry throughout the night.

"I'm sorry, your highness. Maybe he's just not ready yet" Ashley tried consoling her.

"He shouldn't have chosen a consort if he wasn't ready" Kylie cried on her shoulders.

"He didn't want to choose a consort. The queen's mother forced him and that must be why he's so cruel to you" Ashley said silently and Kylie sniffed.

"But the Queen Mother likes me so much, why would she do such a thing to me?" Kylie said and Ashley held her shoulders.

"She probably wants you to make him open up to you and get him to do everything you want without her help," Ashley said and Kylie whipped her tears.

"Do you mean I should keep trying to consummate our marriage until he finally agrees?" Kylie asked silently and Ashley nodded.

"You shouldn't give up so effortlessly, one day he'll see how desperate you are and pity you" Ashley encouraged and her face beamed.

"I need to go out now!" Kylie said as she headed to the lavatory to take her bath.

"Your Highness, his majesty ordered you to stay put in your room throughout today" Lina announced from the front door.

"Why?? For what goddamned reason?" she asked angrily.

"He doesn't want to see you at all for today. He seemed very angry when he set out for the general meeting" she replied and Kylie fisted her hands tightly on her robe.

Her body shook with pure anger but there was nothing she could do to go against the Alpha.

. . . . . . . . . .

The palace general meeting ended and Alpha Lorenzo decided to take a stroll out.

He ordered the guards to guard the palace instead of going with him.

The only person that went on the stroll with him was Kayden, his bodyguard.

Kayden was the only person Alpha Lorenzo could trust in the pack.

The stroll kept going smoothly until someone caught the Alpha's eyes.

Lorenzo felt his throat run dry and his heart skips three beats.

How could a human be this beautiful? He knew right from afar that she wasn't a werewolf but to hell with the rule that says the Alpha shouldn't take a human as his Luna.

"Are you okay, your majesty?" Kayden asked and he nodded absentmindedly.

Kayden trailed his gaze and he could finally see what was capable enough to catch Alpha Lorenzo's attention.

"She was worth it. How could she be so perfectly built?" Kayden thought to himself.

Before Kayden would snap out of his thoughts, the Alpha already walked away.

He checked around and finally saw him with that perfect girl.

The Alpha was dressed casually so it was a way for him to go up to her like a normal person.

"Hey, how are you," he said behind her and when she faced him, he was totally in love.

"I'm fine" she replied and her voice sounded like music to his ears.

He suddenly fantasized about how her skin would feel against his. How nice it would be to hear her moan and squirt under him.

Alpha Lorenzo quickly snapped out of his thoughts and faced her again.

"What's your name?" He asked and she smiled.

"My name is Irene" she replied and he inhaled sharply. Even her scent was heaven. Her name was nice, he just loved everything about her.

"What a nice name" he complimented and she smiled.

His breath hitched at the things her smile did to his stomach.

"Are you out to get some things at the market?" Irene asked gently.

"I came out for a walk" he replied and she nodded with a pout.

"Ohhk, what should I call you?" Irene asked and he hesitated for a second.

"I'm Enzo" he replied and she nodded curtly.

"I need to get some things before it's too late" Irene muttered and started walking away.

He went after her, following her every move and staring at her closely as she bought things and greeted the market women.

She did things for the old woman and he watched her in amusement.

Practically everyone she had been greeting loved her from what he has been seeing.

Everyone treated her nicely and he wanted to do more than that for her.

He kept following her steadily without arousing suspicions until she walked into the city library.

He went in and she faced him as soon as he stepped his feet into the library.

"You have been following me for the past two hours, is something wrong?" Irene asked and he looked away immediately.

I wasn't following you, I was coming to the library" he replied and she scrunched her brows.

"You waited till I was done helping those women so don't give me the lies," Irene said sternly and turned to one corner of the library.

"I could tell you wanted something from me, so I decided to keep mute," Irene said and he smiled inwardly.

"Of course, I want something huge from you," he thought to himself and she glanced at him from the corner of her eyes.

"Aren't you saying anything?" She asked and he cleared his throat awkwardly.

"I... I like you" he said sincerely and her jaw dropped...


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Chapter 2 Consort's Anger


"I like you" he muttered and her jaw dropped.

She coughed awkwardly and he smiled slightly.

"I like you, it's not a joke," King Lorenzo said with a serious expression.

"Ohh, okay, thank you" she replied confusedly.

"Can we be close friends?" Lorenzo asked and she nodded with a smile.

"Yeah, why not?" She replied and he got excited immediately.

"Can we meet up here tomorrow?" He asked again and she nodded once.

"Will do" she replied with a huge smile.

"I'm going to leave now" She added and turned to leave.

"See you tomorrow then," Lorenzo said silently and she halted for a second before walking out completely.

"Your majesty, we need to go" Kayden announced and King Lorenzo snapped out of his thoughts.


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