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The Rise of An Alpha  And Luna

The Rise of An Alpha And Luna

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She's Bella, a white, lean, with green eyes, teenage girl, and on her 17th birthday it was her first shift as a wolf, and when she was in my wolf form, she found her mate, the Alpha. But her newly found mate got a she-wolf pregnant and she was carrying her mate’s pup. The pregnant female was always the attention of Bella's mate. He protected her, he cared for her hair, he gave her attention, because only she was carrying his pup, Bella's future. Bella's wolf wanted to rip her from limb by limb because she trapped Bella's mate when she was in her heat and no male can resist a female heat. She trapped Bella's mate because he is an alpha and she wanted to be a Luna , so she could steal Bella's position. She wants the power that Bella's mate holds. She get Bella's mate, Bella's title, her future, and her happiness, and Bella will not allow that to happen.

Chapter 1:Broken

POV of Bella

From the window of my bedroom, I observed my mate with a pregnant female .

His eyes are filled with desire as he strokes the ginger-haired woman.

Although I was his mate, he was preparing a tray of food for the female who was carrying his pup.

The person I was meant to be with was falling in love with another she-wolf who had her future growing inside of her. The moon was so unfair; I couldn’t bear going to the pack any longer, especially after being made to witness something so heinous.

I kept wondering what if as I viewed them from a distance. I’m upset and regretful that my partner is taking care of the she-wolf instead of me. For a while, I couldn’t even look at them. Instead of touching my ashy blonde hair, my mate strokes her ginger hair.

I watched him try to make her feel at home through the sheer curtain of my bedroom window, and my heart tightened. The only thing that made me feel good was the looks the other members were giving her.

The Alpha and Luna gave the command because they saw my urge to withdraw.

Everyone knew that I was his mate and that he was mine.

He, my mate, knew who the expecting woman was.

My mate had a terrible one-night stand.

At first, it was awkward. The pack assumed she was his mate the night he travelled home with the pregnant woman in town. She was never a focus for me, but instead my mate. His aroma had beckoned to me, but I had been too sensitive to ignore it, so I went over to him. With just my words, I claimed him to be my mate, and the little group of people cheered and rejoiced.

Although his eyes were deeply mined with joy, he also had a hidden side.

He is the Alpha’s firstborn, and I am the Beta’s daughter. Since we were little, we have been pals. It wasn’t until after my first shift that I realized he was mine, a night that continues to this day to haunt my memories.

Their cheers are still bouncing around in my head.

They all laughed and said, “We would create strong pups.”

Then I saw the woman with ginger hair standing next to his car on the opposite side. Her eyes were blurry from holding back tears as she pursed her lips. I immediately recognized that there was a problem.

As realization struck, shock began to appear on my face.

He closed his eyes as a flood of remorse swept over him, and his head slumped in humiliation.

After we had a private discussion in the driveway, he briefed the group on the problem. He went inside to see about the woman with the ginger hair, leaving me crushed, shattered, and laying on the ground in the driveway.

He has an obligation to act morally at this time. He got a she-wolf pregnant, and I have to suffer for it.

I watched as he placed her plate in front of her, her brown eyes squinting as she grinned joyfully up at him. He grinned back, but it didn’t extend to his eyes.

I am acquainted with him. I’ve known him since I was a kid. His smile wasn’t the one you I always saw, that wasn’t the real smile.

I could have been there with him while eating in good conscience.

I would have been down there with him if he hadn’t gone to train with our southern allying pack this fall.

He is the Alpha’s first child and the new Alpha who will assume leadership.

Each aspiring alpha is required to train with the other warriors and alphas during their fall at a different allying pack. They do this to develop their leadership skills and acquire all the various fighting tactics that help them become strong alphas.

When he was eighteen, one year after his first shift, he started taking summer vacations. Future Alphas train with their own pack for the first year while receiving instruction from their own Alpha. He had completed his third training year. If anything happened to his father, the current Alpha, he would only need another year to be deemed prepared to take over.

His inability to control his heat had destroyed his attempt to find his Luna, his mate, and to wait for me.

Finding one’s real, moon-given mate is the one goal every future Alpha has, yet that goal was sacrificed for a single night of unrestrained desire.

His action makes me physically ill.

And to think, I kept myself around for my partner. However, in the end, I’m by myself.

A month.

He returned to his home country two weeks ago.

Two weeks have passed since the night I found out he was mine at my first shift celebration.

I’ve been broken for two weeks and have not recovered.

He was an adult, a dominant alpha. Even though I am only seventeen, juvenile and a child, the night he found out I was his partner, I could feel the love in his sky blue eyes.

His face displayed disbelief, followed by happiness, then concern and shame. Despite the fact that our families have been so intimately connected for all these years, he couldn’t know what I was into him until I transformed into my own wolf.

It’s too late now.

