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They Cursed My Mate

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humming the saddest song, breathing the suffocating air, seeing infinite darkness and feeling the endless pain. My pouring tears asking for ending and peace. I looked up, seeing the sky open its eyes. Moonlight, forest breeze and feathers from birds flying with freedom. I closed my eyes feeling the gentleness of the wind. The embrace of the wind is the only life I've felt for so many years. I let out my voice with a mellow music coming from an antique music box. and I stared at the white ballerina twirling here as I sang. Je t'aime, je t'aime toujours I am forever yours Another year has passed. A year full of tears and loneliness. Sweet dreams, sweet dreams mon cher You're always in my prayers I averted my eyes from the dancing ballerina and stared outside the high tower again as I sang. Is it a sin to ask for my freedom? I felt my song more and let it grow stronger. Softly, sweetly wrapped up in heaven's arms Sailing, soaring over the moon Gathering star dust I couldn't hold back my sadness, my tears started to flow. My grief that many will enjoy. White pearls kept falling from my eyes. stones that will blind the mind of any creature, stones that will be vessels of chaos and greed. Be still, be safe, be sure Je t'aime, je t'aime toujours I continued my chanting in front of the single window of the very tall tower. it was covered in thick white smoke and towering trees. Wishing, praying All of your dreams come true Please remember Wherever you are my heart is with you I stretched my hand in the air to catch a few drops of feathers from the birds flying freely. They are very lucky because they get to the place they want. There are people to see and interact with, what sights can I see outside of this forest? Is it still the same or has it changed a lot? Sweet dreams, sweet dreams mon cher Always in my prayers The wind has blown my long white hair along with my music being offered to the quiet forest. To this day I still cannot accept the form that fate has given me. my white hair symbolizing the curse that rested upon me, my eyes never burning like the vampires of my race and my complexion more than pale. I am the cursed woman, the white woman. the beast if they stare, the woman will never help. My own race had long abandoned me and no longer expected to see them again. Sometimes people try to go to the tower, not to help me but to get pearls. I don't want to hurt anyone and I don't want to be afraid of the majority but they are the ones who make excuses for them to reach the end. I looked slightly below the tower, even at its height I could still see the peeping white rocks. .they are the prey of my eyes, for the moment my eyes directly hit a creature's eye it turns to white stone, resembling their own form. The White Curse made me a monster. The white stones scattered at the foot of my tower are proof. I left the window and went in front of a large mirror that covered my body. I took a few deep breaths before I started removing my clothes. I smiled bitterly as I looked at my nakedness, I reached for my comb and started gently combing my hair. I've been called as a beauty. But now it's a monster. I put down my comb and closed my eyes. I let my whole body feel the heat until my appearance gradually changed. And the moment I opened my eyes, I was facing a small white bird with a very long tail that was flashing. Its white feathers shine, more than ordinary birds. Wasting no more time, I quickly flapped my wings and gently flew into the air. I am Kallaine Seraphina Verlas, the white vampire of the curse. the lone bird that flies far from freedom. I was flying for half an hour until I noticed a commotion below, I immediately decided to return to the tower for fear of being caught but my attention was caught by a wounded man trying to run. It was chased by a group of vampires, I was already familiar with this group because they tried to enter my tower once. I decided to help the man, I hummed again to catch his attention. I flew a little low and it seemed to get what I wanted to happen. I fly while he's chasing me. I have to mislead those who pursue him. When I noticed that we were far away, I immediately flew high and left the man. He's also a vampire, but his presence is unfamiliar. He was not born in this empire. I returned to the tower and my body spontaneously returned to my previous form. I was about to get my clothes when my attention was grabbed by a hand that suddenly grabbed the window of my tower. Until the man I helped showed me. suddenly he sat down and fainted. "D*mn those fucks, I'll come back to you. I'll kill you—" he stopped speaking as his eyes slowly crawled from my feet to my nakedness. I immediately covered my clothes to my body, my face was getting hot. "Vampire, get out of here." I warn you. I let my hair fall over my face. Our eyes cannot meet. "Holy m*th*rf*ck*r, Evan Lancelot Gazellian, I hope you're happy here at university." "Go away you vampire," "What is your name?" he started to stand up. "Don't come any closer! You'll turn to stone!" he was stunned by what I said. My grip on my clothes tightened. "Can I stop here for a while?" "W-What? Are you insane? Are you killing yourself? I am the cursed woman, do you see what I look like? I am the woman with the white curse." He was very different from the vampires who had climbed this tower. not even for a second did he glance at the pearls scattered on the floor. "Who the hell cares? You saved me. And I'll look at it as a huge debt of gratitude." I gasped when he knelt down on me like the princes I had seen before. He bowed his head at me. "W-What are you doing? I-I am the monster! I'm the one you vampires look up to!" He looked up at me but I didn't let our eyes meet. It smiled weakly at me. "Where? Where is the monster? All I can see is beauty." This was the last thing he said before he finally collapsed. I immediately took the blanket and wrapped it around myself. I attended to the man who was trying to open his eyes. I thought he was unconscious but he still managed to hold the tip of my white hair and gently brought it to his lips. "Call me Finn, a handsome mage."

