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The Werewolf Heiress

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Mel was found as a newborn in front of a boarding school for girls and grew up without knowing much about the world around her. All she knows about herself is that she is a she-wolf since at the age of nineteen she had her first transformation. What Mel has no idea is that she is not only the heiress to a great werewolf kingdom, but also the mate of one of the most feared wolves of all time: the supreme alpha, Atlas. Atlas is hundreds of years old and is known everywhere as cold, calculating, and arrogant, and he simply does not give a d*mn about it, he only demands respect from everyone, even if this is generated through fear. His personality, which is not easy, worsened after he did not arrive in time to save the one who was predestined to be his companion. He has spent years of his life searching for the one destined for him. For him, his companion is his greatest weakness, and he was not willing to give her up for anything in the world. "I only know one thing, I will find her even if I have to go to hell..." Can two people who grew up in such different backgrounds have their destinies intertwined again? After all, who will find whom in this story?

Chapter 1


I was in my office when everything happened, taking small sips of my whiskey, when Alfred my faithful butler entered, without even knocking, the office I was in. He seemed nervous and desperate, something that made me get up from my chair in a jump, after all, if Alfred was like that he must have a good reason, and I was feeling that I would not like it at all.

- Mr. Martin, it seems that...- he took a deep breath as if he was afraid to say the next words, which automatically made me alert-the Collins kingdom was attacked by vampires-for a second I felt my heart skip a beat, this couldn't be happening, after all, it would mean that my predestined was in danger and that was something unacceptable. The next few moments were spent in a blur, everything around me turned red, and I knew that my wolf was begging to take control.

- ALBERT- I shouted in a snarl, gritting my teeth and feeling the blood circulate faster through my body. Soon Albert, the wolf that had been chosen as my beta, but for some reason didn't trust me at all, appeared panting at the door.

- What happened, sir? - he asked with a confused and, let's say, even frightened look on his face.

A weak one indeed!

- I want you to separate the best soldiers we have, we will be leaving for the kingdom of Collins in a few minutes, so be quick - I see him leaving hurriedly going towards the training camp where most of our warriors stay, the place is highly trained for the most diverse types of training.

- Today those who dared to mess with my companion and her family will die - I spoke with the demonic voice of my wolf, seeing Alfred cringe in his place, he already knew what I was capable of doing for the one who was predestined to me.

My little princess, she is still in her mother's belly, but soon she will be born. How did I recognize her as my companion? Well, the first indication was by her smell, which particularly is the best in the world, she smells like roses and strawberries, something I never caught myself appreciating, but now I can't imagine being without.

Secondly for her hearing, the moment I felt her little heart beat I knew she was my mate and the explanation for this is that we wolves have everything sharpened, that is, all our abilities are much better than those of humans, our hearing, smell, sight, touch, taste, absolutely everything. Besides, of course, being stronger, more muscular and agile. Aside from the feelings that are absurdly intense, we would kill and die for those we love.

I hurriedly left the castle, noting that all the selected soldiers were being organized for battle and were waiting for me to give the proper orders.

- I want you to know that it is to help everyone in the Collins kingdom, but especially Queen Elisabeth who is pregnant with my female and I want to make it clear that if anything happens to her, heads will roll.

- Yes sir - all five hundred soldiers said at the same time, beating their chests firmly as they always did before going to war, it was a kind of oath that they would honor their supreme.

- What are you waiting for? LET'S GO TO WAR - I ordered, and quickly everyone began to follow me. We needed to be fast, every time spent would result in more lives being taken and consequently more danger to my princess.

We went in cars with black and armored glass, after all we knew how treacherous the vampires were, I wouldn't doubt anything that they were carrying guns with silver bullets, so we needed to be prepared.

I felt anguish in my chest when thinking about little Elisa-my companion-her name was lovingly chosen by her parents, Elisabeth and Christian Collins. This leads me to the conclusion that I can't wait for Elisa to grow up and have beautiful and beautiful children, of course I am aware that it will take a long time, but why rush when we have eternity?

We are immortal, just like vampires, males age until they are twenty-seven physically, females until they are twenty-five, so some of us look much younger than we really are.

I am taken out of my thoughts as we arrive at the Collins kingdom and before the car even stops it is off running in search of Elisabeth, my soldiers know exactly what to do, so I don't need to give a second order for them to do the same.

