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The Forgotten Alpha: the dawn of a new path

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Years had passed since Lucian was trapped in his wolf body without a way to shift back into a human. A fierce battle was held for the cause of sparring him or killing him so the balance of power between the two races would be equal, but everything took a drastic turn and Lucian was taken back to where it all started where he met his mom, still in his wolf form. With the witches on their trail, Adel was able to make her son shift back to human, but he had a quest to fulfill. Revenge was the aim. Lucian must carry the burden to bring their enemies down to their knees.

Chapter 1: The first shift

Everywhere seemed chaotic as the ruckus kept going on. Many were dead, while many still continue to search for the wolf.

A figure in the shadows was also at work with the sole reason of protecting the wolf, but that had caused so many lives. Many had died, but that wasn't a reason to stop all what was going on.

Out of the blue, Jack appeared. He could smell danger out of thin air, and blood was everywhere. Something was at work here, his wolf had confirmed it.

“We have lost too many members, tell them to fall back,” Jack's wolf said in his head. After sensing all this, it knew more would die if not avoided.

“What about the wolf? Do we just leave it like that? Don't you think it would cause more harm to us?” Jack replied, not feeling pleased. His instincts were telling him that the wolf in question did all this.

“You are right, but in this state, what do we do?” jack's wolf replied.

“Well, there's nothing but to chase down the wolf and kill it myself. I have to dirty my hands. Besides, it's payback for all that it has done” Jack uttered in fury. His eyes burning with hate as he gazed back at the forest. It was dark, but to his eyes, nothing could escape him.

Suddenly, he heard a howl coming from a certain direction not far from him and there was also ice vapor pouring around. Undoubtedly, he knew it was the wolf, and it was the one who caused all these casualties.

It has to be killed. The sight jack was seeing alone intensified the burning hatred inside him.

However, before charging at the wolf he shifted into his wolf form. Trees flew off, wind gushed right through, and lightning seemed to have sparked as the Alpha transformed.

His wolf faced the Icy wolf that was coming and howled at it. The sound was so tremendous that it sent so many things flying off. An earthquake was created after the Alpha howled out, sending chills all around.

The Icy wolf stood its ground, but the force was just too much for it to handle. Its claws were rooted to the floor while its teeth gritted hard towards the Alpha, but it was futile. The wolf was sent flying towards a tree trunk.

After seeing this, knowing fully well that it would happen, Jack's wolf charged at it for the finishing blow, but suddenly a bright light flickered, and a shady figure appeared in the middle of Jack's wolf and the Icy wolf.

Jack was inside his wolf but puzzled that someone dared to intervene as his wolf was going for the kill. Its aura had filled the air with dark tension, but it seems this figure that appeared was unfazed by it.

A conversation was needed to clear this out. Jack's wolf wanted to leap off and bit whoever was in his way, but he held it back. He wasn't a murderer that would kill someone who did nothing to him, so rather he shifted back into his human form.

His eyes locked on the figure ahead of him. Although, the figure was putting on a cape that covered every part of the body from view. Jack wasn't able to know if it was a female or a male.

“Who are you?” his voice sounded all over the place, but the figure didn't reply. Silence reigned while Jack was getting angry for being ignored. At least there should be an explanation for the intervention or else, or else… He wasn't able to complete his thought as the figure began to pull off the cape.

He stood in awe with a hung up open mouth to see who or what would unfold before his very eyes.

The cape came off, dropped to the floor and the face was now visible to Jack's eyes.

“What? You? Why are you here?” he asked. There was no trace of anger in his eyes or action, but rather there was worry written on him.

“I'm sorry dad, I couldn't just sit and wait for the wolf to be killed, '' the figure replied. She appeared to be Rosa, his daughter.

Jack became confused about why she left her sick bed, going this length just to save this wolf. Was it worth it?

“Why, Rose, why must you protect it?” Jack asked, feeling hurt.

Rose went in silence for a while, thinking of which answer to give to him. Actually, she never knew what came over her, but she felt the right thing to do was to save the wolf since her dad wanted to kill it so badly. What harm has it done to them to be killed?

“You don't have to be a murderer dad, This shouldn't be you” Rose added trying to sound convincing, but Jacks looked as though he wasn't buying that.

“I have a reason, Rose, and that is to kill that wolf, so we won't be in danger. You know the witches, if they know that we have the wolf they won't hesitate to attack us” Jack explained, trying so hard to control his rage.

“Don't you think we can use the wolf for our gain?” Rose suggested. She still won't back down, regardless of what her dad was saying. She decided the wolf shouldn't be killed and stood her ground.

“I can't use the wolf like that? It had suffered for twenty years. I can't add more suffering to it, but rather I can end it” Jack concluded and plunged out his claws for the kill. It was better to put it out of its misery than to let it suffer or be used by the witches. Moreover, if the witches get their hands on the wolf, they might use it against them to erase all werewolves on earth. That would be a fatal blow, so it's better to avoid it now.

Jack moved forward, his eyes pointed at Rose who seemed unfazed by his deemed dark aura that surfaced, she won't let go. Her thought was if he approached her and saw she didn't budge then he might give up killing the wolf, but when Jack came towards her. Rather, he tossed toward her off to the side, so he could attack the wolf. Getting rid of the obstacle to go for the kill, but his body froze when he heard a sound.

Broke cracking was heard. Ice vapor speared all around, filling the vicinity and blurred eyesight.

The wolf shifted to human for the first time.

Chapter 2: Back to human

Chapter two

Jack went silent in shock after seeing what presented itself before his eyes. A male figure with pure white hair, tall and seems to be asleep.

Is this the wolf, or did someone replace the wolf to fool his eyes? It can't be, this can't be the wolf. He uttered in disbelief.

However, he knew an Alpha howl was supposed to make any wolf tremble. It can even make a wolf shift back to human, but this wolf couldn't shift for twenty years now can't be any different.

Anyways, he still had to look for that wolf, so he wanted to walk off but then he noticed that the male figure laying on the floor had an animal shaped leg like that of a wolf.

“It can't be, you are the wolf, ain't you?” Jack uttered in shock and stooped down to have a closer look. All the features he saw were exactly like the wolf.

“I told you, you shouldn't kill it” Rose rushed up to him h


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