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Under The Red Moon: The Rebirth of A Luna

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Jaslyn, twin sister to Jayla was betrayed by her husband and her sister Jayla from the past world. She returns in the quest to fight the wolves for taking her life, especially at the wrong hour when her wolf was awakened for the first time. She is granted another life by the Moon goddess, and returns to the face of the earth, in the wolves world with another face. She now goes with the name, Ella and schemes out plans regarding the downfall of the new Luna, her sister and ex-husband. Would she win this war, or give up with time? Find out in this enthralling novel.

Chapter 1

Someone rimmed her.

She had done nothing as such and still yet was dragged to the hall by the Alpha's men, to make replies to queries she may never have an explanation to.

Jaslyn, new wife to the existing Alpha of the Blue Moon Pack, knelt in front of the Alpha. Kaylor.

"I didn't do it." She explained.

Kaylor would not listen.

He sat on the throne meant for him, grinning devilishly.

"What did you not do, Jaslyn?" He asked, his voice, reverberating in the entire hall.

After the love they affirmed to have for each other. He had obtained her from her father's Pack months ago, alongside her twin, Jayla. And this was what the woman he likes more reimburses him with, cheating on him with a mere knight?

Kaylor posed up on the settee.

He no longer smiled; his manner and facial expression told Jaslyn and the rest of the wolves there was a crisis.

How on earth would she explain to the Alpha that she did nothing as such? Of all things to do, cheating?

With her knight. No way.

Her heart trembled at the introspection of sleeping with a man like David, the accused.

David had been her knight since the very first day she became Luna to the Pack. He was devoted to her and never wavered in carrying out all her mandates, including the ones he believed were disproportionate.

The wolves, constituents, and foreigners that lived in the Pack were assembled in the hall as well. Some doubted, Jaslyn saw, and the faces of a few were satisfied with the upshot.

She turned to face Kaylor one last time. Who knows, another defence might protect her this time.

With her knees gummed to the ground of the hall, she endeavoured to move closer to the Alpha. She sulked at him, reflections on how they began their love life returned to her head like fresher recollections.

"My Lord," she started. "Have I cheated on you before now?"

Kaylor, who was as well relinquished, said nothing.

Who knows if she cheated on him in history before their Mate Matching Ceremony? And was very good at concealing the actuality from everyone.

"Say something." Jaslyn's fatigued voice hit him, pulling him out of thoughts.

Kaylor altered his seat to have a better view of her face and shook his head.

Good. Jaslyn thought. She opened her mouth to speak and was cut short by his next word—

"You may have cheated on me, Jaslyn."

"I don't trust you anymore," the Alpha proclaimed. "You have been a sl*t from the paltry conversation I had with the witness."

"Who is your witness?"

"Bring him already!" She yelled at Kaylor this time. Her knees hurt more than moments ago, and she sat up on the floor.

Jaslyn moped at the crowd of wolves: some were inaugurated on chairs kept in the hall for moments like this, while some sat on the floor as she did. Some stood; most of them were tall and could see what was happening from where they were.

"The witness will be here in no time."

The wolves made a sound at the opening of the main door that led into the hall.

He was there.


"My goodness." Jaslyn sobbed at the sight of a man as innocent as him.

She realized how fortunate she was to have a connection with the Alpha; by now, she should have dealt with the way David was beaten.

Blood oozed from his mouth and spilled onto the floor.

The men who carried him into the hall, dumped him by Jaslyn's side and stood behind him.

"Update." The Alpha's tone came.

The men quickly swerved, and one of them spoke. "He refused to confess the truth to us."

"What truth!" Jaslyn barked at the man who spoke. "For goodness sake, we didn't do anything." She yelled louder.

Why was it this hard to understand?

"Bring in your witness already!" She ordered before facing the already weak man by her side.

"Have I made stupid advances at you, David?"

David said nothing; instead, he moped at her like he lost his voice.

"Say something." She cried.

"Bring her in," Kaylor told one of the standing men. The man walked toward the door, leaving Jaslyn and the rest of the wolves to obey the Alpha's authority.

Jaslyn, on the other hand, said nothing. All she wanted was to see who it was that framed her and ask what the person wanted from her.

It all changed when the door opened again, and a woman she recognized walked into the hall.

Was her eyes hurting?

Jaslyn blinked twice—thrice, ensuring her eyes did not cease to function.

"Jayla." She muttered, shock and doubt written on her face.


Was this the witness Kaylor talked about or a random person who strode into the hall?


This was not any random person who walked into the hall; she confirmed from Jayla's smile—it was wicked.

Whatever was funny? She should ask.

"My Lord." Jayla's voice chimed; she curled slightly and then veered around to be placed with the two accused buzzards.

"Jayla." Kaylor welcomed.

"What is happening here?" Jaslyn asked.

Was this woman the witness Kaylor talked about? She had thought—it was a man. A man who peeked out for his friend, not a sister who looked forward to her twin's destruction.

"Are you the witness he talked about?" Jaslyn faced her sister. She shifted on the floor towards David; the urge to hit Jayla, engulfing her. "When did I sleep with David? Tell me." She urged again, her gape refusing to leave the woman's face.

"On the night when my Lord left the pack for a meeting with the White Mooners."

Was this a joke?

"Tell me you are joking, Jayla."

She had stayed back in her room that night, reading an ancient book. When did she have something to do with David? David would never be subject to such an act of betrayal; he was forever loyal to the Alpha.

"I walked into the room to see you both, kissing."

David lifted his face to behold the woman; he was too weak to speak a word and shook his head. He would face the woman when he got out of this mess.

What if he didn't?

"I came to spend the night with you," Jayla began. "He was on top of you."

The heaviness of the woman's words hit her. Jaslyn stopped looking at Jayla and instead, thought of how she ended up with a heartless twin like her.

Months ago, before her marriage to the Alpha, she didn't want Jayla to go with her to the Pack.

Same as their mother who knew how cunning and mischievous the woman could be—But on the other hand, Jayla had made up her mind to be at the Blue Moon Pack.

Who were they to stop her from proceeding with her plans when the Alpha at least, liked her a bit?

Now, everything she was avoiding had happened, right in her face, before her.

Why frame her this way? What was her aim and the feat to achieve? By the time she finished with her thoughts and raised her head, Jayla still talked.

What more: more lies.

She faced the Alpha this time and then shifted on the floor before resting on her knee. "It's either you believe me or her, Kaylor. I didn't do it."

Kaylor looked at her, then Jayla, who moped at him: awaiting his verdict.

Verdict, he would give to them.

"Take him to the prison." The Alpha told the men, pointing at David who already laid on the floor.

Chapter 2

More than thrice, Jaslyn flickered, scrutinizing and lingering for the Alpha and her sister to declare it was a stunt.

A component of her told her it wasn't. They had dealt with David and disgraced her in the presence of other buzzards.

She would not exonerate them if they proclaimed it was a gag.

David was seized out of the hall—he scarcely said a thing all through his stay in the hall and also said nothing on his way out.

Jaslyn felt vulnerable.

David should have at least, said something, something that would transform the already made-up intellect of Kaylor.

He had worked for the Alpha, years before months ago when she stepped her feet in the Pack, and should know his way around the man.

Perhaps, he felt no portion of defence would conserve him from the clutter they were in already.

David's contempt for Jayla was potent right from the commencement—from the twilight the twins and their mother docked at the Pack.



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