As I quickly run my eyes over the place to see if I can spot Elisabeth, I find a few vampires that I have no mercy for and kill them by bending their necks until their heads are disjointed from their bodies, it's the fastest way to kill a vampire and time is something I really want to save at this point.

After a few minutes that seemed like years I find Christian Collins fighting against the Clark clan vampires, his movements are fast and precise just like mine, he's probably also trying to go against time.

- Atlas told Elisabeth to go to the hiding place because it is safer there, but I feel something is happening - he says, showing his anguish, and soon I feel a mixture of sensations, fullness, happiness, freedom and deliverance, a force that manages to control me in an inexplicable way, which I have never felt before.

I look at Christian, and he seems to feel the same sensation only with a different intensity, he has a gleam in his eye, a gleam that only a father could have.

- Elisa was born-my whisper is almost inaudible, I was trying to contain the strong emotions inside me, but from one hour to the next they became painful, I felt an immense pain in my chest as if something was tearing me from the inside and killing me little by little, the sensation was torturous and extremely disturbing. I knew immediately that Elisa was in danger.

She hurriedly left and Christian followed her, we ran towards the hiding place, which looked more like a cave, but when we got there the only thing we saw were the bodies of people bloody on the floor, people who looked like they had been brutally tortured before being killed. My body freezes as I desperately scan the place with my eyes, feeling a brief relief at not seeing them there.

We followed a narrow corridor when we spotted Elisabeth, she was apparently pale and weak, looking as if she had made a great effort. Her eyes were swollen and red, as if she had cried for hours. Christian was by her side in seconds, trying to hold her and give her comfort. I look confused and see blood all around her, at this moment fear takes over my whole being.

No, no, no...

- Where is Elisa?- I feel my wolf desperately shaking, her whimper is heard by me.

- Elisa...- Elisabeth whispers before collapsing into copious crying and I lose control and completely lose track,

- TELL ME SO WHAT HAPPENED?- I growl loudly clenching my fists tightly beside my body, my companion was in danger and I needed to act fast to reverse this.

- Don't talk to my companion Atlas like that - Christian, who up to now had been supporting Elisabeth, spoke up seriously.

- How do you want me to know Christian? Elisa was apparently taken to who knows where or with whom, and you want me to stay calm?

- Elisa decided to be born just as we entered the hiding place - Elisabeth takes a deep breath - I was lucky to have a healer among those who were coming here, she helped me during labor. Soon we heard screams of terror, and I was too tired to help, after all, Elisa took a lot of trouble to be born - she gave a weak smile, letting more tears fall - the midwife helped me to come here carrying me on her back, she said she would try to help the others that were with us, I tried to stop her, I begged her not to go, The screams had ceased, everything was in complete silence, but seconds later I started to see figures faster and faster when a woman stopped in front of me, her face was covered by a mask, so I couldn't see her appearance. ...- a loud sobbing was heard, and her body started to shake.

- Christian was visibly shaken, but he needed to stay strong for his girls, Elisabeth and Elisa.

- She said that if Elisa survived she would have the werewolf union making us even stronger, and I tried to argue that we wouldn't attack the vampires, but she didn't even give a d*mn-she shrunk even more against her companion's body- I wouldn't let that disgusting vampire take my little princess and I even managed to transform myself, I thought of calling Christian, but I was already weak enough and if I communicated with him by thoughts I wouldn't have the strength to save Elisa, and look at that-she opened her arms and laughed bitterly- I COULDN'T SAVE MY OWN CHILD-she screamed as if she was to blame for everything-my little girl had her eyes open as if she was seeing everything around her and knew what was happening. That filthy thing took her from me, I tried to fight until I couldn't stand up anymore, I swear I tried-she spoke almost speechless because of crying, Christian was stunned beside her and I could only think of ways to find this bloodsucker that had taken my female and kill her in the worst way possible.

Chapter 2


- I only know one thing, I will find her even if I have to go to hell and when that happens the one responsible for taking her will pay dearly for even thinking of keeping me away from my companion - my eyes change color to an intense red, I know this because my wolf is now in control and he is not nice at all.


My name is Mel Williams, I am currently twenty-one years old and live in a boarding school for girls, where I was left in front of the door in a box when I was a newborn baby, so it is already clear that I have never had the presence of my parents in my life.

I was kept at the boarding school by the benevolence of the parents of some girls who also lived there, who took pity on me when they found out about the sad story of the little girl who was cruelly abandoned without any chance of surviving if she was not taken in at the boarding school. This is what the school aunts would tell them to feel sorry for me and


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