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Two Mates For The Reborn Luna

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Ellen had the worst day of her life on a bright friday morning, when the blue moon pack attacked their pack on the basis she knows she is innocent to. Large number of people were killed and the ones alive were taken in as Omegas by the blue moon pack. And in blue moon pack did her suffering start visibly in essence. On one occasion Alpha Damien of the blue moon pack sensed that Ellen was his mate but because she was an omega he rejected her instantly. The Alpha's beta accused her of stealing and an order was passed by the Alpha to burial her alive. While at the bridge of death she vowed to deal with blue moon park if she's ever given a chance with life again. After three years she's then reborn as Annabel the only daughter of Alpha Felix of Night walker pack. What will happen when she is then mated to the same Alpha that rejected her and who also gave the order to burial her alive and she's also mated to Alpha Caine of Coinage park? Will she still revenge Alpha Damien for his wickedness ? Who will she choose among the cold blooded Alpha Damien and the kind hearted Alpha Caine?

Chapter 1•I Can't End Up Like My Little Brother

Ellen furrowed her eyebrows as she walked towards the training area.

She really hates to train with the other wolves as the majority of them are pure blooded, and she feels awkward running in her human form alongside pure wolves.


The falling of large objects on the ground snapped her out of her daze, back to reality.

“What just fell down?”

she asked, not really referring to anyone.

She turned her head and saw nothing, immediately fixed her gaze back on the road she was walking on.

Soon, flame filled the whole place, and she looked at her back and noticed that the houses in the pack were all on fire.

“Mom, dad!”

she shouted as she started running back to her house, perhaps the fire haven't penetrated inside their house yet, perhaps her parents are searching for her.

All these and many more questions rained themselves on her with absolutely no one to answer them.

As she kept running with full vigor. She halted when she saw a silhouette of a shadow standing on a lean that led to her house, but she wasn't sure if they were men or women. But one thing she was sure of was that they were two.

She slowly leaned on a wall beside where they stood, laying her hands together on her body, she slowly neared where the men stood and squat down to get a glue of what they were saying.

To her surprise, they went their separate ways the instant she squatted, as though observing that a pair of ears just added to theirs.

She was about to stand up from where she was squatting, then she heard the loud noises coming from running wolves.

When she looked at the wolves, to her, they seem more like strangers than Pack warriors.

She turned to the direction where the ran to and when she noticed they've gone far away, she stood up and began to head back to her house.

Fear, fret and disquietude filled her, after she heard the wailing sounds coming from obviously the omegas.

She felt that the same agony will be hers, if she continues with going home searching for her parents. On a second thought, she knew that if she leaves the pack without an assurance of her parent's life that she will definitely live a life filled with agony and pain, and guilt of her behavior.

“Alpha, I have bad news for you.”

Ellen heard a man's voice, which made her halt in her track.

She stopped running and started looking around for a good spot to hide.

Then finally she found a trash can, which covered her perfectly.

“What news do you have, spill it.”

The man he referred to as Alpha asked him in a grave tone that even left Ellen shivering.

“I found out that we don't only have Micheal to deal with, there's still one more person.”

The other man said to the Alpha.

“And who might that possibly be?”

The Alpha asked with loud tone, forgetting they've been keeping their voice low all the while.

“I found out he has a daughter which he's been hiding from everyone, which even his pack doesn't know about.”

The man said, still maintaining his low tone, this time around it was more like a whisper.

“The girl, where is she.”

The Alpha's voice this time didn't get loud, neither did it get lower.

“I think she's among the omegas in his pack, or perhaps he hid her at the same place his son disappeared to.”

The man said to the other.

'Alpha, Damien, I think they've got a support.'

His beta mind linked to him.

“Zach, you can leave now, I will call you when we're done here.”

The Alpha said, without waiting for any reply from the man, he ran off, shifting to his wolf in the process.

After some time, the other man also ran off but to another direction, shifting to his wolf also.

