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The Pain of a Companion

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For fans of "The S*xy Alpha Demon" comes "The Pain of a Companion." Betrayed, Condemned and left for dead by the people he once thought would become his family the home he had never had and always longed for, the image of the man he loves, and his past disturb his dreams turning them into constant nightmare, impossible to forget. His partner, the man who promised him the moon, the sky and the stars as the child he once was, could not have been anything less than one of his executioners, one of the many who, by condemning him, made him live in the worst of hells for long enough to corrupt him. Now two years after leaving that place and being free Jason begins a new life with his friends, with no place for the past, his past, it is a pity that fate has other plans and is determined to reunite him with his partner, his executioner, the man he hates with the same passion with which he loves him. Betrayal, pain and the unbridled passion of two souls that are destined to be together, not to be missed.


Five years ago...

POV Jason

Already at the entrance in our positions, at first sight you can see a cabin in the middle of the forest but hidden floors and facilities underground counting with a basement for the amusement of the bloodsuckers where humans and other paranormal are feeding vampires by force, being blood whores or giving the show of their lives for the vampires or partners of the owner of the place, killing each other to survive and have the hope of someday being free and start from zero

A hope, unfortunately very sad because it was far from reality.

And to think what I had to do to get out of that position, being totally honest I'd rather be a murderer than go back to being under the body of a vampire, fighting with unconsciousness to escape from him, so he can then feed on me getting in turn his twisted pleasure before the darkness comes as a conceived desire, that's being a blood wh*r*, and I'd rather be dead or commit suicide than to live that once more

Never again.

Besides, it's not like the vampire would allow something like that, by our powers we had managed to get out of that position too... Now as far as punishments go, being a blood wh*r* for a certain amount of time was the vampire's way of getting revenge and making it clear our place here

We are just a tool, something to keep even their business and merchandise, we provided protection, we are not so well known and that was the best for everyone.

Looking at it from that point of view, maybe if we all fought together... Maybe we could be free.

As well as I could also see even a minuscule possibility that they would not succeed and the punishment would be a thousand times worse, call them cowards, all of them, because at some point in these three years we thought about it but never executed.

"But if here are the lead soldiers or should I say the lead assassins" Said one of the supposedly most loyal followers of the leader, and the idiot laughed at his own joke as if it was a pass, for our part we remained silent and firm as military or rather well tamed pets without making any sound or moving a single muscle

"Don't be an idiot Giovanni and leave my boys alone, they have a job to do "Said the leader appearing with his entourage of vampires and other associates.

"If you does it wrong you go straight to the basement, and you will serve my friends, you understand? So don't fail, "The leader told us and smiled when it was impossible not to shudder at his threat.

There were plenty of motives!

"Yes sir!" We replied at the same time, he nodded and took his place in front of us, the b*st*rd wouldn't even get his hands dirty with anything up to the tips of his toes, but he liked to boast that he had control of everything and everyone around him

That was something I still wondered

Could it be that he underestimated us, I wondered, but be that as it may, there was always a chance that something could go wrong.

At that a series of howls were heard nearby before the shape-shifters in their wolf and human form came out from the bushes, my eyes opened, and the surprise petrified me in my place to see the packs I once knew and two people that meant something very important to me at the time.

Cool, my brother-in-law as far as I know and Heaven ...the man who said I was his mate and promised me the moon the sky and the stars basically, only to condemn me to hell or worse whether I knew it or not.

He and his were my executioners.

I was grateful then to have my mask and that disguise.

Everything would have been so different if you had been on my side, if you had even believed me, I thought, and the pain of the memory ravaged the black spot that is now my heart.

It's our mate Jason, we have to get back to him, Said the other voice in my head, and it cost hell not to run to his side

"Not in this lifetime" I replied and when I was able to focus back on the present I put a great determination in my eyes

"I think it's more than obvious what we've come for bloodsucker" Cool said addressing his highness.

"I will not allow you to destroy everything I have worked for, destroy my creations, you filthy animals" Replied the vampire

"We will finish you" Heaven said, and it was inevitable that my gaze didn't travel to him, apparently he sensed it because his eyes collided with mine a fraction of seconds before I pulled mine away leaving him with the characteristic gleam of confusion in his, and he started sniffing angrily without coming to any conclusion

After all, when your partner changes their scent it's hard to recognize it later, with so many demons inside me how could I not? That happened to me

"Assassinate it you bastards" The vampire ordered us and when my friends tried to comply with that order, I restrained them with a slight wave of power and gave a nod of my head for us to move away.

None of them had any objection to express, although I saw the question marks in their eyes, at least they trusted me enough to follow the vampire's command.

However, we no longer had anything to worry about

The vampire looked stupefied at all this while with the help of the shadows I disappeared to another place, I was sure that after this fight all of us and the other slaves would be free.