Chapter 1

chapter 1

"Kalla, go easy and wake up our princess. Our guests have arrived."

"Next mother,"

I first washed my hands and wiped them on a white towel to clean myself. The princess didn't want me to get dirty in her room.

"Mother, don't I smell like a kitchen anymore? Our princess might get mad at me again."

Mother came close to me and smelled me gently.

"You smell good, Kalla." It caressed my cheek.

I smiled sweetly at my mother before kissing her cheek.

"Alright, Princess Theresa is waiting for me."

As soon as I left the kitchen, the palace staff, who were just like us, were smiling at me.

"You're even prettier at night little Kalla, just let the princess be. You'll get her attitude too."

This is what the other palace followers always tell me because I'm the sixteenth princess follower, most of them don't last long.

"I'll do my best!" I said enthusiastically.

I've been a personal follower of our princess for a few weeks now, but so far she still doesn't seem to like me no matter what I do.

Maybe she really thinks differently about young followers like me.

My mother was a servant in the palace and one of the most trusted by our king and queen. Once the couple visited our home because of my father's illness, here they saw me patiently reading a broken book.

The king was pleased with me and offered me the palace library but in exchange I had to be the servant and friend of their only princess.

I immediately accepted his offer and until now I am doing what I know is right to win the heart of the princess.

In front of the princess's door, I met her vampire caretaker. She gave me a sweet smile when our eyes met.

"You really are a beautiful child, Kalla." I coughed several times when she put powder on my face.

"Why are you so sweaty? It's only night." It said laughing.

"Is she awake yet?"

"Wake up, she's looking for you. I'll just come back when she calls me again."

I nodded at what Corazon said. As soon as I entered the door I was surprised by the outfit that hit me.

"Why are you late?! Corazon is even ahead of you!" I bow down.

"Excuse me my princess, what will you order?"

My eyes widened when he intentionally broke the precious little statue that was on her desk.

"Dear princess.."

"Pick them, then find me clothes and shoes. The ones I haven't worn yet. Hurry up!"

I quickly went in her direction, she even managed to bump into me causing me to lose my balance. I cried out in pain as my hands touched the bruises.

I bit my bottom lip to keep from screaming in pain. my palms are starting to bleed.


I didn't answer the princess anymore and I started picking up the buns.

Every day her behavior towards me gets worse, I do everything to make her like me but she always seems to have a grudge against me.

I used the handkerchief tied in my hair to wrap my bleeding hand.


"Yes princess.."

When I cleaned the broken statue I started looking for her clothes.

"Are you blind?! I already wore that!" I received several of these from her until she liked the tenth garment and shoes.

