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My life as a crowned princess is a goddamn chaotic. From my untamed brothers, undisciplined people from my beloved land and endless clash between different empires. Having a great power will give you d*mn responsibilities. Responsibilities that I am born to handle. I am royal blooded vampire, beautiful, perfect and envied by every single vampire girl. when I released a very thick smoke that would serve as my tunnel, I didn't waste any more time and immediately stepped into it. And once I got past my red smoke I was just amazed, my power really took me to another place. Where can I be in Parsua now? I don't understand why my power spat me out in the middle of the forest. I first started walking while analyzing where I was and the longer I spent, the more amazed I was at what I had accomplished. I'm in the Halla empire, it's far away from Parsua. If I'm not mistaken it will take three months to get here with our carriage. I was about to take another step when I just grabbed my chest. my knee immediately went soft and I fell to my knees, I tried to put my hands on the dense forest to support myself as I continued to fall. What's happening to me? suddenly my fangs came out as every part of my body began to heat up. Even my eyes I know are red. What the hell is this feeling? My throat is also starting to dry up. I was suddenly thirsty. my fangs sought something, my thirst sought blood. This feeling.. My mate is nearby.. and I know he is getting closer to me. I didn't think he would have this kind of effect on me when we first met. Is that why my power brought me here? Will the man who is destined for me meet me? Will he save me from my endless rejection of marriages? Even though it was difficult for me to move, I tried to hide myself behind a huge tree when I heard that there was more than one person coming. all I could hear was the strong impact of the fists, I tried to look at the noise I could hear from the newcomers. and when my eyes finally hit them, I was suddenly stunned to see that a female vampire and a man who I was sure was a wolf even though he hadn't changed his form were currently fighting. I scratched the tree several times to stop myself from coming and biting the lob man's neck-- Wolf? I felt like I had been doused with cold water when I finally processed what I was seeing. He's a werewolf... "I can smell sweet scent.." I heard the wolf say. I immediately hid behind the tree when he slightly looked at where I was. "I will kill you wolf!" I listened to the loud cry of the female vampire. this is where I completely came out of my hiding place, currently the body of the werewolf that was supposed to be chased by the vampire was being thrown. I involuntarily released a poisonous smoke that slowly enveloped the vampire's body. his eyes widened as he turned to me as my power began to poison his heart. My eyes stared blankly into his eyes. He was saying so much that I couldn't hear and understand anymore. "You traitor! you're a traitor to our race.." I didn't seem to hear what he was saying. My poisonous smoke only stopped him when I was sure she was dead. Her lifeless body fell before her wide eyes. when I noticed that the trees were starting to fall near me, I immediately came to my senses. It just means that the wolf is coming back in my direction and I know he can feel my presence. I quickly released my red smoke and I didn't wait for a moment, I immediately returned to my empire. As soon as I took my first step into my room, my strength immediately gave out. I weakly stretched out on my bed as I panted staring at my hands. I killed my kind. I killed my own kind for the first time. I would kill for a wolf. I killed the female vampire for the male wolf. I'm not a traitor..I didn't know what I was doing at that time... I'm not a traitor... I have no connection with that wolf... He's not my mate is not a werewolf.. It can't be...He can't be a wolf.. please.. He can't be a werewolf...