There was no doubt in my mind

When the shadows enveloped us I took one last look at him, who wasted no time and began to fight the leader tearing him limb from limb with his claws, each of his movements full of rage and desperation until the vampire was nothing more than a pile of rotting flesh on the floor and the rest of the wolves entered the hut freeing the slaves and taking care of the few remaining followers of the vampire.

I'm sure we'll see each other again mate, I thought, and then we disappeared from that place

"This is just the beginning" I heard that voice in my head and despite everything I felt the b*st*rd was right.

This was just the beginning

POV Heaven

I leave Cool and Alex's house and more than shouting, I bark orders to my warriors to return to the nest of the vampire we exterminated, now we are again in search of the trail of my partner.

It's Jason

I change into my wolf form and lead my pack running on my four legs as if I were in the middle of a hunt and, perhaps, I was.

I hunt my mate once and for all, feeling this time perhaps a step closer to him

I can't believe that after three years in which we all gave him up for dead he is alive and hopefully safe and sound somewhere, still questions like Why didn't I smell him? Will he forgive me for not believing him? For everything that happened? I hoped so because I'm not able to forgive myself and even though I know deep inside that I'm d*mn selfish and I certainly don't deserve it... I just find it hard to live without Jason, since that day when my life and my partners what that guy said is true I can't imagine the hell my partner went through with those vampires.

-Murderer- That word echoed in my mind and let a slight shiver run through my body.

I just can't imagine that sweet fifteen-year-old boy murdering so cruelly, I still remember his face, the slight blush on his cheeks when I said something nice, some compliment, I remember how s*xy my name sounded on his lips, the boy whether he knew it or not every time he said my name an extreme case of blue balls developed in me and I felt my life shortening because of how fast my heart was beating.

I growl bloodthirsty as I remember the words of those vampires and that damned Amador, what they did to my beautiful companion, even so I feel this one a child, being impossible for him to defend himself.... Even from me, I hope they are where they are and thank God for the way they died because there would be no place in hell or earth where they could hide.

You don't know how much I miss you, Jason

This is all my fault, I know very well, if I had been on your side when you needed me most, if I had stood up for you, if I had been quicker maybe everything would be different. We would be very different from the men we are now.

And all because of me

We arrived at the place and I no longer feel the same satisfaction as before to see such a massacre and the debris, the bodies of the vampires decomposed pretty fast, be that as it may end up being fertilizer for soil, if Jason's scent changed even a small part of him, there is a horrible possibility that it is among the bodies on the ground.


That's all it would take for my total disgrace, to see my own partner killed, I thought, horrified at the idea.

I don't waste a second and my pack and I start to check the bodies and I feel that I am close to him, earlier when we arrived cool and our packs I felt a penetrating look in me causing all the nerves in my body to be alert, and it was then when I met that look, a look so similar to the same look that only three years ago had the power to ignite my body much more than gasoline and fire.

And that hasn't changed yet

I didn't believe it was him but after what I know I have no doubt that I had my partner just meters away, and because I didn't listen to my instincts I lost him once again. The "killers", my partner among them, had stayed out of the fight to my dismay, at the time I was completely unaware of it, and I am completely sure it was Jason himself who stopped them from attacking us.

Maybe that means something? As painful as it was afterward, I couldn't help but harbor the hope that maybe, just maybe, he could forgive me.

We ended our search successfully by not finding his body among the corpses, but on the other hand still not coming up with more of that unusual smell I was getting used to. Maybe he is not dead, but finding him will not be as easy as I would like. We are about to leave for our territory when something catches my attention, near a tree among its shadows, right in the same place where I last saw my partner, I see a bracelet I had seen three years ago, I get closer and the new scent of my partner is more persistent, I sniff with my snout the bracelet I had given Jason a month before I lost him and hope grows in my chest.

Sooner than you think, I will find you a mate, I thought determinedly.

It's time for us to start our own story.

Chapter 1 "Nightmares"

POV Jason

Two years after being free... (In the present day) (In total, it has been 5 years when Jason disappeared and 2 when he saw Heaven again and was free from the vampire's nest).

"I have to run faster" I thought trying to push away the tears that were hindering my vision.

Almost out of breath and my heart in my throat, I make it to a very pretty pond and stop to look at my haggard reflection in the water

Eyes swollen and my skin rivaling that of a dead man.

"Quite a beauty" Note my sarcasm.

I grab some water with my hands and take long gulps as much as I can and just as I'm about to take the run again when a pair of arms grab me from behind and for a moment I think it's Heaven, my partner, but that thought vanishes when I hear a voice with not his

"Look what we have here" Said the guy who had me pinned down and turned me around to look at him, his red eyes told me the man was a vampire, next


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