Corazon is back, I quickly hide my hand. I don't want Mom to know what's really going on.

I want to stay in the palace and continue reading books. I want to read when reading is my pleasure, another thing is that I don't want to break the trust given to me by the king and queen.

"Your hair is loose Kalla, it suits you better." Corazon praised me while she fixed Princess Theresa in front of the mirror.

There was a follower from the garden of this palace who told me that the princess was very jealous of me because I was more beautiful here. But no matter which angle I look at it, I'm not just Princess Theresa.

She has great beauty. her blue blood screamed in her full presence. There is no reason for her to be jealous of someone like me who is just a lowly follower.

I would have been grateful when Princess Theresa slapped Corazon's hand.

"Repeat it!"

"It's good, dear princess," I said.

"Shut up! Get out of here, nobody knows." Corazon already signaled me. I slowly nodded and said goodbye to them.

I was about to run to get away from the princess's room so that no one would see me when I was stopped by an unfamiliar woman.

I could say she was also a noble but she came from a different empire. It was staring at the hanging picture of the former queen of the kingdom.

I was stunned because of her beauty. I totally thought the princesses in the itp empire would be beautiful but it looks like I'm missing a lot more.

I grabbed her attention.

"Good evening," she greeted me.

"Good night," a handkerchief fell from my palm.

Her eyes went to my hand.

"So it's your blood."

I was about to forget the handkerchief when it got ahead of me. She was kneeling in front of me and our eyes were now level.

"You remind me of my daughter Lily."

The woman was so beautiful that I could hardly move. I allowed her to hold my hands.

"What happened to you little girl?"

"You are so pretty," I said admiringly.

"You are prettier," she smiled back at me. she combed some fingers through my loose hair.

I was especially impressed when a fat rabbit hurriedly ran towards the woman.

"He's so cute.." I said in shock.

Where did this rabbit come from?

"I will allow you to touch my rabbit if you'll allow me to clean your wounds. Is that a deal little girl?" I smiled and nodded at her.

I'm staring at the rabbit. She handed a small bottle to the woman and she poured it into my palms. seconds later it was gone.

"Wow!" Her medicine is very good.

"Good girl, come on Lumps. You captured this little girl's heart." The rabbit came to me and let me pet him.

"He's too cute!" The woman pinched my cheek.

"You can play with Lily, my daughter is a good girl." I was surprised by what she said.

Another princess? They don't like me.

"Talisha, my love."

The woman and I turned to the newly arrived man together. I let go of the rabbit and stared at the vampire approaching us.

A very handsome vampire. Who are these vampires?

"What's wrong?"

He looked at me because he couldn't see me now that he was in front of the woman.

"Oh, hi little thing." It greets me.

"I missed Lily, Thaddeus. We haven't seen them in weeks." the woman stood up and stood next to the man.

"What's your name little girl?" the handsome man asked me.


"Oh hi Kalla, maybe she's the same age as Lily?"

"I think she's younger, maybe it's Finn." The woman answered.

"Oh, that mischievous boy." the man said laughing.

"King Gazellian, the food is ready."

I was stunned when I heard one of the high stewards of the kingdom call him.

He is the king our guest? Then this woman is a queen?

"Do you want to join us?" I nodded at the queen's offer.

"Sorry for the trouble, dear king and queen." I bow down.

"It's nothing. We'll go first, Kalla," the king and queen turned their backs on me.

"I like her,"

"Should we bring Finn?"

"What is that Thaddeus?! Your son is mischievous, he will only make other children cry."

I never heard their conversation. I turned back and was about to go the other way when I met Princess Theresa.

"Anytime really! You want to be a princess?! You want to steal my spot?! come here you ugly rag!" she pulled my long hair.

"Dear princess, I'm in pain! Dear princess!"

"Hurt?! Slaves have no right to be hurt!" she pulled my hair harder.

I was about to start crying when we saw a huge monster running towards me.