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humming the saddest song, breathing the suffocating air, seeing infinite darkness and feeling the endless pain. My pouring tears asking for ending and peace. I looked up, seeing the sky open its eyes. Moonlight, forest breeze and feathers from birds flying with freedom. I closed my eyes feeling the gentleness of the wind. The embrace of the wind is the only life I've felt for so many years. I let out my voice with a mellow music coming from an antique music box. and I stared at the white ballerina twirling here as I sang. Je t'aime, je t'aime toujours I am forever yours Another year has passed. A year full of tears and loneliness. Sweet dreams, sweet dreams mon cher You're always in my prayers I averted my eyes from the dancing ballerina and stared outside the high tower again as I sang. Is it a sin to ask for my freedom? I felt my song more and let it grow stronger. Softly, sweetly wrapped up in heaven's arms Sailing, soaring over the moon Gathering star dust I couldn't hold back my sadness, my tears started to flow. My grief that many will enjoy. White pearls kept falling from my eyes. stones that will blind the mind of any creature, stones that will be vessels of chaos and greed. Be still, be safe, be sure Je t'aime, je t'aime toujours I continued my chanting in front of the single window of the very tall tower. it was covered in thick white smoke and towering trees. Wishing, praying All of your dreams come true Please remember Wherever you are my heart is with you I stretched my hand in the air to catch a few drops of feathers from the birds flying freely. They are very lucky because they get to the place they want. There are people to see and interact with, what sights can I see outside of this forest? Is it still the same or has it changed a lot? Sweet dreams, sweet dreams mon cher Always in my prayers The wind has blown my long white hair along with my music being offered to the quiet forest. To this day I still cannot accept the form that fate has given me. my white hair symbolizing the curse that rested upon me, my eyes never burning like the vampires of my race and my complexion more than pale. I am the cursed woman, the white woman. the beast if they stare, the woman will never help. My own race had long abandoned me and no longer expected to see them again. Sometimes people try to go to the tower, not to help me but to get pearls. I don't want to hurt anyone and I don't want to be afraid of the majority but they are the ones who make excuses for them to reach the end. I looked slightly below the tower, even at its height I could still see the peeping white rocks. .they are the prey of my eyes, for the moment my eyes directly hit a creature's eye it turns to white stone, resembling their own form. The White Curse made me a monster. The white stones scattered at the foot of my tower are proof. I left the window and went in front of a large mirror that covered my body. I took a few deep breaths before I started removing my clothes. I smiled bitterly as I looked at my nakedness, I reached for my comb and started gently combing my hair. I've been called as a beauty. But now it's a monster. I put down my comb and closed my eyes. I let my whole body feel the heat until my appearance gradually changed. And the moment I opened my eyes, I was facing a small white bird with a very long tail that was flashing. Its white feathers shine, more than ordinary birds. Wasting no more time, I quickly flapped my wings and gently flew into the air. I am Kallaine Seraphina Verlas, the white vampire of the curse. the lone bird that flies far from freedom. I was flying for half an hour until I noticed a commotion below, I immediately decided to return to the tower for fear of being caught but my attention was caught by a wounded man trying to run. It was chased by a group of vampires, I was already familiar with this group because they tried to enter my tower once. I decided to help the man, I hummed again to catch his attention. I flew a little low and it seemed to get what I wanted to happen. I fly while he's chasing me. I have to mislead those who pursue him. When I noticed that we were far away, I immediately flew high and left the man. He's also a vampire, but his presence is unfamiliar. He was not born in this empire. I returned to the tower and my body spontaneously returned to my previous form. I was about to get my clothes when my attention was grabbed by a hand that suddenly grabbed the window of my tower. Until the man I helped showed me. suddenly he sat down and fainted. "D*mn those fucks, I'll come back to you. I'll kill you—" he stopped speaking as his eyes slowly crawled from my feet to my nakedness. I immediately covered my clothes to my body, my face was getting hot. "Vampire, get out of here." I warn you. I let my hair fall over my face. Our eyes cannot meet. "Holy m*th*rf*ck*r, Evan Lancelot Gazellian, I hope you're happy here at university." "Go away you vampire," "What is your name?" he started to stand up. "Don't come any closer! You'll turn to stone!" he was stunned by what I said. My grip on my clothes tightened. "Can I stop here for a while?" "W-What? Are you insane? Are you killing yourself? I am the cursed woman, do you see what I look like? I am the woman with the white curse." He was very different from the vampires who had climbed this tower. not even for a second did he glance at the pearls scattered on the floor. "Who the hell cares? You saved me. And I'll look at it as a huge debt of gratitude." I gasped when he knelt down on me like the princes I had seen before. He bowed his head at me. "W-What are you doing? I-I am the monster! I'm the one you vampires look up to!" He looked up at me but I didn't let our eyes meet. It smiled weakly at me. "Where? Where is the monster? All I can see is beauty." This was the last thing he said before he finally collapsed. I immediately took the blanket and wrapped it around myself. I attended to the man who was trying to open his eyes. I thought he was unconscious but he still managed to hold the tip of my white hair and gently brought it to his lips. "Call me Finn, a handsome mage."


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