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Red Rose

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About me

Red Rose is a writer of all genres that loves to express herself through writing. She's gonna get you caught up with alluring scenes and cliffhangers you wouldn't want to miss any


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  • Author: Red Rose
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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MATURED CONTENT (18+) "Rhett, what are you doing here" Aria asked and he turned to face her. His heart skipped numerous beats and his throat went arid as he stared at her bared skin. Her fresh flawless legs, thighs, shoulders and arms was capable enough to make him rock hard. Then the wet hair and water dripping down her shoulders made him loose whatever they called self control. He walked briskly to her and she blinked nervously. "D*mn it, Aria, I'm not going to hold back now. I want you and it's driving me crazy" he muttered and before she could say another word his lips met hers hotly. The kiss went from hot to deep and none of them was ready to break the kiss. Aria totally forgot about the towel around her. Her grasp on it went loose and the towel fell off her body. She felt shy immediately but the shyness soon left her when she felt Rhett's mouth around her nipple. "F*ck, Rhett!" she moaned silently as he s*ck*d her n*ppl*s hard. He did justice to her boobs and proceeded down to her tummy... Aria Morgan grew up as an orphan who lost her parents in a tragic war at the pack when she was three. She spent all her childhood and half of her teenage years living as a slave with her wicked aunt and her rude daughter. Her life soon take an unexpected turn when she catches the eyes of Rhett Kingston and his twin. Will she be able to break free from their clutches or finds herself entangled in the web of love, lies and deceit??


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