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The Lycan King's Broken Luna

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"""Kiss me back,"" he demands, crashing his lips on mine while squeezing my boobs and pinching my n*ppl*s. ""I... I can't... I already have a mate!"" a throaty sound involuntarily escaped from my lips as I uttered. In the aftermath of a devastating tragedy that nearly destroys the Clawson pack, Rhea is forced to take on the mantle of Alpha and revive the struggling pack. When Kian, the Alpha of the Blackwood Pack, claims that they are fated mates, Rhea is cautiously hopeful, but her lack of a wolf leaves her uncertain. Despite her reservations, Rhea is moved by Kian's offer of assistance to her struggling pack. However, everything takes a dark turn when Rhea discovers that Kian has only married her as part of a scheme to seek revenge against her family. As Kian's cruelty and infidelity become increasingly unbearable, a powerful and enigmatic King Daemon, the Alpha of the Thorn pack breaks into her life, who shows interest in her. Despite her initial reluctance, Rhea feels an undeniable pull towards Daemon, causing her to confront a difficult choice between the security of her pack and the potential for a passionate love. Which will Rhea choose: to follow her heart or her duty?"

Chapter 1 Awkward Coronation Ceremony

Rhea's POV

"Today, we are gathered here for the coronation of our Alpha, Kian, and his mate, Luna Rhea, as well as for the merging of the two powerful packs, Clawson pack and Blackwood pack," declared the Elder, eliciting applause from the crowd.

The atmosphere today was serene, and every soul present was composed until moans were heard.

The photo of Kian and I that were projected on the wall suddenly changed to a pornographic video, featuring my husband, Kian, as the protagonist.

The skin in between deepened in a frown as I stared at the projector in front of me trying to figure out what might be going on. The soft light in the room blends out all that cellulite on the feminine figure in lingerie straddling Kian, my husband.

I watched with a pang in my heart at the intense video, how passionately they kissed each other, their lips moving in sync with Kian's hand sliding into her pants and rubbing her clits.

My face scrunched in disgust as a throaty sound flew out from the woman's lips, their moaning and groaning suddenly filled the air.

Mumbling and whispering were heard from the crowd as the women's moaning got louder. Clasping hold of my clothes, I swallowed the big sore lump that has formed in my throat painfully.

With pain visible in my eyes, I glanced at my husband, Kian, who seemed unbothered about the whole thing. After a few seconds of painfully staring at him, I darted my gaze back to the projector to figure out who the person was but the woman on the video didn't show her face.

Perhaps, the projectionist immediately cut off the video not less than three seconds after it started.

Though it didn't last long, the mockery and shame it came along with were devastating and broken for me to handle.

Kian remained on his spot with his head held high as if nothing just happened now, his nonchalant attitude toward the scene hurts.

"Hmmm..." the Elder in charge of the coronation cleared his throat after a while drawing everyone's attention back to him.

Though their attention was on him but the whispering was still there, it is embarrassing and hurtful for me to keep standing there after what just happened.

"Silent!" The elder hummed, causing everywhere to go quiet. I clutch the hem of my gown with my head lowered.

"As I said earlier, today we are here for the coronation of our Alpha, Kian, and his mate, Luna Rhea, and also for the merging of the two strong packs... Clawson and Blackwood pack," the throngs nodded their head in understanding.

"It is an honor that after what seems like years... Clawson and Blackwoods pack decided to resolve their issues and come together as one pack, establishing a new pack and expanding our territories," a loud applause was heard from the throngs.

It is good to see the smile on their faces but my fraying nerves weren't helping the matter at all. I can't wait for the whole coronation to be done so that I can crawl out from here.

"We will commence with the ritual for the crowning of our new leaders," the elder said when motioning for Kian and me to step forward.

Standing in front of him, the elder urges him to swear an oath in front of the throng that is a way of upholding the law and his people.

"I, Kian Carlton, as the Alpha and leader of the great Blackwood and Clawson pack that has come together as one... I assure you all that your safety is safe in my hands and your welfare is my priority,"

A loud cheer stirs from the crowd before the elder turns to look at me motioning me to step forward and make my own oath.

I feel hurt that I'm standing beside this jerk of a man, but the welfare of the people matters to me.