Ellen stood up from where she squat and began to run again towards her house.

She has to get to her parents before the fire burns down the entire house…

Her mom, her dad and her.

She halted at her sudden realization that her little brother of eight years went to the Alpha's mansion this morning.

She immediately turned her back and began to run as fast as she could to the Alpha's mansion, which seems to be the only house without a flame emitting from it.

Furthermore, she walked past the gate to the Alpha's house and to her surprise, there wasn't any guard at the gate of the Alpha's house.

With determination in her, she walked to the house and slowly calmed down when she began to hear obviously a sobbing sound of a child.

“Where is Micheal?”

A man asked the crying child.

“I don't know, I'm saying the truth, he just asked me to read some books from his library then he left, I also….”

The young boy was still talking when one of them stopped everything he was about to say with a loud slap that landed on his both checks.

The voice, Ellen heard, was very much like her brother's, but still, she refused to believe he was the one in there.

It can't be her brother.

No, it can't…

She kept saying to herself even though the slap that came across the child's cheeks made her whole body shudder in fear, but still, it can't be her brother.

“Tell me the truth now, where is Micheal?”

A man asked the boy again.

“I don't know, it was when my sister Ellen…”

He was still speaking, but soon loud noises filled the entire room as the child shouted for some time. Then a loud sound like that of someone that just collapsed was heard, subsequently, she didn't hear anything else from the room.

Hot tears left her eyes rolling down like a heavy rock because that was what it was to her …

Her precious little boy that doesn't even know what a war is …

Neither does he know his offense…

In his case, he died for another person.

“Ellen, I will be the beta when I turn eighteen.”

Her brother words ran through her mind as though he just said it now.

“Ellen, I love you, you're the best sister in the world.”

He had said while hugging her, she hugged her legs tightly together as if she were hugging her brother.

The last word that came to her mind made her let out a painful wince, it's more like an emotional wound.

“It was my sister Ellen….”

That had been the words in his lips before he passed out…

Before they took him forcefully ….

Away from her.

The clicking of the door snapped her back to reality, she could have run out when she had the opportunity to, but she didn't.

She saw a man dragging something and when she looked closer, she saw it was a body.

Of a child.

Her brother…

Her little brother…

Furthermore, her best friend …

Someone who always lit up her mood ….

It was always her little brother…

She involuntarily let out a loud cry that made the men dragging the body to turn, searching for where the noise was coming from.

She didn't wait for them to see her, she immediately took to her heels and ran like never…

Furthermore, she ran like the fastest animal …

She was running for her life…

She can't end up like her little brother…

No, she can't…

Her parents can't be left without any child ….

Her papa and her mama needs her so much….

Immediately she reached in front of their house, she rushed inside, but before she could close the door, the people after her were already inside the house.

She heard a loud wince from an inner room and was about to neglect them when one of them dragged her hands and held her it backwards….


she shouted, but then she saw something.

Her mom and her dad stripped in a pool of blood.



She looked up at the face behind them and saw a man, he was stained with blood all over his body.

“Alpha, I think he is falling to the trap.”

someone said from the door.

Chapter 2•I , Alpha Damien Hereby Reject You As My Mate

“Who is that?”

Alpha Damien asked the man who just entered into the room.

“He is gradually walking into our trap.”

His gamma that entered said to him.

“Okay, you and van, should go to the houses that didn't burn down well and get me the people inside of it and come let's head back to the blue moon pack, fast!”

Damien shouted at his men, and they immediately strolled off.


I said move faster!”

someone shouted at the people who were lined up in a queue and tied up with heavy chains.

“What are you looking at?”

one of them asked Ellen, who's full attention focused on a pregnant she-wolf who was wincing in full pain as though she is in labor.

“Nothing, I was looking at the tall trees, so….”.

Ellen was trying to explain herself to the man. Instead of giving her a listening ear he raised his elbow and being a seventeen years old girl, she wasn't all that tall, his raised elbow landed on her he


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