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The Hunting game

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Dracula had only one aim in life; become the vampire king. To have that, he must get married to his betrothed, Carmella. Things don't go as planned when Carmella falls ill. He had to get out of his way to find a human heart to cure his betrothed. Nisha Jones had nothing but hate for the vampires. She made it her life mission to kill them, and will stop at nothing to make sure that this becomes a reality. What happens when she crosse path with the Dracula on one of her hunts? Will she get infatuated with destroying him or would love happen at unexpected places? Find out in the Hunting Game.


Dracula POV,

Standing restive at the edge of the door, I was running out of patience as I await the procession to begin. My long beige hair is styled up high, its tip resting at the nape of my neck. Arrayed in a long dark regal garment, which had its tips covering my ears and sweeping the floor. Around my waist is a Viking dark belt, matching the kneel-length boot I was wearing. I was already in my official regal outfit, What was remaining now is a kingly crown and I'll be the ordained king of the vampire world.

I flip the glass in my hand one more time, its content is O-blood human blood. I'd drink from it, using it to pass away time as I wait for my coronation rite to begin.

Though I was getting impatient, It was taking all my will not to walk right up the stairs case that's lead me to my throne. Not like if I want to do that anyone would dare to question me, not even the elders but I decides to respect customs. I can't afford to screw things up. I've waited too long for this. Yeah, today I would finally be getting married traditionally to my betrothed.

No, I am not so blithe and felicitous by that, maybe I'm a bit curious to meet her for the first time but she's the drive that will make me seat finally on that throne after waiting for years. According to the custom, I can't be crowned without my betrothed beside me-the future queen of the vampire world.

But what had me riling up now is the very fact that whatever is primping her up for the coronation, is d*mn taking ages to get her ready.

I swear I was already on the verge of going barging into the courtyard where she was being primped up, dragging going her hand down, and walking down to the main chamber where the coronation was to be done but then, some paled hair girl appeared before my presence. It took me by surprise cause one, she didn't knock, and second, she had run in as if being chased by death.

I wanted to lash out when she spoke immediately, "your graces, my apologies for disrespecting your presence. Please forgive my manners." She prostrated, her head bowed as she was trembling like a leaf in a hurricane.

I'm not new to creatures, vampires, or mortals getting an instant panic attack each time they offend me but... "who are you and what are you doing here?" I asked in my usual serene tone of voice. Hands behind me.

"I...I am one of the..the slave girl who's supposed to primp lady Carmella for the coronation and marriage.." she stuttered out, she wasn't looking straight up but with the way her voice quivered, I suspected something was amiss.

"And what are you here for?" I loosed up, reaching for my glass again.

To my surprise, I hear her sniffling which slowly turns into sobbing. In bewilderment, I commanded that she tell me what she was here for and as well look up to face me.

"It's..." she gulped, tears were now cascading down her eyes like rivers escaping a dam.

Patience was running away from me as I gazed intently at the pale-headed girl, waiting for her to let me off the d*mn suspense but instead, she continued shedding tears.

"Would you drop this act and speak up already?! Are you here to cry lake waters or what?" My voice nearly got me deaf and sent the slave girl startling.

"Well...well, bad news. I'm sorry your coronation might no longer hold because as it is, your betrothed is die struck with a strange sickness. She was struck with a sudden attack that led her to unconsciousness." The girl rambled out.

"What?!!!!" I didn't mean to bark but it did come out. Hearing that, my emotions, feelings, and whole going on a literal exile for a while. I was so disbelieved at the news that I didn't know how exactly To react.

That sounded so much like an expensive joke to me. Why would such a thing happen to her on the very day I was to be crowned?! No, I can't take this.

Dismissing the slave girl, I trudge out of the private chamber I was in.

I was physically seeing red, Anger consuming me whole and probably the burns was scaring the servant and slaves, I crossed path with.

Everyone was giving way for me to pass making sure not to obstruct my way but just as I was near my destination, three bald men walked out of nowhere obstructed men. They were on traditional regal, their pointy ears looking saggy due to old age. They are vampire elders of course. they had this solemn look etched on their faces.