"I, Rhea Booker, the Luna, and wife of the Alpha Kian," I swallowed at the last word. Fighting back the tears that were threatening to come out.

"I want to assure you all that your safety and welfare matters to me and as the Luna of the two adjoined packs which is one... I vow to go through this journey with you all," with my right hand raised as a sign of my oath to them, I declared.

A loud sound stirred again putting a smile on my lips, the elder mumbled out some strange words.


Before touching Kian's forehead and then he touched my own before turning to face the crowd once again.

"And today, I present to you all, your Alpha and Luna of the Blackwood pack!"

**Ehh... Aaa!!**

The throngs erupted in euphoria, their loud applause booming through the hall.

Soon after the coronation ceremony ended, I sighed and ran away, ignoring the burning stares I was getting.

I didn't bother to greet the high ranker who graced our coronation ceremony. It wasn't anything new, but my heart still heaved up and down in pain, and the only way to calm my fraying nerves was with some fresh air.

As I stepped outside, the earthly breeze hit my face, causing me to inhale sharply and close my eyes. I spread out my hands, enjoying the warmth that came with the waft when suddenly, I noticed a presence sitting beside the garden.

"Fiona," I called, but the distaste in my tone couldn't go unnoticed.

"C'mon, can't believe who is here," she sarcastically said in a sing-song voice, immediately locking eyes with me.

"I never knew that unprolific women visit this garden. I thought it was only meant for fertile beings," she disdainfully said, hurling hurtful shade my way.

Opening my mouth to say a word, I gulped hard and instantly had my mouth shut, as no words were able to form against my lips. I had a lot to say, but no words seemed to be rolling out because her words were bitter truths.

I decided to ignore her by trying to step away, but suddenly her next words hit me hard, causing me to halt my step.

"What an incompetent Luna who couldn't bear an heir for Alpha Kian, and that's why Kian kept sleeping around with other women," I allowed her words to repeat in my head.

Forcing myself to digest what she just said, the rage burning within wasn't able to calm my racing heart and mind.

"Is not as if I was lying," I watched the corner of her lips stretch out, drawing a tight dangerous line and giving her a look of the devil.

"What nonsense are you talking about?" I snapped at her.

"Am I lying?" she taunted, mocking.

"You!" I didn't get to finish when she burst into a very dangerous laugh. "Have you ever asked yourself who warms his bed every night?"

"Nice one warming a bed of a married man," I slur, but the she-devil laughs it off.

"Not my fault that you are infertile and seriously have nothing to show for the marriage," the words hit me hard, prickling my skin.

Raising my hand to hit her, I swallowed hard with my eyes closed. I tried to end the argument with my right hand hanging in the air almost to her face. But before I could react, Fiona dragged me, and we both fell into the fountain.

My ceremonial dress got drenched with water, and I struggled to pull myself out from the fountain, but Fiona insisted on pulling me back with her cries echoing throughout the whole place.

Things were getting out of hand, and her reasons for doing such were still something I had no idea about.

Tilting my neck to the other side, that's when I saw him coming, Kian, toward us, with his face contorted in anger.

Rushing over, and before I knew it, he jumped inside the water and saved Fiona, not even sparing me a look. Once he was sure that Fiona was out of the fountain, he stopped on his track to stare right at me.

Chapter 2 Who is This Guy?

Rhea's POV

"What a heartless creature you are," his words tore my heart.

"You knew too well that she wasn't feeling that strong, and you dragged her into the water, for what exactly... to drown her to death or what?"

"I didn't do it!" I pleaded desperately.

"What didn't you do?" I could hear the anger in his voice.

Through the haze of my tears, I could see a deadly smirk playing at the corners of Fiona's lips as our eyes met.

"I feel so cold," Fiona said, rubbing her hands together and pretending to shiver. "Please, Kian, can you warm me up?"

Glaring at me, Kian wrapped his coat around Fiona's shoulders and pulled her close in a warm embrace.

With a nasty look in my direction, he turned and walked away with Fiona by his side, leaving me all alone by the fountain.

It hurt but it was so bad because I couldn't do anything.

I dragged myself out of the water, my clothes drenched and my spirit broken.

Sitting on the edge o

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