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The Fallen Omega

The Fallen Omega

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An Omega that keeps remembering the night on which his mother was killed right in front of him while his father watched her die and didn't even lift a finger to save her. Eyes filled with revenge and heart filled with darkness, he starts his search on the outer world where people called " humans " live and researches on them, their behaviour and their living style. He studies it all in hopes of going out and finding clues on who his mother was and how did she met his father, alas the father was informed of this right before his plans take action and he was imprisoned, he somehow managed to escape and saved himself from getting killed. Regret, anger, sadness, when all of it hit him at once, his goal became more clearer than ever, he wanted nothing but revenge on his father and the eradication of his tribe which was the very reason his mother died in the first place. The rules and laws and everything their tribe stood up for, he swears to burn it all down by making himself stronger and even more cruel than anyone else.

A nightmare that never ends

It all happened exactly 15 years ago….

The top of the mountain full of clouds covering the night sky, foggy paths which aren't even visible to the naked eyes, sounds of someone chasing the person holding me.

"Huff Huff". A cold pair of hands and a warm blanket that covers my body, the irregular breathing and a tight but firm grip that is holding onto me dearly….but why don't I don't remember anything?

While I was thinking about that I noticed the person who was holding onto me. She was a woman, wounded and bleeding from her legs, but who is she? And why is she willing to go so far just to protect me?

"Oh Ark, my son, forgive me for being such a terrible Mom, it was because of my own greed- I- I'm so sorry my son."The woman finally spoke but began to cry.

This woman is….my mother ? But- why don't I remember anything? Furthermore, why is she wounded? No- but why don't I have any kind of memory regarding this woman who claims to be my mother?

It was confusing, the situation, this women, my loss of memories, but more importantly, Who was I?

"There she is and that damned bastard, don't lose track of them, go go go." A voice came from behind my mother.

People with sharp claws and pointy teeths, they were….just like werewolves? But why did my mother look different than the rest of them? And what were they so angry about?

"Oh lord, Argh- just leave me the fuck alone you damn werewolves." Mother screamed loudly while picking up her pace and running faster away from them in the woods.

Mother kept running and running but those people were catching up even quicker than before, while being chased I looked at the front and saw light, it was bright like an end of a tunnel but when we finally reached that light.

"It was…. a cliff? " Mother was too stunned to speak, she could only mutter those words under her breath and then she fell on her knees on the ground with her grip loosening.

"There you are, now there is no place to run to or hide from us you damned women." A person emerged from the woods with claws sharper than the people who were chasing us and face being one of the scariest looking I have ever seen.

It sent chills down my spine, just how can someone exert so much cold aura that even the air around him felt harsh, mother was even more scared than me, she was just looking at something with her eyes wide open but it was not directed at that person,

I looked over to see a man standing behind that guy who had that cold aura around him.

"Your majesty, you are here." The guy bowed his head in front the person who came from behind, "Hmm, you may stand down, I'll handle the rest from here on out." The person said in a cold tone.

He was much bigger in size in comparison to the other guy but his aura was calm and sharp, like a pin that is thin but sharp enough to pierce through one's skin.

"I see you did exactly what I told you not to do and even went as far as to warn you about it yet… in the end it didn't matter did it? My words had no meaning for you did they? Guess I must have been too easy on you."

The man's eyes and his aura instantly turned red with a gaze that was looking at my mother with disgust, he was crying blood, he was neither angry or happy when he looked at me but his eyes says otherwise when he was staring at my mother.

"Why….you said you wouldn't-" Mother interrupted the man and said, " Because you broke our promise first to keep our son away from the filth of your clan."

"You made me do it dear, there was no other choice than this, it was the only way my son and I could have lived a different life, but that too is now not possible it seems." The man brought his claws out too but the cold aura person stepped up.

"Your majesty, don't filthy your hands with this traitor's blood, let me be the one who shall take this toll instead of you, you need not have to see this through." He said with his eyes lowered but looking at my mom.

" …..Hm, you… make sure she doesn't feel any pain, that's the least I can- no, should do as her husband." The man said while withdrawing his claws and looking away with his back to us.

Huh? Husband? Of…my mother? Then he is…my father? But then why is he not protecting mother? Why does he want to kill her? What promise did she break for her to be called a traitor? Why is- just why does this have to be this way?

The cold aura guy gets up and then starts walking towards my mother, "Say your prayers women, I shall let you do so in honour of you being the wife of our head who was merciful to you till the very end, be grateful and just pass on."

No- No- Mother-

"My son, sorry for being a bad mother you know, I may not have spent that much time with you, I may have been very clumsy and naive in raising you but always remember, I- I love you really son, you were and are my everything, please don't forget me, this is goodbye Ark."

The guy steps forward but doesn't brings his claws out and just hits her bare-handed in her chest and mother fells down.

No- No- please why don't- mother- mother-

Why is nobody questioning this? Why is everyone just looking at me with pity? The man- father- why don't you look at me?

Mother is- mother is-

"Ahhhhhh-" I got up screaming, it was a dream, a dream which I keep getting every night, a fucking nightmare which doesn't leave me ever and keeps reminding me of that guy.

It's been 15 fucking years since that happened yet I'm not able to even live properly because of that very scene which I still remember clearly, my mother taking her last breath in front of me.

"I can't ever forget that no, if there's anything I can't forgive my father for it's that he let her die- no, murdered her right in front of me, his kid, than keep her jailed or in solitary, I'll get my revenge on this fucking clan and on my father I swear on my mother's name."

My unknown saviour

I have been observing them for a while now, the whole tribe is divided into 4 sections each with their own specialties and class but almost all of them are either stronger or on par with each other excluding the head and his shadow guard.

The first section focuses on handling and keeping an eye on the whereabouts of all the people… well animal in the forest where this tribe exist but- I have noticed they are not too different from my mother too, only that they are capable of transforming their body parts into that of a werewolf or the whole body.

The second section focuses on training all the newborns and the teenagers to get stronger and not fall behind while also taking take care of their food and a place to live at and have an established rule to enter the training grounds.

The third section focuses on handling the ration and all the expenses stored in the ' Great Hall ' where all of the food and papers are kept at with great security, almost no one ha


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