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The Rise of The Crescent Luna

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“With the authority bestowed upon me as the Alpha of The Bloodlust Canine pack, I am rejecting you, Avyanna Cortesi, as my mate. Forbidding you to be the Luna of this pack because you are frail, incapable of shifting, and we can’t allow other packs to perceive us in that light. Therefore, I am designating Valen Cortesi, the other daughter of the late Alpha Orion and Luna Zuriel, as my beloved Luna. With her by my side, I think we can take charge of other packs, rule them, and establish ourselves as the most powerful pack in our race.” *** Avyanna witnessed her twin sister Valen steal everything that belonged to her, including her mate Alpha Khai of The Bloodlust Canine pack. After being rejected by him, and suffering in prison as a slave, she found herself in the hands of The Goldencrown Keepers pack, abducted by the strongest rivalry of their pack led by Alpha Pierce, who mistakenly believed she was Valen. The future will predict the night that Alpha Pierce was bound to kill her, the largest revelation to emerge. The table turns as she joined them as an ally to defeat the villainous Alpha Khai that she once loved, yet it has been tainted and replaced by rage and fury. Avyanna will return to The Bloodlust Canine pack well prepared, with a plot in her head, ready to reclaim the crown that belongs to her. Along with her journey, different twists will arise. But the hardest defiance has been dawned on her by the God of the Moon. Be the chosen Luna of The Goldencrown Keepers and entrapped the heart of Alpha Pierce despite being stuck as Alpha Khai’s mate.

Chapter 1 : Alpha Khai

As I hurried to the forest, the agony stabbed and stung the bottom of my feet as it chased after my breath. As I frantically tried to see behind me, adrenaline raced down my spine. I saw her standing only a few inches away from me, and I couldn't stop feeling terrified.

“Avyanna, run! Flee like a cowardly dog!” My heart was racing so quickly as she laughed in the middle of the night. Even though we were sisters or, more likely, twins, who would have imagined that she would go to such lengths to obtain her desired outcome?

My white clothing was caked in mud as a result of my stumble, and my face sagged upon the gooey liquid. “My lovely Avyanna, why do you keep eluding me?” She spoke with a calm, pure wicked voice as if she were possessed by a devil. I struggled to stand up and managed to sit in front of her. My bare feet hurt and my leg was strained, but I persevered and chose to look her in the eyes.

“Why are you acting in this way? What did I do to you this time?” I inquired continuously. Her face instinctively wrinkled, but it soon disappeared as a sly smile appeared on her cheeks.

“You sure that you don’t have any idea? Or you’re just pretending like an innocent hypocrite.” She hoarsely shot back, yet I’m still not getting it. Processing what I’ve done this time to make her mad like this.

"You don't have to do this, Valen.” I calmly replied, trying to manage all the composure left in me, but secretly I was quaking in terror of what she might do. I've lost faith in her. She had already betrayed me ten times, and I am aware that this time, it will never be an exception.

Tomorrow is our eighteenth birthday. I wasn't as thrilled as everyone else. Not. Along with celebrating our 18th birthday, it will be revealed tomorrow who among us will be Alpha Khai's chosen Luna.

“I can't feel anything on Alpha Khai,” Valen revealed.

She stared at me and added, "I'm not his mate, and I know it's you, right?” My forehead started to wrinkle.

"What are you trying to imply when our wolves have yet to emerge, how could you say that?” I retaliated by lying. Now I’m getting to the point where all her anger is coming from.

"Perhaps you're right, yes. However, if I was his mate, I should sense something, like a string attached to him that would set off his wolf.”

“Valen, you ought to hold off until tomorrow. Do not follow the lead of hypothetical happenings.” I tried to soothe her with those words, yet I know deep inside me. It won’t happen.

"What if I'm wrong? You are his partner, then…” She paused for a moment and threw me a deadly glare, not even a blinking one.

“Avyanna, I can't let that happen.”

"I will never let my twin sister have the Alpha!” She growled, and with her reflexes, it wasn't hard for her to get a hook on me. After all, I am the weak one among us. My neck is encircled by her firm hands, which occupy the space between them. I shut my eyes because I thought I might run out of air. I shouldn’t panic.