That night, my soul was broken. My friend stood in front of him as we sobbed together with no one around to hear us. My vein was in tears.

He apologized, but I was damaged.

How could my mate be so self-centred as to allow this to occur? Why would he take this chance? Our lives were both ruined by this one event. How about I?

My eyes began to tear up, and I could see their forms blurring in my vision. As the pain shot through my chest, I found it difficult to breathe and grabbed my pale green dress. My stomach began to feel queasy as my heart burst, releasing the millionth wave of tears. My eyes seemed to create natural saline once every ten minutes or so, and my tears were heated, running down cheeks that were already marked with it.

There was nothing left inside of me to break now that my heart had been broken. My entire body appeared to wilt and die, much like an orchid that had been exposed to freezing winter snow.

I was observing them covertly. My mate fed the pregnant she-wolf from his own plate. For me, such horror was intended. She grinned as she took his hand. I felt a shattered and had to fight my wolf to remain calm . Her feelings were becoming too much for me to handle. How much longer must I endure this?

I watched their joyful exhibition with a lump in my throat and cloudy vision. I briefly pondered what everyone thought, but as they all observed the conversation, their eyes spoke it all.

My breath caught when his blue eyes met mine, and my heart skipped a beat.

He knew I was looking at him.

Your mate is always aware of your whereabouts and is able to sense your fragrance . When I first peered out the window five minutes earlier, he definitely felt my eyes on him, but he disregarded me because he assumed I would leave.

As the pain engulfed me, the notion simply made it hurt more internally. When I thought of that outsider female, my inner wolf whined and growled at the same moment.

I enjoyed how his gaze had calmed my worries as I held it for a time as tears trickled down my cheeks. My anxiety was reduced by the soothing sensation, but I had to put up with it until we both marked and mated.

I looked away as the curtain fell between our views, sobbing hysterically as I collapsed onto my bed. I shouldn’t make myself feel worse when I see them or their interactions with one another. Even though the pain was so real, I couldn’t stop myself. Wolf prodded me to look. She is also wanted to see this.

For my mate, this woman was merely an autumnal fling.

She wasn’t everything to him; I was. She is also undeserving of anything. I’m the Luna, not her.

Although I’m only seventeen and his mate, I’m obviously not Luna material just yet. Nevertheless, I intended to be by his side. Luna’s born, not her, but me.

However, it wouldn’t have taken him long to mark me. Regardless of the age gap, males can’t help marking their partner once they find her. The youngest you could be was seventeen, and you could only ever find your partner if both of you were transformed into wolves.

The night we were standing in the driveway, I noticed it in the way he regarded me. He intended to brand me, but the pregnant female’s thoughts prevented him from doing so. I’m pleased he refrained. In such a situation, I wouldn’t want to be trapped.

She was with him when he returned home. She could have stayed with her own pack, but because my mate is such a gentleman, he brought her here without telling me he was doing so.

Hot tears doused my pillow as I broke down in yet another wave of sobs. My sternum felt vacant. My heart hurt where it should have been. He brought that with him when he discovered me, and as the pack members returned to the celebration, my first-shift celebration, he informed me of everything that had transpired.

Nobody was aware of what he had done that evening, but they all knew I was his. Their son’s alpha’s mate was the beta’s daughter. Two strong bloodlines that will produce strong generations in the future made it a time to celebrate.

I choked back my sobs as I covered my face under the blankets in anticipation of his departure when the doorbell rang.

There was Jacob, the younger brother of my mate and my greatest friend, I smell him.

“Bella, I know that you’re there. I’ve got you something, so please open up.”He yelled in a harsh, semi-deep voice.

Jacob was the same age as me—17. We had always hoped to the moon that it wouldn’t happen as we talked the “what ifs” of being together. We resembled each other more than anything, yet only a friend , I wish it had been opposite .

Through the door, I could smell the meal, which caused a wave of nausea to wash over me. I hadn’t been splurging on food in the previous few weeks. My broken heart was currently doing to my soul what my stomach couldn’t handle in terms of breaking down and digesting.

“Jacob, I’m not hungry.” I had been crying for so long that my voice was weak and raspy. I couldn’t allow anyone, especially him, to see me in that way.

Before my door opened, I heard him sigh through the door and then hear metal jingling. I sat up in shock as he entered the room with a friendly smile and a plate in one hand.

Dad wants you to eat, so I expected you to say that. It’s an order, he said. He placed the plate on the nightstand before joining me in bed. I was aware of how bad I looked and stank. I hadn’t left my room in three days, not even to take a shower.

“Jacob, don’t look at me like that.” His sky blue eyes, which resembled those of his brothers, came under my wrath.

He squinted. What is it like?

“Don’t feel sorry for me, Jacob. Like everyone else who sees me, look at me with pity. ”

“I don’t Bella, I will not look at you with sympathy.” My cheek was touched by a tear as it fell. You’d think that I would have had enough crying by now, but there was always more. More will always be available.

