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THE REBIRTH LUNA: Her Oppression

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Alexia, as the perfect Luna to her pack, was married to her husband alpha Damian for love, they were not meant and mate for each other. Alexia had never thought one day she could have the rebirth of her. Alexia was murdered by her evil husband Damian and his later-found mistress Hayley, who also became his mate after her death. One fortunate day, Alexia opened her eyes only to find out that she was back from the dead. “Oh my Wolf, I am back from the dead. I can’t feel myself before anymore… I feel some kinda new powers inside of me” Alexia said to herself. In order to protect what she had worked for, Alexia is determined to fix all of her problems. By living again as a Powerful Luna, who cannot be oppressed by her foes but will be the OPPRESSION of them herself. By drafting a whole new plan, she begins with the people who planned for the death of her previous life. One night, when Alexia was running in her favourite woods, she met a huge wolf with silver eyes. This was the first time she has ever set her eyes on that kind of breed. . . Who was this wolf? How would she be the oppression… to her foes? How would things go differently from the previous life Alexia experienced? . . . ……


The rain fell like it was angry like it needed to pour its anger on them, it was so chilling that most of the wolves of Alpha Damien's pack decided to work out, it was so cold.

She sat on the large king-size bed, her hair tied up in a ponytail. Her red dress flowed freely on the neat floor. Her husband had requested to speak with her and she was waiting for him. In no time at all, the large doors flew open and a man walked in. He was tall and handsome. He walked to where she sat, cupping her face in his hands, he gave her a kiss on her forehead.

"Sorry for keeping you waiting" His deep masculine voice echoed in the large room. She looked up at him and assured him it was fine. She wanted to get the talk over and done with.

"Hayley." He called out.

The door opened again and a young woman came in. She wore a warm smile, and her hair was blonde. She closed the door and stood beside it.

"Alexia, meet Hayley. Hayley, meet Alexia. My beautiful mate."

The two women stared at each other for a second. Alexia was jealous and Hayley was stunned. She had heard about the beauty of the Alpha's mate but standing there looking at her, she realized that the Luna was more than a beauty.

"I need to talk to you. Alone." Alexia turned to the Alpha, her voice more of a whisper.

"Leave us." The man's voice rose and Hayley bowed and left. Alexia sat silently for a moment.

"Is she your mate?" She suddenly spoke, startling Damian, the Alpha. Yes, she was. But he wasn't about to tell Alexia that. It would break her. He walked over to where she sat and sat on the bed with her, he wrapped his hands around her and rested his head on her shoulder. When he told her that Hayley was not his mate, she sighed deeply and turned to face him. Her eyes were full of dread.

Yes, she dreaded. She wasn't the mate of the Alpha and she dreaded the day he will meet his mate, she couldn't handle the heartbreak. He saw how scared she was. He assured her that he wasn't going to take Hayley as a mistress, he wasn't going to lay with her. He and the entire park only needed the girl to stay strong and she had to stay.

Alexia looked a bit convinced, after all, her bond with Damian was stronger than that of a mate. Their love was pure and their bond stronger, they would rule the Northern park with grace. Just like any other mate would.

Alexia stayed indoors for the rest of the day. She usually was a busy Luna, going about and making sure the park was safe. But today, Hertha, her wolf was restless. Maybe it was because of the arrival of that strange girl. She didn't quite understand what Damian meant when he said he and the park needed the girl to stay strong.

That night, she went out, roamed the Northern territory for a while and headed to the woods for a run. Hertha needed a run to calm down.

She stood at the entrance of the woods. It was a good day, the moon shone down and the woods didn't look so dark. She began her transformation.

First, her claws.

They got longer and sharper. The hair on her body grew taller and fell freely. Her fangs got sharp and she went on her fours. Hertha took over and growled softly.

A beautiful werewolf she was. Her stainless white fur gave her grace, she was the Luna. Her silver eyes glittered in the dark and her steps gave out elegance. She started slowly and soon she was running all around the woods. The wind gushing into her face, and she was enjoying it.

She ran for two hours when suddenly she felt a presence. A werewolf was there in the woods with her, racing with her. No, it was chasing her. She made an abrupt halt and turned around swiftly, hoping to see who it was nothing.

Her silver eyes scanned and found nothing. Surely, a southern wolf didn't invade her territory. Or did they? She resumed running again. Hoping to feel the presence again but she was disappointed. No one followed her for the rest of the night.

At dawn, she needed to head back to the house. She didn't join the men for the night hunt and Damian would be worried. She stood at the entrance of the woods and Hertha grudgingly transformed. Alexia now stood at the entrance of the woods, the wind blowing her dress and hair. She looked around one more time.

To be sure that no one was following her. And no one was. She headed back to her house. She met the strange girl on her arrival at the house. Hertha growled at her. Oh great, her wolf didn't like the girl too. Hayley smiled at her when their eyes met, she started walking towards Alexia.

"You weren't at the hunt last night. You weren't at home either. Where were you?" Hayley spoke the moment she was standing with Alexia. The hunt? What was the strange girl doing at the hunt? Alexia wondered. It was only meant for the male werewolves, she followed them to the hunt because she was a Luna.

The mate of the Alpha and technically the Queen of the park, The strongest of the females. She paid no attention to Hayley, she walked past her into the house graciously.




Damian was inside their bedroom when she got there. He sat on the bed.

His face in his hands. He looked tired. And he was. He had been hunting all night. She walked over to him and wrapped his hands around her waist and rested his head on her stomach. She knew how tiring hunting was. For an Alpha, he had to hunt double what the rest had and Kyle, his werewolf was always exhausted after a hunt. She apologized for her absence at the hunt, but he didn't respond. He rested his head on her stomach quietly. Kyle was growling, he had found his mate and being there with Alexia was a torment to Kyle.

"When is the girl leaving?" Alexia asked. Kyle growled at that question, how dare she? He rose his head from her stomach and told her one word. Never. She was never leaving.






Twelve dark werewolves stood on all fours at the entrance of the woods. It was another hunt night. Soon, a dark werewolf arrived, and his blue eyes shone in the darkness. Even as a werewolf, Damian still had a stern look. By his side is a snow-white werewolf, the Luna.

As beautiful and elegant as ever. Both Hertha and Kyle looked good together. The true pair to rule the Northern park. Behind them was a black werewolf with white spots. Hayley. Her eyes were as blue as Damian's.

As soon as they arrived, the hunt started. The males went together, except they went with Hayley. Damian had told Alexia forehand that the males will be needing Hayley to want them to be strong, even if Of course, Luna wasn't comfortable. She wondered what Hayley was and that male werewolves needed her for strength. At the hunt, she insisted she didn't need a mere omega to be strong for her hunt. A proud Luna she was. She went in a different direction for her hunt.

Some hours later. Herth


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