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The Reborn Luna : Never Again!

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"I will ensure you that I will make this game this time!" His fiance, Logan and her best friend, Amara betrayed Aarhea and got into an accident. She thought she had died, but she woke up two years when they hadn't shown their true identities, and she didn't know their plans on her. Life gave her another chance by the Moon Goddess to correct her mistakes, and she'll use it to get revenge on those who betrayed and hurt her. In her revenge, she didn't expect she find her true love in an unexpected and least possible guy she hurt in her past life. What will happen to Aarhea? Will she succeed in her revenge, or will it be the same destiny?

Chapter 1

Aarhea's point of view:

"What does this all about, Logan?" I screamed at the top of my lungs as I gazed at him, my best friend Amara nakedly seated on his top!

Amara leapt off Logan quickly, wrapped a blanket across her bare body, and then turned her grin on me, which annoyed me.

"I need an adequate answer, Logan!" I looked menacingly at Amara. "Please tell me! Did she succeed in luring you?" I delved farther, pointing my pointer finger in the direction of my my beloved best friend.

Logan ascended the bed, where he had been sitting, and stared at me. That felt like daggers were being thrown at me. My wrath was uncontrollable. I instantly approached Amara and grabbed her by the hair, forcing her to drop down on her knees.

"Ahhh!" cried Amara as she stroked her hair. She began screaming as a result of what I was doing. She fought back, clutching my hand and attempting to defend herself.

"Sl*t! You've earned your way to hell." I yelled angrily at her.

"Amara, I can't believe you would do such a thing to me! You are the only person in whom I have faith. You are someone I consider to be my sister, but... but..." What I'm about to say next will be difficult for me to summarize. I felt discouraged and thought to myself, "I'm an idiot!"

She had me fooled!

I used to believe that everything she showed me was genuine, such as how she had a beautiful angelic face, how she was always concerned about me, and how she was always there when I had problems or rants, but now I know that all of those things were lies! She personifies the phrase "an angel on the appearance, a monster on the inside."

Amara was my Father's Beta's daughter when he was alive, and I was the Alpha's daughter. I was the Alpha's sole child. I first met her when I was fifteen, and we instantly became friends. I can't believe I was half as stupid as that! I had complete faith in all she did and said!

"Aarhea, please don't make a scene here," Logan's voice was low but commanding nonetheless.

"Don't make a scene? She is the one who is generating the scandal here!" I chuckled as I told Logan.

Logan stood up after sitting on the bed for a time. He approached me and wrapped his arm around my shoulder. I let go of Amara due to the pressure he placed to my arm. He tugged Amara over to his side.

Amara crept up behind Logan and disguised herself. She smiled as she caught a sight of me.

"Please make sense of everything!" I insisted.

"Aarhea, you have no right to know my plans, but as you can see, I'm only playing with you!" My eyes widened to his response, and I felt like my body were burning.

I heaved a sigh and couldn't believe what I had just heard: "Are you kidding me? During the course of our two-year relationship?" I wasked, but my voice was shaking.

"Yes, and since you're so naive and stupid, you haven't picked up on the games I've been playing with you in the two years we've been together!," he replied, and looked at Amara, "Amara, she is nothing more than my toy and my slave who performs all I command," he ended.

Someone appeared to have dropped a bucket of ice water on top of me. I felt as if hundreds of daggers were shoved into my chest as a result of what he said. It was agonizing. I'm having trouble picturing anything he said, and I'm having trouble picturing how stupid I was!

I was too captivated by the gorgeous things he performed and the lyrical sentences he spoke to pay attention to the game he was playing.

"How come, Logan? Why!!"

He cocked his head to the side before returning his gaze to me and saying, "As I previously stated, you don't need to know!"

When I saw Amara smile, I lost all control of my emotions once more. I dashed over to her and tugged her hair, smacked her face, and kicked her as she collapsed again on the ground.

What happened to her was new to me. I've never did something like this before. Because my parents always reminded me that I am an Alpha's daughter, I always tried to be a pleasant person to people around me and to keep a smile on my face at all times. This allowed me to be a positive role model for those who look up to me.

When I felt Logan's hand on my arm and heard his demanding voice, I came to a halt. Amara's cries filled the entire room as they emanated from her.

"Please assist me, Logan! I am pregnant!" I came to a halt after hearing what Amara had to say. It felt as if the ground underneath me had suddenly given way.

Logan drew me in close and then pushed me away. Something pointed seemed to be pounding my head. My vision became blurred because I was clutching my head.

"I told you to stop what you were doing, Arhea!"

Logan was yelling at me, and I was aware of it. He dashed over to Amara and helped her back up after she had fallen. The rest of my body began to tremble as the blood rushed to my brain. I looked down at my wounded hands. I attempted to stare at Logan, but my eyes couldn't stop the tears from falling.

"How is our wedding going, Logan?" I asked him, my voice quivering with terror.

"Our marriage will continue, Aarhea, no matter what!" he said, causing my pupils to dilate substantially.

"Aarhea, you are nothing more than a means to an end for me. "And the Crimson Pack will be mine after we get married!" He continued.

