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When Double D finds himself it's up to Kevin to save him. But will he be able to get there in time or will this be the end of Kevin and Double D? Will Kevin ever confess how he feels towards Double D? Will Double D ever realize just how much Kevin cares for him before it's too late? *Adult content and adult language.*

Chapter 1

Edd's POV "So you can't even look me in the eye anymore? Why?!?" He stares at me as I bite my nail and look at everything but him. I did not want to do this here, in front of everybody we know. But when we fight I am able to talk to him. To express myself. For some reason I can not seem to do it this time. I've hidden this for so long that I can not say it."Please not now Kevin?" I'm begging. Back to my old ways again. If we keep arguing I am going to cry. He knows how easy my feelings get hurt. Why must he do this to me? He's yelling at me once again."Why not? You tell them everything else! Why can't you look me in the eye?!?" Please let this end soon. I am close to tears and I do not want Kevin to see me cry. I walk towards the door and attempt to open it. I can feel the tears start to form in my eyes as I get closer to the door. Kevin steps in my path to the door however."Answer me Double Dork. Why can't you look at me?" Kevin's face is red with anger. He looks so scary and I can tell that he is upset with me. This is not how I wanted today to go but I, however, can not bring myself to admit this to anyone else. It is a secret I have hidden so deeply inside my soul and I had promise myself that I would not tell another living soul what it is. I especially did not want to tell the person who bullied me in my childhood the truth."Answer me Dork! Why can't you look me in my eyes?!" Kevin's voice is so loud in my ears. My head is vibrating from it. The tears are threatening to fall. I must leave before he sees me cry."Please Kevin, not here." My voice shakes when I finally speak. I swallow hard in hopes to calm myself down. I mustn't let him see me cry. I attempt to step around him to get to the door. If he yells at me again, I will cry. I can not hold it back much longer."So I'm not worth it? Is that what you're saying?! You're too good to look at me?! To talk to me?!" Kevin's words broke my heart. Does he really think I am like that?"It is no concern of yours Kevin!" I yelled at him. I yelled at Kevin? My vision is getting blurred from the tears. I blink once and feel them start to fall. There goes my hopes of not letting him see me cry."I must be going now if you would kindly get out of my way please." I say as I run pass Kevin and out the door. I think I hear him curse as I exit but I do not know if he is cursing at me or in general. I resist the urge to tell him that he should not curse so much. I can not believe that Kevin dislikes me that much. What did I ever do to deserve having him hate me so much? All I ever did was try to be his friend. Even when he used to bully my friends and I, I did everything I could to be his friend. I am so hurt by what he has said and the way he treated me that I do not bother to shut the door behind me. I am certain that somebody else will close it once I leave."Dork! Wait up!" Kevin yells after me. Despite my better judgement, I consider slowing down and letting him catch up to me. I decide not to after some thought. I am really hurt and want to lay on my bed and cry myself to sleep.

Chapter 2

Kevin's POV“Why not?! You tell them everything else! Why can’t you look me in the eye?” I’m yelling at him again. The hurt look on his face is breaking my heart. But I have to know why he won’t look at me. Since the ‘surprise’ birthday party Nazz threw me yesterday my little dork hasn’t looked at me. Wait, did I just call Edd my little dork? What the fuck Kevin? You’re not gay. Get it together man. Find out why.“Answer me Double Dork. Why can’t you look at me?” Damn, I hate doing this but ever since his stupid friend, Ed, told me that Double Dork likes me I just had to find out. The look on his face tells me that he’s hiding something. What is it? I can feel my face heating up. I’m pissed and I don’t know why. Was Ed right? Was he lying? Does the Dork like me or not?“Answer me Dork! Why can’t you look me in my eyes?!” My voice is so loud it hurts my own ears. I look over the dork’s face again and see that he’s close to tears. Fuck, I don’t want to


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