"You can't go in." One of them said as if already sensing where I was going.

"Why?!" I oppugned.

"You've not been officially married yet. She's still your betrothed." The other elder elaborated politely but it still got me riled up.

"But there's a situation, she's sick and I've to see her." My voice became strident as I struggled to surmount my rage.

"We know but not until the time of the match-making, you can't see her"

"Then what's going to happen to my coronation?" Hell, judge me for being more concerned about my throne but I don't know sh*t about his caramel said the betrothed. Not like I have the heart to care though, all I care about was the throne.

"It will have to be on hold until your betrothed is back to her feet."

"And what if she never wakes up?"

"You know the tradition." Hell, I know the tradition and that is just what I don't want to even imagine.

"But don't worry, she will be fine we've sent for Akira already"

Akira is the witch doctor

"I still demand to see my betrothed so get off my way" I pressed on, trying to make way for myself but I was restricted.

"His grace, it will be wise to not do anything that will complicate this situation more than it already is, my lord. You don't want Damon on the throne do you?" One of the elders tries to reason.

That last statement was the only thing that got to me. It left me staring at the three bald men, more like glaring at them but not saying a word. I just gave up and had to wait for Akira.


Akira had finally arrived here at the palace, so I heard and she'd been at caramel chamber attending to her. She's just been there for short while but it feels like forever to me. I was pacing about my chamber dining on my favorite blood type.

Then Akira suddenly appeared at the door. Her white hair was radiating, her dark eyes shimmering with cruelty, her skin so pale but she isn't as ugly as most witches. She's lived for ages but still, looks so beautiful.

"Greetings your graces." Her voice crackled as usual as She paid her obedience to me and then we got ourselves settled.

By settling in, I mean she was pacing about, more like twisting her body while I just stood watching her as she starts filling me in on Caremal condition.

She told me that she is in a very critical condition and it'll be a probability for she to wake up. That was where my heart went lag, for Akira the best witch doctor in this part of the world to say that, meant this was crucial and dire.

"So what are we going to do now? You can't tell me she is dying from just an attack? Right?" I inquired.

The old crone let out a peal of serene laughter, her rotting teeth on display making her bulbous nose wrinkle in effect.

"You think that was just a minor attack? You do know you've many enemies prince Dracula and you don't expect them to strike your betrothed with just an ordinary missile that has a random cure."

"You mean she was attacked by my enemies?" I scowled.

"There isn't any other way to explain the sudden attack on your betrothed right on your coronation day" she affirmed.

Blood rushed through my veins and I wanted to ask who the lads are but decided to tackle the situation at hand first.

"So what am I going to do now? She's to get well"

"Hmmm," she smirked, "She was struck with a very strong and weird missile that is prone to take her life."

"No, something has to be done Akira. Tell me what I've to do." I yelled beyond my control.

She just has to, I've trained for this day all my life but still had to wait for ten years for it to be a reality after my father's passing.

This can just be happening.

My betrothed dying means the rulership will pass on to my blood brother Damon. I can't let that lad rule so he can establish his evil plans for his subject.

"Well," Akira started. "If your betrothed must live then you will have to venture into the human world. You've to get human blood far away, the blood needs to be clean, and free of hate so it could work on Carmella. Human blood can heal her, not just any human but a female." She declared.

Chapter 1


As I thawed into the darkest part of the forest, I was getting worried. I have to find that vamp, I just have to, I've been failing my father of recent and I can't afford to fail this time. I know that old man never appreciates anything I do though but let's say this time he have a reason to be all mad and disenchanted at me.

I haven't caught any vampire in days hence I need the heart of this vampire to redeem my place as the notorious vampire killer.

I was cut out of my woolgathering when an eree feeling struck me, I felt a presence behind me.

I didn't need to think twice about what it is, I knew it was a vampire and in that split seconds, I reached for the sword stashed at my waist-belt but just as my palms wrapped around the grip, I felt a stabbing pain at the crook of my neck.

I guess I was too late, I had been caught unguarded because the vampire's fang was shoved deep into my flesh and in a flash se


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