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Werewolf King, Please Don't Marry Me!

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Rose is a beautiful nerd with a vulgar mouth. She was blissfully living her boring life in ignorance of her family's darkest secret until the very fateful summer when she reluctantly had to go back to her hometown for some 'unknown' family crisis. Just when she thought of converting this unwanted trip into a self-care vacation, she forcefully had to attend the trip to the waterfall in the middle of the forest that her brother and cousin so generously planned. Unsurprisingly, the clumsy Rose lost her way and crossed paths with a gorgeous golden-brown wolf, and to her utter shock, the majestic animal spared her life. But that wasn’t it, she had to witness the horrific fight between her uncles and the same wolf which resulted in the wolf being extremely injured and her uncles running for their lives. Feeling pity for his condition, she went to check on it only for the wolf to change into an equally gorgeous man. Our not-so-brave heroine screamed and tried to run away but being a medical student, she couldn’t leave a ‘handsome’ dying ‘man’ behind, hence she decided to treat him in private. Just when she thought the drama is over, the GORGEOUS man she so generously saved, revealed that he is the Werewolf King and also her mate? And she HAS TO MARRY HIM to protect her family! How will she react knowing about her true self? Amidst this chaos, will she ever find out the sly creature who has been playing with their lives for years? Embark on the journey to know more about Rose’s nerve-wracking adventure!

Chapter 1. Ignored by an animal!

Rose’s POV:

I found myself waking up all alone in the dark forest.

I could feel the severe pain in my head. I touched the swollen bump and the memory came rushing back of how my cruel brother and my bloody cousins left me behind cluelessly after I hit my head accidentally on the tree trunk.

“Those rat*ss b*stards actually left me! Even my own brother? My own blood! Bloody Mark Blue!!! That ridiculous piece of sh*t! How could he?! How dares he? I am going to kill you, Mark Blue! Wait till I get my hands on you!” I said as I imagined my fingers with sharp claws wrapping around his neck.

I shook the thought out and looked at the gloomy forest around me.

“I shouldn’t have come to see this stupid waterfall with them! Oh No No! I shouldn’t have trusted any of them!! Those evil b*stards! I will kill each and every one from the d*mn Blue Family” I screamed from the top of my lungs while my hands were closed in tight fists to gather the energy to scream louder.


“umm umm! Oooh, looks like I got a free warm-up for my throat. It sounded like a high note! My voice is so melodic. I should try singing next time” I said keeping my hand on my flawless swan-like neck and with a long sigh I continued,

“Anyways, there is nothing interesting in the medical field! Not a single hot dude in a batch of thirty! Not even a s*xy senior! I hope to at least see some beauty during my internship”

Clearly, I was talking to myself in the middle of the forest, only if I am not interested in talking to the giant dark trees. Honestly, the tree must not be that dark, it’s just that there is no light in this darn shady forest! I don’t know why am I stating the common facts!

I looked up in the sky and saw a beautiful crescent moon shining above me peaking from behind the dense tree.

“And you are not helping with the illumination, you beautiful impractical thing!” I said pointing an accusing finger towards the moon.

“Even a small LED bulb of 9W is more powerful than you! What a waste!” I scoffed looking at the moon.

My foolish a*s remembered that when I fell down and got this nice-looking bump on my head, all thanks to that monstrous tree behind me, I had a cell phone in my hand with a flashlight on.

Where the hell is my d*mn cell phone?

My mother will kill me! It was a d*mn brand-new phone!

I started searching for my phone. It wasn’t a big surprise that my flashlight went off when my cell phone fell from my hand. So, I am only left with my nerdy eyes with an improper vision to search for my expensive cell phone in this bloody dark forest. Terrific!

I bent down and started searching for my cell. I wanted to find it as soon as I can and leave immediately as I noticed my headache was increasing by tenfold with each passing second. Oh dramatic me!

But there is another good news, I don’t actually come here really often so I don’t know the exact way out!

“Lucky is my middle name!” I whispered with a sarcastic smile but I knew that I would find my way out anyway. Even though people might not believe it but I am really capable.

This bending position was giving me another pain in my back. I am having 60s joint pain in my 20s. Thank you very much!

When I moved forward, I saw something shining from the corner of my eyes, like a light reflecting from a mirror or a glass screen. I slowly moved towards my left like a sly fox and guess what did I find? It’s my bloody cell phone!

“Yoohooo! YEEeeeeeeeeee! WOaahhhhhh!”

