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“Became the twin Alpha’s mate, rejected, became a breeder and turned out to be her Alpha mate. How could someone’s life become this twisted?” Iris Hildegard believed that finding her mate will be the best way for her to escape the tormenting life she has. She is an omega she-wolf in the Crescent Moon Pack who has endured a life of torment after her mother's death. Her half sisters despised her, bullying her even at school. The reason why she remained an outcast in her own pack. However, Iris's world shattered when the pack's mating ceremony arrived. Unbelievably, both Asher and Felix, who are Alpha’s twin sons, were her mates. These twins are bullying her as well. Surprisingly, Asher impulsively marked his current girlfriend, casting aside his bond with Iris without hesitation. Alpha Lucas from the Silver Moon Pack arrived in search of a suitable breeder. But fate intervened when he saw Iris in the forest who was about to be eaten alive by a Hyde. And the moment he laid his eyes on her, he realized that Iris was his mate. That moment, he wanted to make her his breeder, however, he found out that she was also mated to the son of the Alpha of Crescent Moon Pack. When Felix tried to keep Iris as his mate, his father refused to acknowledge their bond. And so Felix’s father forced them to reject each other before he pushed Iris to Alpha Lucas to be his breeder. Iris thought it will be the end of her life, little did she know, Alpha Lucas will be the one who will help her find her real identity… leading to a connection between all the three Alphas.


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