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The Lycan Twins’ Abused Mate

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"Do you like it?" he asked while glancing at me with his sickening lustful eyes. ** All she yearned for was her father's love. Ava is an adorable young woman who has had her fair share of adversity. Her father terrorized and abused her, blaming her for being his wife's killer. Despite her difficulties, she stays strong and resilient. She worked valiantly to pay his gambling father's debt but was heartbroken when he sold her to Mr. Drake, a s*x slave owner. She was ruled by a stern master who had no mercy. Will Ava escape her cruel master and get revenge on her terrible father?

Chapter 1

Warning! Warning!! Warning!!!

This book is rated 18+ and there is a lot of sexual content, and a lot of violence and hate that might trigger and make some readers uncomfortable reading this.

Read at your own risk, and please, no insults! Be nice.

The Lycan Twins' Abused Mate."


Please, don't eradicate me, please! Ava pleaded "Father please, don't kill me. I vow to be obedient. Please forgive me and stop hitting me. "It hurts," she pleaded as her father clenched her hair tightly. She whimpered as he whacked her with a rod. The rod sliced ​​through her skin, and blood trickled from the cut. She pleaded, yet her father refused to let go of her.

"Hey, wake up, wake up Ava" Oliver yelled, feeling worried about her.


Chapter one: Ava's point of view.

I jolted out of my sleep, shivering and in a cold sweat. The sweat dripped from my forehead down my cheeks.

"It's okay, Ava, you will be fine," she mumbles as she caresses me on my back, making me feel more relaxed.

Oliver is my best friend. She is the only one who was there for me when I was at my lowest. Wondering who I am.

I am Ava Garcia, the only daughter of my father, William Garcia. My father loved me greatly, and I was loved by my mother as well. I am my mother's daughter.

We were not rich, nor are we poor, but we're satisfied with the little we had.

My mother, Patricia Glory Garcia, was a very gorgeous and elegant woman, despite the little money her father has. She loved him regardless of his average looks. She loved and protected her family. I have always enjoyed the warmth and love my parents showed me for being their only kid.

An incident transpired when I was just 10 years old that entirely altered my life. The beast I never knew existed eventually surfaced in my father's heart, leading him to torment and torture me. Since I was 10, he accused me of his beloved wife's demise.

"Get your *ss here now, b*st*rd," my father yelled.

My body was shivering, and I was terrified despite being tortured day and night. My body refused to adapt to the pains my father inflicted on me, so I ran as fast as my legs could carry me to answer my father's call.

"Father,'' I responded as I walked towards him, still trembling.

"How many times have I told you that you should never call me father again?" He yelled, "Tell me why you deserve to be my daughter after killing off my wife." He screams, clutching me hard on my face before yanking me away to the floor and my head hitting the wooden chair.

I hiss… It hurt my forehead and was oozing out blood, but that did not stop him from assaulting me. He began to hit and call me various names. I never revolted when he was punching me because I know better not to protest with him. Revolting with him means my demise. By the time he was done with me, my body was full of cuts and bruises. I was in the pool of my blood. He sneered when he saw the situation I was in.

"Well, thank God, you are still alive because you are still beneficial to me. Annihilating you is of no use to me other than being alive. He continues, "Go and clean yourself up. Mr. Drake will be coming to get you.

I was shocked more than surprised.

"No please, father, please I will be obedient. I will do anything to please you. Don't sell me off, father.

He roared angrily, "I have always told you never to call me your father again." He yelled as he threw sticks at me.

"Will you do anything for me?" he asked, grinning evil.

"Yes father, I will. I vow to do anything for you." I replied.

"Okay, I think it's time to fulfill your promise to your father. I owe Mr. Drake some money and I am unable to pay him back, so I decided to sell you off to him, and he promised to pay me a handsome price for you since you are very beautiful and gorgeous.

My eyes widened. "No, please don't sell me as a s*x slave, father.

"What!!! "B*tch did you not promise me just now to do anything for me? Well, you have no option or a say in this matter. Just obediently dress up. I am sure you will easily find a good master since you took after your mother's beauty," he smirked.

My cries echoed through the room. My father was a gambler. I worked my *ss off just to pay his debts, yet it was never enough. He wanted to sell me off as a s*x slave.

Oh! mother, I should be the one on the other side. Why did you make my life a living hell? Why did you save me? You destroyed me. My tears were falling uncontrollably. I was trembling and clawing at my father's feet, pleading and telling him I would get more jobs and work hard to pay his debts, but he only kicked me and sneered at me.

"I have received the remaining harmony from him and also cleared off my debts.” I drop to my feet, no one can save me, even if I scream and yell for help.

I crawled back to my room, waiting for my extinction.

Chapter 2

The Lycan Twins Abused Mate

Chapter 2: Helpless:

No one to save me.

I crawled back to my room, waiting for my demise.

I obediently stripped off my clothes and had a bath before my father yelled my name.

After an hour I hear my father's voice.

"Ava come down here, Mr. Drake is here. He's waiting for you." He yells.

I shut my door behind me after grabbing my mother's picture along with me.

"Good evening sir, I greeted him.

Mr. Drake walked up to me. His eyes glowed with lust. He was in his 40s. His glance was a screaming pervert. I was shivering when he held my hand, glancing at me with his eyes up and down, as if I were bare naked in front of him. He whirled me around, checking all my body parts and nodding his head. He was delighted.

"Mr. Garcia, I am very pleased with this product of yours. You have done so well, and if you have more daughters, I am more willing to purchase them as well&q


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