“Guess I am not that unlucky at all!!! I thought it would take forever to search for a tiny black color phone in the dark forest but that little friend of mine helped me. I love you, my old friend!” I said shamelessly throwing a series of flying kisses towards the mesmerizing crescent moon which I was cursing just a few moments ago, but I was still in the bending position.

“Thank God I found it. My mother would have actually killed me this time!”

Soon, I realized I was thanking for the blessing I never received.

I tried to switch on my cell phone but I noticed that the glass was completely broken just like my newfound hope.

“NOOOO!!! This can’t happen!” I said trying to switch on my phone only to be hopeless again.

“I am so dead! My mother will definitely kill me. Rose, you are so dead!! So, this is the day I will actually die. This is how my story ends!” I said hitting the ugly mushroom-like bump with my broken cell phone while trying to get up from my bending position.

“F*ck this back pain!” I said keeping my hand on my back while getting up.

My mind was completely drifted from my back pain when my attention was shifted to the loud growl.

“What the hell! What in the bloody hell was that?” I asked myself clearly knowing that was a growl of a wild animal.

What was it? A wild dog? A bear? A Wolf?

I don’t know. I am not a veterinarian! I am a medical student! I am responsible for humans! What am I thinking?? Why am I thinking? Should I be running? But where to?

‘Why there is an animal near me? It’s a forest, Rose, you dumba*s!! What did you expect? Unicorns?’ I chided myself in my brain.

“Is Unicorn an animal?” I asked myself in confusion. I hit my ugly bump again to knock some sense in my bloody useless brain. Why am I thinking nonsense in a situation like this?

Usually, when normal people are caught in a situation like this, their flight or fight mode gets activated. But a weirdo like me always starts asking myself utterly gibberish questions which has nothing to do with reality!

I got up immediately and was trying to figure out where should I run or I might end up running directly in the direction of the wild animal.

Suddenly, a giant wolf, giant is an understatement, a GIGANTIC, a HUGE, a HUMANGOUS wolf appeared in front of me from nowhere and it was running in my direction. I froze on the same spot.

“Lucky? My a*s!!”

The wolf was golden brown in color. It was literally glowing in the moonlight, its golden-brown hair was moving elegantly when the cold breeze was touching it. It looked like it was made of real gold! I had never seen such an ethereal wolf in my life.

Correction, I have never seen any wolf in my life! It was really different from what they show in pictures on the internet. This wolf in particular looked DIVINE.

Why am I thinking about a wolf’s beauty? Have I lost it? I am going to be served at his dinner table in a few seconds. I watched the whole scene in slow motion as it moved towards me.

 “Maybe not by Mother’s hand but I am definitely dying today!” words rolled out of the mouth without me noticing.

I wanted to run. I wanted to scream and call for help but my legs felt like ice cubes, frozen in place.

I know calling someone for help in the middle of the forest is not such a brilliant idea, I mean I can drift the attention of more wild animals towards me but I was never in such situation before.

The wolf was coming near me with every passing microsecond. My legs were not moving like it was glued to the ground. My eyes were teary. My throat was sore, my mouth was not ready to open. None of my voluntary organs were ready to listen to my brain’s command.

The wolf looked at me with an intense gaze. He will be there in 5 seconds at most!! Only 5 seconds are left for me to breathe!

5….. 4……

He is reaching near me. He is almost there.

3…. 2…

He is in front of me. Mom, Dad, even Mark, I love you.


And then I heard ‘Swoosh’ just an air current rapidly passing over me


Chapter 2. Why does he have to go through all of this?

Rose’s POV:

'WHAT? Was I just ignored by an animal?' I was standing there dumbfounded as the wolf ran pass me.

'Am I invisible? How dare he ignore me? Why am I mad about being ignored by that giant wild animal? He spared my life and here I am feeling disappointed! I seriously have lost it!'

I was dragged out of my train of thought when I heard noises from the other side.

"Not again! I am not going to be ignored by other wild animals! I mean I was fortunate that kind wolf spared my life but I can't expect such hospitality and good nature from every animal out there!" I said angrily and ran to hide behind the bloody tree who started all this and gave me a very gentle kiss on the head.

I was hiding behind the tree while keeping my hand on my mouth and refraining myself from causing any sort of noise.

What I saw on the other side blew my mind. I saw my three very nosy uncles, Uncle Pete, Uncle Levi, and Uncle William


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