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The Three Alphas' Omega Mate

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“Became the twin Alpha’s mate, rejected, became a breeder and turned out to be her Alpha mate. How could someone’s life become this twisted?” Iris Hildegard believed that finding her mate will be the best way for her to escape the tormenting life she has. She is an omega she-wolf in the Crescent Moon Pack who has endured a life of torment after her mother's death. Her half sisters despised her, bullying her even at school. The reason why she remained an outcast in her own pack. However, Iris's world shattered when the pack's mating ceremony arrived. Unbelievably, both Asher and Felix, who are Alpha’s twin sons, were her mates. These twins are bullying her as well. Surprisingly, Asher impulsively marked his current girlfriend, casting aside his bond with Iris without hesitation. Alpha Lucas from the Silver Moon Pack arrived in search of a suitable breeder. But fate intervened when he saw Iris in the forest who was about to be eaten alive by a Hyde. And the moment he laid his eyes on her, he realized that Iris was his mate. That moment, he wanted to make her his breeder, however, he found out that she was also mated to the son of the Alpha of Crescent Moon Pack. When Felix tried to keep Iris as his mate, his father refused to acknowledge their bond. And so Felix’s father forced them to reject each other before he pushed Iris to Alpha Lucas to be his breeder. Iris thought it will be the end of her life, little did she know, Alpha Lucas will be the one who will help her find her real identity… leading to a connection between all the three Alphas.

Chapter 01: Twin Brother Mates.

“DO YOU REALLY think you’re going to find your mate in the mating ceremony?” My half-sister Georgia asked as she was busy scrolling through her phone. She looked up at me with her brow arched high and then she scanned me from head to toe with full confidence of whatever she was saying. “Look at you, my little half-sister. You look like trash. If you ever find your mate in the ceremony, I believe he will reject you right away!”

Before I left my room, I made sure that everything was perfect. From my makeup, to my hair and dress. I was confident that I would enter the mating ceremony with confidence but all of the confidence I gathered before I left my room was drained when Georgia commented on how I looked tonight. She insulted me so badly.

“Georgia, can we stop arguing just for tonight? This is an important night for me… I mean, for us,” I mumbled as I chewed my lower lip, trying to avoid her eyes.

“Oh, Iris!” She rolled her eyes, slipped the phone inside of her red handbag before she focused on me. “Even if I stop tonight, believe me, no man would want to be with someone like you, a lowly omega she-wolf,” she smirked.

I gasped as I felt like a sharp knife stabbed my chest. I have been waiting for this night to come. When I would finally meet my mate and he will rescue me from this cruel life. I was the youngest in my family… the youngest and my mother’s sin. At first, I didn’t know why my father, together with my two older sisters, didn't like me. They always bully me for some reason that even if I tried to ask over and over, they won’t tell me the reason. Until mom died when I turned ten. 

Dad finally told me that I wasn’t his biological daughter, that mom had an affair with someone else who he didn’t know and he would not dare to find the man who ruined their perfect family. My half sisters made me believe that I am a cursed child, that every bad thing that’s happening in their life was all because of me. And as I grew up I started to believe that it was true because I never had luck in my life and if I interfered with my sisters’ businesses, they always failed.

When I first released my wolf, Sunshine, I finally had someone to rely on. She told me that finding my mate will surely be the end of my curse… or so we thought. 

As I entered the mating ceremony’s venue, everyone was having fun. I realized that Georgia was right, that I looked like trash with my white simple dress, with a pair of white sandals that I got from my mother’s closet. I don’t have new clothes, I can’t because I don’t have enough money to buy them. Dad gave me enough money, which was the money my mother left for me. He said that the money that mom left will run out soon and I have to work part-time if I want to continue my studies. Which is what I am working on lately. My older sister Georgia bought a new dress yesterday with Dad but they didn’t even bother to buy me even a cheap one. Well, because I am not Dad’s daughter and he said that I am not his responsibility. That hurts, but that’s true.

Looking around the venue, I feel out of place. I don’t have any friends, because everyone sees me as the lowly omega who was born out of wedlock. 

