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When Lola gets the chance to participate in an experiment to win a million dollars she does not hesitate. All she has to do is insert herself with werewolf DNA and find out if werewolves still exist. Sound like a piece of cake right? In reality, she ends up in the middle of a mate hunt and gets claimed by Noah Grey. The ruthless alpha of the Grey Oak pack. Lola has no intention of finding a mate and certainly doesn't let a man tell her what to do. But as she slowly gets accustomed to the werewolf ways, she discovers some dirty secrets hidden. She realizes that even for creatures from legends not everything is always as it seems. Will she claim her prize or will she fall for temptation?

Chapter 1

Lola’s pov,

Maybe it was time to admit that she was lost. Lola had been walking for days in the Tongass forest. She had no more food, her feet were covered in blisters, and she had no idea where she was going. It was actually kind of funny that she thought this mission would have been an easy way to earn a million dollars but instead, she would die of starvation just weeks later. She had just stopped at a small creek to drink some water when she heard a sound in the distance.

She stood up and tried to listen, but it seemed like the sound of running footsteps came from all directions. In a matter of seconds, she was suddenly surrounded by women running toward her. They were running at her with full speed and there were too many to dive out of the way. Lola closed her eyes waiting for the impact of them smashing into her. But nothing happened and when she opened her eyes again, she saw they had all run past her. None of them slowed down and it took her a minute to realize they were running from something. She heard a new sound, louder this time but not like footsteps.

She sure as hell wasn’t going to wait and see what they were running from! Adrenaline kicked in and she started running away from the sound. She should have trained more before making this trip. Her lungs were already burning after a few minutes of running.

“Ieee,” She shrieked from shock when a couple of wolves started running past her. She stopped and hid behind a tree because it was clear that she couldn’t outrun those wolves. Her heart was racing when she saw wolf after wolf running after those women. At least she had found the werewolves but what the f*ck did she end up in?

She had no idea werewolves would be this big. Somehow, she imagined them the size of normal wolves but these were at least twice as big. She now heard screaming coming from different directions so whatever the werewolves were doing to those women it wasn’t anything good. Her eyes went left and right searching for a spot to hide. Her mind was racing, where should she hide? A tree? But what if they could climb and they probably could smell her if she hid in a bush or something. She closed her eyes for a second and tried to slow her breathing. When she shut out the screaming, she could also hear the sound of rushing water. “There must be a waterfall nearby,” she thought.

She ran towards the sound and felt relieved when she indeed found a large waterfall. She quickly ran through it, hoping the water would flush away her smell. Behind the waterfall was a large cave, Lola sighed and tried to relax a bit. Hopefully, her plan worked, and those werewolves would continue with whatever the f*ck they were doing without her. Her heart just started to calm down when she saw a big werewolf-shaped shadow walking towards the waterfall.

She tried not to move and held her breath looking at the shape standing there. The shape put his nose in the air and started sniffing. It walked back and forth for a while and then stood still again looking straight at the waterfall. She saw the shape transform from a wolf into a man. She looked around the cave in panic for ways to escape. But immediately dropped her gaze back to the waterfall when she heard someone enter.

A big man walked in, and Lola’s gaze went over his tanned wide shoulders and his muscular torso. She was shocked to see that the man walking towards her was completely naked! She glanced at his lower region quickly and wondered if it was a werewolf thing to have a d*ck that big? Maybe twice the size of a normal wolf also meant twice the size of a normal c*ck? She shook her head because she was having these ridiculous thoughts while she was probably about to get murdered. She focused her eyes on his face instead. He had black locks framing his face, grey almost silver eyes that were looking at her intensely, and a strong nose and jawline.

She had to admit that this man looked like he walked straight out of a model magazine. Why were psychos and killers always so gorgeous?

He walked closer to Lola devouring every inch of her body and face with a hunger she couldn’t place. She started walking backward but it wasn’t long before her back pressed against the end of the cave.

“You are my mate! You are mine,” the man growled in a low voice.

Which made no sense at all to her so clearly this guy had lost his mind. “I am no one’s property and I have no idea what you are talking about. I don’t even know you!” Lola snarled back at him.

His eyes became dark, and he was now standing so close to her that their foreheads were touching, “It doesn’t matter what you think. You are mine and you are coming with me!”

Lola tried to push him away, “The hell I am!”

He grabbed her by the shoulders and before she knew it he bend down and she felt his sharp teeth biting into her neck. “AAUW! What are yo..uu d…ooiii…ng?” she screamed but before she could finish her sentence her vision went black.

Chapter 2

Noah’s pov,

“Alpha, we have to go now otherwise we will be late.”

Noah looked at his beta Dan and sighed when he stood up. He wished he could just skip the mate hunt this year. He knew every single she-wolf that would be there, and they all bored him to death. It had been the same disappointing experience for 5 years in a row. He actually made peace with the fact that he would probably never find his mate. However, as the Alpha of the Grey Oak pack, he had to be there. His pack was not only the biggest clan but also the leading pack.

He followed Dan to one of the entrances of the Tongass forest. The open field was filled with werewolves, there must have been at least a thousand of them. They all came from different corners of the country to be here. The mate hunt was one of the year’s main events for the werewolf clans. From the age of 21 wolves were permitted to join the mate hunt. You had to be 21 because your wolf had matured from that age, and you were ready


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