Jacob moaned as he took my face in his hands and made me gaze directly at him.

“I’m not sorry for you, Bella. I’m upset with my brother. Despite the fact that he was unaware until it was too late, I’m furious with him for what he did to you. Because of his deeds, this is destroying you. I have to fight the urge to lash out at him and destroy him. I’m not sorry for you. I feel bad for him. He made a mistake, so instead of being happy with my best buddy, he is now forced to deal with the results of his actions. He is missing out on the wonderful and unique love of someone. He is still susceptible to being controlled by his lust. For doing this to you, my wolf wants to rip him to pieces. I was shocked by his openness in his statements. He wasn’t merely being cordial.

“I’m grateful,” Before he pulled me into a tight hug and his arms locked me into him from behind, I said, between my cracked lips.

I inhaled the soothing, well-known aroma, but his unadorned vanilla scent continued to linger, interspersed with Jacob’s distinctive scent. My inside muscles tensed, and I couldn’t help but pull away.

“You smell like him.” I gazed on his face while sniffing in the air.

Jacob looked at my body while running a hand through his already unruly hair.

“You need to eat something and maybe take a shower, Bella. You’re rotting away here. “He clearly had grief in his eyes.

“If you would like, only the two of us can travel to the lake, like in the past. We can simply paddle out in the canoe. I want you out of this house right now, whether you talk or remain mute.”

His tone left no room for debate in my mind. My heart just wasn’t into it, even though I knew he was correct. I just wanted to cry while lying in bed. I’m done now.

“Eat. “He indicated the dish on my bedside by saying, “Alpha’s orders.”

I grabbed the plate and peered at the grilled pork ribs.

These are the same ribs he served to his pregnant woman.

“I can’t.” My eyes started to tear up once more.

I covered it back with the foil, trying to fight off the desperate loneliness that was tearing me to pieces.

After grabbing the plate from my grasp and ripping off the foil, Jacob loaded a fork with the veggie salad.

“I appreciate you passing on the ribs.”

He eagerly placed the fork to my lips. I opened my mouth to let him put the food in, giving in to his harsh glare, and I took a bite.

When I forced myself to chew, I felt saliva gush from my mouth as my taste buds savoured the deliciousness of the mayonnaise, dill pickles, onion, and celery salt-dressed vegetable salad. My preferred

“Good job, Bella” He patted my head and smiled without flashing his teeth. He displays big brother behaviour.

I succeeded in swallowing, and my stomach appreciated it. It managed to allow the food to sit while remaining tense.

I declined the grilled pork ribs and let him feed me the remaining vegetable salad and a few nibbles of baked beans. My stomach was more full than it had been in the previous two weeks.

“Get up now and go take a shower. I’ll clean this up and replace your sheets. “He observed the waste bin overflowing with used tissues in my room. “Mess.” Jacob was such a kind man.

A bare minimum , but not all men are capable of that.

I was leaning on shaky legs. My T-shirt sagged in formerly snug places, and my square-leg jeans were now too big for me. Being confined to my room and perishing from a shattered heart has caused me to lose too much weight.

I entered my bathroom while softly giving thanks to the moon that I was the beta’s daughter. Only the families of the beta and alpha have beta bathrooms in their VIP rooms. I couldn’t stand having to use the shared bathroom facilities. I simply couldn’t handle the idea of anyone seeing me like this or sensing their compassion. It was excessive.

I shut the door behind me and turned on the shower. After stripping down, I jumped into the ice-cold water before it could warm up. I was already numb. I wasn’t even surprised by it.

I knelt down on the shower floor and began sobbing uncontrollably. It kills me within to only know the now and not what the future brings. She stole something from me that was intended to be the joyful finish to my story—my life—but I don’t know her.

She took my life, and I am unable to defend him against her because she is carrying the future that was meant for me.

This was my fate, that the moon had given into me.

Chapter 2:Jealousy

POV of Bella

I was finally dragged from the shower by Jacob. Once I had rinsed my hair, I had given up on taking a shower. Just by shampooing my hair, I had already worked myself to the point of fatigue. Because of the malnutrition my body was experiencing, I was feeble.

At that moment, I felt hands pulling me up. I thought it was Jacob, my mate’s brother, when I looked up and saw him with a tangle of dark hair and pale blue eyes.

He is such a selfish mate to me that I can’t even think of his name.

I was able to dress after I had dried off while Jacob was looking elsewhere, giving me some privacy despite the fact that he had seen me countless times. Wolf behaviour is not ashamed to it. In fact, we’re used to it, but when there are only the two of us and no other wolves, it’s different.

I let him to bring me outside into the late-autumn mist, the icy air encircling me and occasionally caressing my skin with a breeze.

Jacob made sure we avoide


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