So I stepped back. 

“Where are you going, Iris?” My wolf Sunshine asked.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t think I belong here.”

“Our mate is near, don’t leave yet.”

When I finally convinced myself that I should just go, Sunshine told me to stay. I inhaled and exhaled before I looked around to find a seat that’s not far from the door, so if ever I decide to leave, it will be easier.

I don’t have any plans on looking around the place. Because each time I do, I pity myself for not having the same clothes as them. I feel so insecure…

While waiting to find my mate here just like what Sunshine said, I finally smelled something sweet. A delicious scent I have never smelled before. I couldn’t explain what I’m smelling, but it’s not just an ordinary scent that I can just smell anywhere. 

“Our mate!” Sunshine exclaimed with excitement. Her tails are wagging, she was more excited than me.

I nervously stood from my chair to find the scent. When I followed the scent, it’s from the entrance. I believe he’s coming! And so I waited… I waited for my mate to come inside… 

A blonde man entered the event hall with his blue eyes. And Goddess! My heart skipped a bit when I finally saw who it was…

“Sh*t! You?” He cursed loudly that it echoed around the place.

He caught a huge amount of attention and now everyone is looking at us. My excitement suddenly drained and the hope I had vanished into thin air. Of all the male werewolves here, why does it have to be him? 

Why does it have to be Asher? Asher who’s the Alpha’s son and the one who bullies me the most.

“Babe, did you finally find your mate?” Brittany asked as soon as she entered the venue. Her eyes landed on me and it widened upon realizing what’s going on. “What? Oh my God! Don’t tell me Iris is your mate?”

Asher gritted his teeth, he clenched his jaw as well as his fists. “No. Why would she be my mate? I will never have a mate like her! How disgusting!” He looked at me with pure disgust and annoyance.

This is hilarious! How could he deny me?

When they were about to walk past me, I quickly shouted, “We were mates! What are you saying we’re not?!”

Now everyone’s attention is on us. I thought saying it out loud would make him come to me. Maybe he didn’t realize it yet? But no, that’s not what happened…

Asher scoffed as he gripped onto Brittany’s waist before he glanced at me with a smirk on his face. “We may, but I can reject you. Brittany is my chosen mate, not you.”

With that, Asher tilted Brittany’s head, pulled the strap of her dress as he opened his mouth. His sharp fangs s*ck*d onto Brittany’s shoulder, marking her as his mate. I felt like blood drained from my face and I couldn’t help my body tremble in shock.

“H-how… could you?” I gasped.

He lifted up his head with a smirk on his lips as he wiped off Brittany’s blood from his lips before he looked at my eyes. “I will never accept you as my mate, Iris.”

I clutched onto my chest when he finally left me. Leaving me humiliated by everyone. They are all gossiping, laughing at how poor I am for being rejected by my own mate right in front of everyone. And before I could hear all of what they were saying, I turned and ran towards the door to escape this humiliation.

However, before I left, I smelled another scent as I bumped into another blonde man… My eyes widened as our eyes met and I saw his light blue eyes looking at me with the same shock as I have…

I can’t understand. Asher is my mate but why do I feel the same with his twin brother, Felix?

Could it be that the twins of the Alpha are my mates? But… how?

Chapter 02: Breeder.

ASHER AND FELIX Cullen are the twin sons of the Crescent Moon Pack which was the community pack where I belong. Aside from my sisters who are continuously bullying me even at school, they are the ones who love to bully me as well.

Everyone knows that I am my mother’s sin because of my sisters. Aside from the fact that I was born out of wedlock, I didn’t know more reasons to be bullied. There’s one time that I bravely asked Asher why he loves to bully me and he answered…

“No reason, It was just fun to see your helpless face whenever I tease you.”

I cannot believe that the reason why he’s bullying me was because of fun. How could they bully someone for fun and to make it worse, they were an Alpha’s son! My teachers and the principal didn’t even bother to believe me whenever I got into trouble with them. I experienced hell in both Asher and Felix’s hands but more with Asher.

And so I stopped when I bumped into Felix and I realized he’s also my mate. I turned to


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