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Adam N. Slik

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About me

My name is Adam N. I am a creative writer and a content creator. My passion for writing has brought me to this platform, I like to write long stories about werewolves.


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A kingdom of werewolves' slayers known as Karavika was attacked and wiped out by packs of vengeful werewolves, without sparing anyone they ripped apart every slayer until there was no one standing except for a girl whose mother had hidden in a dry well. Ellen, is her name, the youngest daughter of six boys, she was the only one who survived the attack, by the time the attack was over she got out of the well to the surface, only to find nothing but death upon her entire family and people, for everything she had called family was gone. The hunting memories of this tragedy made Ellen devote her life to training just to become the most vicious werewolf slayer the world has ever known. Ellen believes she owes it to her family and people to avenge their deaths. But everything changed the moment she fell deeply in love with a certain slave, only to unravel the plot that ended the lives of her people, including her parents. More so, Bokka her lover, and his people were the ones who committed this atrocity. Ellen decided to put her feelings aside and put Bokka out of his mystery, for she had made a promise to her family and her ancestors to wipe out every werewolf she may come across. Amid her plans to have Bokka killed, she realized that she was already pregnant with Bokka's child. This discovery changed everything. Will she continue on a mission to kill Bokka, her lover, or spare him because of her unborn child? Unknown to her also that Bokka has the plan to kill her as well, he nurtures vengeance against her as well, for he discovered her true identity as a werewolf slayer from Karavika, the very people who wiped out her entire family. What happens once he realizes that the woman he loves, who is now his mortal enemy, is also carrying his child? Will the both of them let go of their vengeance and give love a chance?


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