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The Savage Alpha's Rebel

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Unholy Allies Series #1 Jade Thornton woke up in a room full of abused girls with shackles around her ankles and wrists. But the last thing she recalled was going to a party with her father. What she didn't realize was that he was taking her to complete his part of the bargain... Because she was sold. Although her fate was decided and a new master was ready to take her as his slave, she refused to yeild and escaped— only to fall in a bigger trouble— in the arms of a ruthless alpha who hates humans. Will Jade give up first and run away from him and his mysterious kind? Or face him with confidence and tackle his different ways to punish her for disobeying him from time and time again? *** "You don't scare me, Alpha Zach." "I don't?" "No, you don't." Pulling her aggressively to his chest, he breathed in her face, making her heart plummet in her stomach. "One day you will be scared of me, Jade." (Contains mature content, violent, etc. Read at your risk)

Chapter 1. A Factory

*Trigger warning. Chapter recommended for 18 years old and above.*Chapter 1. A FactoryJade's POVI woke up to the noise of something falling with a thud next to me. My eyes jolted open and I looked around myself. My mouth plummeted in shock as I took in the surroundings. It was a girl who collapsed on her head beside me."H-help me... P-please help me." She wept and got up, then ran in another direction."Huh," I held my head as it was throbbing as I tried to brush away every fragment of pain that soared in my ankles when I attempted to get up.I collapsed, my hands going to rub my sore ankles. They were tied with rusted chains. What the? My hands were cuffed too. It's just that I was way too surprised and thrilled with my surrounding that I didn't notice it earlier."Where am I?" That was the question that erupted in my head, the very first question.It was because my surroundings were heinously dark. There were red dim bulbs glowing overhead. They were arranged with at least one metres gap between two bulbs. It was a very very huge room. Like a big wedding hall. Except for chairs and tables, there were small tents made out of tearing dirty rugs. Or else majority of the women remained in the open just like me."Nooo, let go. Please... Let go." My heart skipped a beat.A woman was dragged out of the huge door before it went shut.I brought my eyes back to my left that has left me aghast. I was apparently in a brothel for there were girls of all age struggling to cover their naked bodies. Some were emotionless. Some blinking silent tears while some screaming their lungs out as they cried to set themselves free.One thing was constant among everyone- scared, enlarged and alert eyes. Their eyes held fear of something I was only beginning to experience.I was okay until I saw a pair of woman walking in. "Shania, where are you? It's your turn next." They were dressed in a blue uniform and a wooden shaft in their grips.One of them was thin and the other one quite obese that her shirt's buttons could barely cover her thick belly. Her walk was confident and scary. No doubts why the girls were cowering away.They looked everywhere around the room. Girls stuck together as they tried to avoid crossing their paths. There was instant rise of fear and slow whimpers as they walked inside the room."Don't make us hunt you, Shania. Come out... Now!" The healthy one shrieked.I was in a painful position. I was supporting myself to sit up on my left elbow while both my legs were folded. Suddenly a brutal pain shot through my ankles, like a current passed through them, and I hissed loudly.The women's eyes moved in my direction. "Oh, you're awake? Nice." I held my breaths.The obese one approached me. I saw the other one going elsewhere. That moment when she noticed me up and down elevated my heart beats."You are beautiful. I have never had someone's skin so smooth. Your figure... F*ck, I hate that figure. And those boobs," Tears suddenly welled my eyes. "They are naturally round. You are a natural beauty."The obese woman's hand ran through both my breasts and squeezed the left one before she withdrew.A wink followed. I didn't respond much to both our surprises. My shock of being in a place like this had frozen me. It had blocked my emotions away, constrained me in a moment I couldn't assume less than any nightmare.Before I reacted as her fingers slid between my legs to cup my s*x, a girl bellowed like she saw a ghost. I turned my head in the direction and found a young girl collapsing on her face. The others around her whimpered and shuddered. I heard some whispers, claiming that she was dead while the other voices were so small and fearful that I could not comprehend what they said.As light returned to my eyes completely, I realized I was sitting in a pool of blood. No, it was not mine. But there were blood pools on every second step on the floor. When I looked up and farther in the room behind the rug huts, I noticed there were women with their hands and limbs missing and their faces tear-soaked and glistening with raw dread.That made a shiver of trepidation stiffen my spine. At that moment, I just knew one thing that if I opened my mouth, it would be to say things that sounded pleasing to their ears or to answer their questions obediently. Because it was clear that rebels didn't belong here nor the women with opinions."Wh-where is this place?" Yet, I asked that question as calmly as I could.The obese woman's amused gaze scanned my face for emotions. She licked her lips and then drew her brows together. Maybe she was attempting to read my face for a hint of fear but I didn't offer any.She was looking forward to my cries or screams but I shocked her with more questions, "What am I doing here?""What place is this?""Am I going to be killed?"She stared at me, hoping to find dread and hope. Hope of surviving this crisis I was in. But I can see she found nothing except for emotionlessness on my face.She bent down to remove a sticky strand of hair from my face and gave a horrifying grin. "You are in a factory."Tbc…Here's a new book by me. I hope my readers will like it and the new ones will not be disappointed. This is my 10th ish werewolf book and I've never written a concept like this before, so I'm looking forward to all your thoughts and feelings you get after reading this chapter:)Please don't stop yourself from commenting abd voting on the book~

Chapter 2. Factory That Sells Girls

*Trigger warning. Chapter recommended for 18 years old and above.*Chapter 2. Factory That Sells GirlsJade's POV"A factory?" I hushed as I watched her hand go behind her waist and grab a bunch of keys.She undid my cuffs and rubbed my wrists to soothe my pain. A red band had developed on my poor white skin on both wrists. It looked odd on my flesh. The way the woman gawked at my hands, it felt as if a great piece of art had been damaged during transportation. She stroked it nicely then went for my ankles.I was confused whether to be grateful to her or cry. I was confused whether to rely on her for my life or take her as a major threat. These women were not safe for me, nor this place. Still I can't help my desperation and ask more and more questions."What kind of factory is this? Are you going to botch us and sell our organs?" I wasn't aware of that question myself when I asked. It just popp


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