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Years had passed since Lucian was trapped in his wolf body without a way to shift back into a human. A fierce battle was held for the cause of sparring him or killing him so the balance of power between the two races would be equal, but everything took a drastic turn and Lucian was taken back to where it all started where he met his mom, still in his wolf form. With the witches on their trail, Adel was able to make her son shift back to human, but he had a quest to fulfill. Revenge was the aim. Lucian must carry the burden to bring their enemies down to their knees.

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"I was been deprived of my right to live? "Lucian gritted his teeth and grumbled, just as he witnessed the death of his mom which he just found out about. The pain and anger he felt swelling wound his body was enough to turn him back into a human, after seventeen years of wandering the woods trying to survive as a wolf cub. He heard the whole story from his mom before she was killed, now his mate is his enemy, his aunt wanted to steal his powers and his nephew is holding a grudge against him. He sought the bring chaos with both of his hands "If I was prophesied to bring peace then I will do the opposite "Lucian swore.


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