That's all there is to it! His ambition was to obtain the Crimson Pack! I'm going to make it impossible for him to get it! Following my parents' deaths, I vowed to myself that I would always keep an eye on our pack. I will continue the tradition they began! I'm not going to disappoint the other members of the pack by disappointing myself!

"Don't even think about it, Logan; it's not going to happen! I personally guarantee that our wedding will not take place as planned!" I told him in a firm tone.

"How exactly can you say for certain that Aarhea and I will not marry?" he grinned. "All of the plans had been formed, and you are fully aware that the senior members and alphas in charge will not agree with you!" He provided an answer.

My respiratory rate accelerated. Despite the fact that the rush of blood to my head had caused my vision to become fuzzy and my body to feel weak, I had to will myself to stand up and confront the two of them.

"There are numerous reasons why a marriage cannot work, Logan! I will not, under any circumstances, allow your idea to succeed!" I made certain.

I approached him and slapped him hard when I was within striking distance. He rubbed his cheek and then looked at me like a tiger. I ignored him completely and went in the direction of the room's door.

I was about to leave the room when I heard Logan say something. "Aarhea, you have no power to stop me. I was able to put everything back together. I've prepared for any scenario by devising a strategy!"

I can't say I completely agree!

I will go to whatever length to prevent our wedding from taking place!

I got into my car and drove away from Logan's house. I found myself unable to keep the tears from falling from my eyes as I sat in the car.

"What exactly happened, your Royal Highness Aarhea? Are you all right?" Mr. Johnson, the driver for our family, interrogated me.

"Let's go home, Mr. Johnson," I said without looking at him in response to his question.

Mr. Johnson's voice returned with the words, "Take this, Princess Aarhea."

I noticed a small blue tablet in his hand when I looked down.

"Princess Aarhea, you should relax. Even if you are already feeling relaxed, use this pill to help you relax even more. Whenever I was feeling low or hurt, I would always consume this tablet. It is incredibly efficient, so drink this instead if you want to relax," he explained.

I took it from his grip and examined it before returning it to him. He then handed me a bottle of water and told me to consume the tablet with it.

Our way had officially begun. I closed my eyes and let out a series of deep, heavy sighs.

I opened my eyes as a result of Mr. Johnson's words, "Drink the tablet, Princess Aarhea."

I drank the water offered after placing the tablet in my mouth. After that, I had the sense that the car's speed increased.

"Mr. Johnson," I said, my voice was shaking.

"Princess Aarhea, you must prepare yourself. Please forgive me regardless of what I've done because my family's life is in danger. However, there is no need to worry because you will travel back in time!"

I scowled as a result of what Mr. Johnson had said, and as a result, I asked him, "Mr. Johnson, what exactly are you talking about here?"

He gave me a grin but didn't answer my question. The car seemed to be moving faster all of the time.

"Mr. Johnson! What exactly are you doing?"

He kept up his fast running pace. He completely disregarded me. I approached him and placed my hand on his shoulder.

"Mr. Johnson! Put an end to this vehicle!" I screamed, but he didn't seem to be paying attention to anything I said.

When I looked in front of me, I discovered we were heading straight for the cliff.

"Mr. Johnson! Are you crazy? What exactly are you doing?" I asked him again, enraged.

He went on, and my attitude transformed as he yelled, "Mr. Johnson!!" I let out a piercing scream as the car careened off the cliff's edge.

I concealed them behind my hand. I tightened my grasp on the chair arms. The car was bouncing as a result of the rocks, and I felt the glasses hit various parts of my body, most notably my face. I became dizzy and passed out.

When I opened my eyes, I saw I had slid backward. I rolled my eyes, and before I knew it, I was in a hospital.

I chose to sit on the bed. I paused for a moment to consider everything that had happened. I don't understand. What brought me to this corner of the world? What precisely am I doing?

When I turned around to look, I found that the door had been opened. Amara was standing there as I looked through the door. Her features were strained, and as soon as she saw me, she came dashing up to say hello.

"Aarhea, are you all right now? Do you have the impression that something is amiss with your head?" She asked me questions one after the other.

"What exactly are you doing in this room?" I asked, "Can you tell me where I am?" I inquired. My gaze were like laser beams, tearing through her and slowly murdering her.

"I was the one who brought you here, Aarhea. Someone struck you in the head while we were walking down the corridor," she responded.

I took another look around, and this time I spotted the calendar on the wall. My eyes widened in surprise when I noticed the date. Why did I bother returning after two years?

Chapter 2

Aarhea's Point of View:

"Aarhea, where exactly do you intend to go? First and foremost, you must get some rest!" As I emerged from the infirmary to find out what was going on, Amara yelled.

I returned my focus to her. I saw her frightened face in her angelic face, and you would never think from how she appeared on the outside that she was harboring a devil inside of her.

I walked as fast as I could. I had to figure out what was going on, as well as why I had returned two years ago!

I noticed that my appearance was the same as it had been two years prior when I looked in the mirror inside the medical facility. My entire physical body, including my hair and even my face! I dug inside my bag, pulled out my phone, and searched up the number for our personal driver—it was Mr. Johnson!

I dialed his number, and after three rings, he picked up and I asked, "Where are you?"

"At the parking lot, Princess Aarhea," he resp


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