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Wish Of The Goddess

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They say the bond between mates is so sweet... powerful... Once you find your other half everything will fall into places. But the mate bond happened hundreds years ago , when the Goddess still believe on it. That' the old belief... Now? Its different... Instead of choosing the mate given by the goddess, they chose a person who can give them pleasure and freedom. But for Jacky Gray, its different. Since childhood, she dreams of finding her mate and she has no intention of forgetting it, even though everyone does... Including the man who is fated to be her mate.

Chapter 1

Jacky Gray is my name. I'm just like any other adolescent girl, except I'm a werewolf. But not the typical wolf because I lack extraordinary power and instead rely on brains. In addition, one of my secrets... I am a seventeen-year-old princess who is the heir apparent to the throne.

My parents are ready to retire, therefore they have sent me to locate my King. In my search, I've visited six different all-werewolf schools. I've met a number of possible companions but have yet to connect with anyone. They were either overly ambitious, egotistical, or simply not interested in me. Sure, it's my title. Of course, I had power, but no one saw me.

I wish I could find someone as good as my father. He's brilliant, humorous, and really concerned about others. He treats my mother like the Queen she is, making her smile and laugh and supporting all of her decisions. My mum was quite fortunate to find him.

Simon, my advisor, was the only person I wanted to pick. He was so dreamy with his ocean eyes, wavy blond hair that reached his shoulders, a snub nose, and bow-shaped lips. He stands six feet tall and has the body of a swimmer. He is hilarious, sweet, and always knows exactly what to say in every situation. At the age of twenty, he was well-versed in history, particularly the customs and traditions of all the packs in our realm. It's just a shame he's not interested in ladies since we had the best connection.

With him out of the picture, I have one year to find a companion before my parents call the council and choose my King for me. With my luck, they'll choose a 160-year-old Alpha with "the proper experience" to be my King. That was not something I desired.

I was looking for someone my age who could learn and grow alongside me. Since before my parents' rule, there hasn't really been a need for the Royals except than mediating interpack issues. In my perspective, experience is not required.

My next destination is the Shadow Moon pack, led by Alpha Viktor Murphy and his Beta Liam Stevens. It's a really huge pack with six future alphas in its school. Alpha Lucien, Alpha Viktor's father, unified the surrounding packs and placed them under his protection some fifteen years ago. With so many prospects, this combination made it the ideal venue to continue my hunt.

If I don't find someone within three months, I'll have to find a new pack to carry on my search. After all, this is my final year. Simon is in charge of all logistics. I will not be bound by the council in any way. I'm going to find my King on my own. That is the best chance I can see for happiness.

Simon, my best friend Sofia, my cousin Gabriella, and a slew of bodyguards and warriors would accompany me on my journey. Needless to say, my entourage will draw attention to me. My final chore before departing is to persuade my father that I do not require that degree of security for this trip. I'd like to remain anonymous. I want to be viewed for who I am, not as a princess looking for a marriage.

With that in mind, I exited my room and climbed the stairs to my parents' suite.

Knocking, I heard a gentle "enter" and entered the apartment, where I found my mother, as usual, in the living room.

"Mom, where's Dad?" I inquired.

My mum was sitting happily, crocheting something. At five feet two, my mother was on the short side. She, like me, has light brown chestnut hair. Her eyes were a vibrant green. She has a little button nose, just like mine, and large, pouty lips.

"He's in his office," she responded, her gaze fixed on her work.

"Is he alone?" I inquired.

If there was someone in there, my father would not appreciate being disturbed.

"He is. "Don't be concerned," she said.

I made my way down the hall till I came to his office. I knocked but got no response. I knocked once more. When I received no response, I opened the door and peered inside. As he spoke on the phone, my father waved me in.

"No, that shouldn't be an issue. Listen, I'll have to call you back. My daughter would like to speak with me. Okay, I'll chat to you later."

My father sighed as he hung up the phone.

"What can I do for you, ladybug?" He stated.

My father stood six feet six inches tall and had a powerful frame. He towered over most people, making him menacing, yet he was just dad to me. He has blond hair, a mustache and a goatee, and gray eyes. He has a large Roman nose, as well as a small upper lip and a broad bottom lip. He was quite attractive.

"I wanted to discuss my trip," I murmured, my nerves tingling. "I believe I've figured out why I haven't been successful thus far."

"And why is that," he inquired, amusedly.

"It's because they immediately recognize who I am and what I'm looking for." On this trip, I'd like to remain anonymous. "Don't let anyone know who I am," I wrung my hands.

"So, what's your proposal?" His amusement only made me feel more frightened. He wasn't taking me seriously, and I needed his approval to go on with my plan.

"I was considering going to school with only Rachel, Warren, Lucas, Gabriella, and Sofia. "Keep the warriors at home."

"Absolutely not!" says the speaker. My father yelled, all amusement erased from his face. "What kind of defense is that?" Warren and Lucas have recently completed their training. Rachel has never strayed from the kingdom. "How will they safeguard you?"

"I'm just talking about going to school, Dad." I'm sure the other guards will accompany us.

Perhaps Alpha Viktor will agree to distribute them throughout the school. I simply do not want it to be clear."

This was not working out. How can I persuade him to agree? He's quite protective.

"Listen, Jacky, your safety is the most important thing. I don't care about your other plans. You WILL ALWAYS have your guard with you." He rose up and walked up to me, hugging me. I returned his hug. "I'll speak with Alpha Viktor to see what arrangements can be made." I'm not making any promises."

Chapter 2

I cracked a smile. "Thank you very much, Dad. I have just one more question. Is Alpha Viktor aware of who I am?"

"He is aware that a royal entourage will accompany him. I haven't told him yet that it will be you."

"Could you please not tell him what my title is?" "I don't want anyone knowing who I am or why I am here," I added, optimistic. This might work if I only get this one concession. Alpha Viktor, after all, was a suitor, but I heard he was engaged.

"I can do that." Though a little research would reveal your identity to anyone.

Your name is one of a kind. I've got it! Call yourself Diana Winters. You two will be my nieces. That could work, and you can still have your guard... " he began to ponder. "Let me contact Alpha Viktor to finalize the details." Simon will inform you about our plans."

He kissed my brow and then walked away. I left feeling optimistic about th


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