"I will not kill you, no matter how badly I want to. Because, you know, you're still my twin sister.” She commented in the most sarcastic way she could. I was still struggling to breathe as she lifted her lips in a big grin.

She hissed, my hands trying to stop her from choking me as I saw her carefully bring out a silver dagger from her left hand, along with a wide evil grin plastering on her face, she muttered, “But I'll do everything for the Alpha Khai to choose me, and not you.” As the silver weapon drew nearer to my cheeks, tears began to fall, and I attempted to shake my head.

My eyes had just landed on the silver knife, which was too terrible to look at because of how it mirrored the moonlight. "V-Valen," I murmured as my lips trembled in fear.

"Since we were identical twins, you basically have my face. But we both knew that there was only one Luna who was meant for the Alpha, and I'd make sure that it would be me.” As the malicious grin flashed over her face, my hope began to dwindle. My twin sister lost her mind. Because I didn't want her to see how terrified I was, I closed my eyes. I waited for the silver weapon to touch my skin while my hands shook. Tears continued to flow as the anguish crept up my left face. It was agonizing, terrifying, and intolerable. I can't help but sob in misery, feeling pitiful and powerless.

"I-I'm your sister, Valen." I pleaded, but all that came through was her wickedness as the warm blood that was now covering my face began flowing onto my filthy clothes and tainting them. My lips quivered in agony as I lost sight of her face.

“If you're ugly…” She smiled as she released her tight hold on my neck, allowing me to breathe for the first time before she continued. “I'm sure the alpha will never even dare to look at you.”

"Don't you dare tell your parents that I did that, or else prepare yourself for the worst from me.” She bellowed at me once more, focusing her ruthless eyes on me, before turning around and leaving as if nothing had happened. Like she didn’t hurt me in the most agonizing way.

I tried to drag myself next to the running river as soon as she left my line of vision. My feet were sprained, I'm unable to stand, and my knees are still weak. I'm forced to pathetically crawl while my tears continue to flow and the smell of my blood clings to my nostrils.

The moonlight reflected my image onto the crystal-clear water, and when I first saw my face covered in blood, the only emotion I could possibly feel was sorrow for myself. I tried to cup water and wash my face while my hands continued to shake. When my hands touched my skin, I winced in pain as though my body were defying being cleaned up. I only hope nobody sees me right now, as the silence is filled with my sobs.

When my head began to hurt and my vision began to go fuzzy, I stopped. Only the sound of the flowing water and my murmurs could be heard as I found myself twisting in agony next to the river. I once had the opportunity to turn toward the moon and stare at it while crying, hoping that all that had transpired was just a nightmare. Before I lost consciousness, prior to my eyelids being pulled together, I sensed a person approaching me. No matter how badly I wanted to open my eyes, I was too weak to do so as I felt warm arms encircle my body, lifting me slowly.

I don't want to infer anything, but the only werewolf I knew had a scent that suggested authority and superiority. Only one werewolf who can make my heart thump erratically, as I could feel our mate bond strengthening even though I was weak.

I know, it’s Khai. The Bloodlust Canine pack’s Alpha, my mate.

Chapter 2 : The Arrest

The sun's rays hit my face, compelling me to open my eyes. I entered my room and was met by a familiar white ceiling. When I felt a stinging sensation on my left cheek, I bit my lip in response. I then tried to move to the left to face the mirror, but when I did, tears began to flow freely as I noticed a recent lengthy cut there. My twin sister really did become the devil last night; it wasn't just a nightmare.

And today won't be an exception either. Oh, wait, no. I paused for a moment when a series of images flashed back at the back of my mind.

As our mate bond became stronger, I sensed the scent of a triggered wolf. Was it a dream this time? When my eyes landed on the white crumpled paper next to the table, confusion suddenly ate me up.

As soon as you wake up, come see me. - Khai

A small curve crept out of my lips. He was there last night. He was the one who brought me here.

Yes, Alpha Khai and I have been dating for two years

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March 16, 2024

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