We both screamed. I closed my eyes when it rushed towards us.


"Help us! Help us!"

I waited for the princess and I to eat but I didn't feel anything. I kept my eyes closed due to sheer fear when a loud laugh from the boy's voice grabbed my attention.

When I opened my eyes, a young prince greeted us. Next to him was the furry monster.

"How dare you!" cried the Princess.

"You have an embargo on this empire? Your empire is weak." It said arrogantly. She was still holding a holen which she repeatedly threw in the air.

"Who is he?" I will ask.

"Princess Theresa!"

When some followers came, they also screamed when they saw the monster. My knees were still aching as the boy laughed.

"You're weak, you can't do anything to Parsua."

The number of vampires has increased and most of them are strong fighters whenever there is a war.

"Theresa!" there are vampires blocking us to protect us against boy and monster.

"What monster is this? how did you get in?!"

The princess shook us. I don't know what's going on.

"What the—Finn! What are you doing here?!" I heard the king's voice again earlier.


Suddenly the monster disappeared like a bubble. the king took big steps and blocked himself from the boy.

"I'm sorry, this child is my son. And what you saw was just an illusion." He held the boy's hand.

"I just scared them, they were both fighting."

"Why are you here Finn?!" the woman the queen also came.

"Your son possesses that kind of power?" asked our king.

I was suddenly nervous when all the vampires' eyes were on fire as if at any moment they would attack the kind king and queen.

I glanced at the young prince again. there is something about his power.

"I will send you away, the people of Parsua will not be able to return alive."

The vampire who was protecting us was about to pick us up, but something prevented me from speaking.

"No! no! Everyone! Just forget everything you saw! he is not a bad prince! He helped me! Forget everything!"

My body fell to the floor along with all the vampires. The only one remaining standing was King Gazellian.

I felt weak and unable to move. I can barely see. What just happened?

"Oh god, I've been looking for that power. It's you Kalla." I felt the king lift me up.

He sat me down and leaned me against a wall.

"I need to do this."

With my poor vision, I saw him talking with his son. but I saw a different aura from his hand, is he— is he manipulating his own son?

He was holding his son closer to me.

"Drink from her wrist, son." The dumbfounded boy nodded.

I want to run and to fight back, but I really can't move. the Prince sinks his fangs on my wrist.

My tears fell when I felt his fangs on me. I have never been bitten by any vampire.

I saw how King Thaddeus kissed his son's head.

"Drink more and learn to savor your thirst from her blood." I'm getting weaker.

After he finished drinking from me, he brought his son's nipple to my lips.

I tried to shake my head.

"You need it Kalla, hija."

The king made a small cut on his son's wrist and as the blood lingered on me, my fangs urged to sink on his skin.

I finally bit his stupid son.

"Kalla, I love my son so much and you are the only one who can keep him alive."

I don't understand.

"From now on you can call yourselves as mates."

The Gazellian King caressed my cheek.

"But you don't have to know each other at this time. I will erase your memories and they will only return in due time."

King Gazellian also kissed the top of my head.

"Gazellian's love is the finest hija. My son will love you unconditionally."

Chapter 2

chapter 2

I woke up to mother's pat on my cheek.

"Kalla, my daughter. Wake up there, what happened to you?" I rubbed my eyes and started to get up.

"Mother?" I looked around me in wonder.

The last thing I remember was Princess Theresa still tweaking me.

"What happened to me mother? Why am I sleeping?"

"I don't know about you, I was just surprised and our guest brought you to the kitchen himself because he said he saw you sleeping by the window. don't you feel good?"

I? Slept by the window? Did the princess tease me so much that I passed out? Our guest himself picked me up?

It's a shame.

"No mom, I feel fine. maybe I just lack sleep. I'll just thank our guest." She nodded at me.

"Easy and bring it to the dining table when you get back to our room. Go to bed first, child, postpone reading the books first. You almost live in the library, you need a


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