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The Missing Golden She-Wolf

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She is the last in their breed of Golden Wolves; the most powerful werewolf clan with strong mental powers, but Daffodil never knew it. She was raised by a billionaire couple, never knowing that she has wolf blood in her until she met a mysterious man during her vacation on Cooks Island. Lexus is a Beta Warrior with a mission; to find the last golden she-wolf that the next-in-line Alpha dreamed of having as his wife to make him the most powerful Alpha in the Werewolves’ realm. What happened if the last Golden She-wolf is the mate of the Beta Warrior? And what is the truth, behind the Beta Warrior's identity?

Chapter 1 - PROLOGUE

Two billionaire couple who love thrills and adventures together with their troop of bodyguards sailed their biggest yachts into the Ocean with the intent to find the unnamed most mysterious mountain in the western part of the Pacific Ocean.

“Hon, where is this mysterious mountain that you were talking to, situated?” Mrs. Marby asked her husband who is looking through the mountainous majestic views afar through his binoculars.

“Based on my research, the mountain is nearby the area of the Cook Islands and I guess, and I have seen it now.” Mr. Marby replied as he focused more on his binoculars, in a particular spot.

Mr. Marby walked towards the Captain of their yacht. “Our target place is on the left side.”

As they reached the mysterious mountain, Mr. and Mrs. Marby excitedly alighted from their Yacht. Six of their bodyguards followed them while the remaining four including the Captain stayed at the docked yacht.

They were just entering the mountainous forest when they heard growls; loud growls of a man in pain.

“Stop, did you hear that?” Mr. Marby motioned to his wife and bodyguards to stop and listen.

“Help me!” Suddenly they saw her, a running bloody woman with an infant in her arms. She runs towards them.

“Please get my baby and run away from here. They are coming and they too will kill you if they will see you. Please go back to the shore and sail away!” The woman cried as she handed the baby quickly to Mr. Marby and ran away as fast as she could.

Mr. Marby and Mrs. Marby with wide eyes looked at each other. Their bodyguards too were in shock. Then they heard growling wolves and running feet.

“Run back to the shore!” Mr. Marby shouted while giving the baby to his most skilled man and then grabbed his wife’s hand. They ran so fast until they reached their docked Yacht.

When the Captain saw them running in haste, immediately he powered up the yacht, and the moment Mr. Marby’s group climbed inside, their yacht speed-off from the coast of the mysterious mountain.

While speeding off, Mr. Marby got his binoculars and focused them on the place they left just a minute ago. His feet have shaken when he saw a group of black werewolves jump into the water and swam speedily like they were chasing their yacht.

“Hon, come here. Oh, look at this cute and adorable baby girl.” Mrs. Marby is now holding in her arms the baby with fascination in her eyes.

As if something is pushing him, Mr. Marby walked toward his wife. He removed the cloth covering a part of the baby’s face and look at her. Amazement overwhelmed his whole being as two smiling golden eyes looked at him. Like his wife, he became drawn to those golden little eyes.

“Daffodil, we will call her Daffodil; our Daffodil. Having her this springtime is a new life for both of us, Hon. God already answered our prayers for a child that we could never have. So, she is our Daffodil, who will be giving us our new beginnings.” Mrs. Marby exclaimed with tears rolling down her cheeks.

Chapter 2 - Her Vacation


“You take at least a week's vacation leave Daff. Have a break and relax. I command you not as your father but as President and CEO of this Company.” Mr. Marby stated with such authority that Daffodil could not refuse.

Just two weeks from now and she is turning twenty-one and as usual, her parents told her to travel and relax for at least a week away from her office.

Their business revolves around the fashion industry from elite clothing lines, jewelry manufacturing, and shops to fashionable home furniture.

She is currently the Executive Vice-President, next in rank to his father, who is the President/CEO of their Group of Companies. She is just twenty-one but her eagle eye for business is already very evident. She is a workaholic and never thought of anything else but their businesses; their companies. Although she dates men from time to time she never had any serious relationship yet. She does not feel the need yet, neither she felt being in love alre


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