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The Red Thorn

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A kingdom of werewolves' slayers known as Karavika was attacked and wiped out by packs of vengeful werewolves, without sparing anyone they ripped apart every slayer until there was no one standing except for a girl whose mother had hidden in a dry well. Ellen, is her name, the youngest daughter of six boys, she was the only one who survived the attack, by the time the attack was over she got out of the well to the surface, only to find nothing but death upon her entire family and people, for everything she had called family was gone. The hunting memories of this tragedy made Ellen devote her life to training just to become the most vicious werewolf slayer the world has ever known. Ellen believes she owes it to her family and people to avenge their deaths. But everything changed the moment she fell deeply in love with a certain slave, only to unravel the plot that ended the lives of her people, including her parents. More so, Bokka her lover, and his people were the ones who committed this atrocity. Ellen decided to put her feelings aside and put Bokka out of his mystery, for she had made a promise to her family and her ancestors to wipe out every werewolf she may come across. Amid her plans to have Bokka killed, she realized that she was already pregnant with Bokka's child. This discovery changed everything. Will she continue on a mission to kill Bokka, her lover, or spare him because of her unborn child? Unknown to her also that Bokka has the plan to kill her as well, he nurtures vengeance against her as well, for he discovered her true identity as a werewolf slayer from Karavika, the very people who wiped out her entire family. What happens once he realizes that the woman he loves, who is now his mortal enemy, is also carrying his child? Will the both of them let go of their vengeance and give love a chance?

Chapter 1


The sound from the horn brings an abrupt stop to every movement, allowing only silence to fall upon every corner of Karavika, for the sounds never count for anything whenever the emissaries of the Leader - King 'Lakwali' blows the horn, for it represents words from the highest authority in the land, Lakwali, the leader, he must have something important to announce to the people of Karavika as the emissary of the king stands holding the scroll that contains the message from the king.

"Pay attention! Pay attention!! Pay attention!!!" The emissary of the kings and leader of the Temple announced as he began " upon the first sight of darkness, every slayer must approach the temple, for tonight every slayer must assemble at the path of Grace for the ritual, to partake of The rights of passing, this must be done before setting out to embrace the full moon".

The path of Grace is the place where the final rituals to the deity Varakuelah', the god of war and deity of success, the destroyer of werewolves' seats. The deity must be worshipped and the priest must mark all the slayers both young and old, For it is the god that protects the entire realm and beyond and it is the gods who have made Karavika a fortress that no werewolf or beast can penetrate, the gods were always watching over them and making sure of the victories over our enemies.

The people of Karavika are naturally born werewolves slayers, and this is what they do, they slay werewolves for a living, they must eliminate any threats from werewolves or man-wolves, for history has it on record of the great battle of how their ancestors 'Karah and Vikha', had descended from the clouds to put an end to the first ever attack from the first Alpha-lycan to ever grace the surface of the earth, it was an epic battle of the gods, and it was on this place where we have built our kingdom that the battle had taken place.

The gods fought against the Alphas and their packs of werewolves that first attacked mankind in this kingdom. The inscriptions on the walls in the temple tell all the stories, from how the gods vanquished these werewolves and shape-shifting lycanthropes. Afterward, the gods decided to choose the purest amongst us at the time and made them rulers over us, ever since, we have remained powerful and united, victorious also against every enemy, especially werewolves.

Our ancestors believed and have taught us that werewolves are abominations, a sickness that once it corrupts the soul must be killed, this is our way and we have kept it as our tradition. There was once a story told by one of our great Leaders, about how all the gods in the heavenly decided to put all the anger, fury, and pain that humans have prayed against, they put everything in one place, and while they prepare and thought about how and where to dispose of the things that made man sick, 'kakulishi', (the evil one) the half-man, half-god who was always jealous of man and how much attention they received from the gods, decided to steal curse and inflicted it upon a mortal, out of his deep jealousy, afterward he cast a spell upon the man and set him loose, he made him seduce young women and this resulted to the procreated abomination that we see today as werewolves.

The gods seeing this decided to help mankind and created a lineage slayer from Karavika who must clean and annihilate every remains of werewolves and this tradition must be passed down to generations to come, it is their way. "This is why we train" the leaders often say to everyone in the temple, this is why the masters teach people how they can defend themselves and their territories against this common enemy of mankind, the abomination that must never see the light of day the werewolves.

Many of them hide behind our skins, they may look like us, and talk like us but they are not one of us, they are shape-shifters, and behind this wall, they walk freely amongst the people and you will mistake them for human beings but they are not, they are beasts under the full moon at night, they hide in darkness to transform into a beast of different shapes, for once they finished transform they increase in size and takes the form of a wolf, once they transform, they become thirsty for blood and destruction. Once they transform they will also infect others with their disease just to add to their populations, this is why we must destroy them and use our swords already made with silver to end their disgusting existence, this is why the slayer from Karavika exists.

Our Leader who seats on the throne of Karavika 'Malius', is over 950 years old, he has been there and not one day has he aged; he remained just as he was chosen by the gods many decades past, for as long as he wears the crown and necklace of the gods, he will never age, only when another worthy leader is found chosen by the gods that he is will depart, and before he departs to the ancestors he must witness his burial and inspect his place where his body will be kept before he departs to be with the ancestors, his sole existence is to train mankind to defend themselves against this common enemy, werewolves.

Even though there are ancient spells that protect the kingdom against werewolves and other kinds of beasts. History has it that many attacks have been launched in the past on Karavika but to no avail, the tribe never goes out of their territory unless they are going under the full moon to hunt werewolves at full moon.

Even with the constant conflicts between men and werewolves, their population has been said to continue to grow underground, it is no news that the werewolves of the underworld were also looking for ways they can wipe out every slayer if they have the means.

Malius the king has heard of a certain stone from the east, the stone carries so much power that no spell works around it, it is called the "White stone" the stone was last heard to have been stolen and brought the north and now the Azarians have it, even though they deny of its possession but Malius knows the stone exists and it's there with the Azarians. The werewolves will stop at nothing to get it, in the hand of the wrong person become a dangerous power.

Chapter 2


The slayers from Karavika have become popular because of their discipline and way of life and how they eliminate werewolves, for generations they have become popular all through the entire nine kingdoms, they are known for their exceptional slaying skills and weaponry, and they have become the most popular because of their discipline to the cause.

Their services go wherever there is danger or attacks from werewolves or any paranormal activity, there are spells thought to every Karavika citizen and a tattoo they all have, it is a birthmark, an inscription that appears on the direct descendants of the gods, for every slayer from Karavika has it on the parts of their bodies that are not hidden, this is what sets them apart from the rests. Werewolves have always shivered to their spines at the mention of the name of any slayer from Karavika, a slayer from this place have ways meant a Waterloo to any werewolf which crosses their path, the sights of Slayers


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