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The Curse of The Rejected Mate

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What would you do if your mate and best friend caused you to lose your position in your clan because he rejected you for a fox shifter? I would curse her and leave him heartbroken. Dying three days after her because of the curse would be so worth it if it didn’t turn out she was pregnant with his child and my whole clan depended on their relationship. Lies are keeping us hostage, and a frightening conspiracy is trying to destroy everything I hold dear. I don't know if I'd be able to unravel it and redeem myself, but I as hell am going to try. Not even the curse, my enemies or an evil demon prince are going to stop me from achieving my goal and saving my clan. I will fight until I break my bones, but at the end, when it's all said and done and I'm on my knees, would my mate come to my aid? Book 3 of The Rejection Series. Book 1 - Rejecting Her Mate Book 2 - The Rejection Book 3 - The Curse of The Rejected Mate All books can be read as standalones but follow one common theme - rejection.


“Are you sure?” The witch pointed a long nail at me as her pale, almost white eyes peered at me. Her skin was as ivory and bluish as her irises, and her hair had the same white color of the snow that had gathered outside of the cave.

I wondered if my reddish-brown strands would turn the same shade as hers if I agreed to the deal. And would my body turn as boney as hers? A bead of sweat trickled down my back, but my heart had already made up its mind. My brain too.

I was doing this.

“Yes. I don't care what happens to me, I want her dead. As soon as possible.”

A smirk pulled her thin lips up, and some silver-grayish blood appeared from the cracks on them. Her soul had turned into stone, and now only the scattered particles of it ruled her exhausted body. She’d probably gone down the same path I was about to take and made a horrific deal a few centuries ago. Craving revenge or something like that.

She could’ve even been blinded by jealousy and gut-wrenching heartbreak like me. 

No. Not like me.

Nothing compared to my pain. I was the only wolf in this world who had her soulmate promise himself to another shifter. A fox, nonetheless. That nasty fox had probably wrapped Zephyr around her finger with some magic or curse. I just didn’t know who the witch she was working with was.

My pain was unbearable, and I was terrified of even swinging my thoughts in that direction. I had to remain focused and strong until my retribution came. But the barrier, that curtain that covered the memories and images of Zephyr kissing Petra, was way too thin. It had shredded at my twisted need to reconfirm the gruesome truth. I was always peeking through it even if I knew it would bring me another step closer to my doom.

My flesh was burning with animosity.

What he’d done was unforgivable.

I shut my lids and forced myself to breathe. My furry leathers were supposed to defeat even the coldness of the dragon kind’s lands, but they weren’t enough for the magic of Krietna’s caves. She was the most evil and powerful witch who made others cower just at her name.

My ears caught the words she was mumbling as she was making the spell. Her chants were like daggers that pierced my mind and cut it into pieces. They made my mind wander off into the darkness even more. It was consuming me.

The metallic taste of the witch’s blood pricked my skin and entered my system like venom. I shuddered in effort to remain with my head held high. All my energy was going to leave me; all my strength was going to fall into Krietna’s malignant hands. My hair stood on edge as fear rattled in me. I was selling my soul in return for my mate’s suffering.

I clenched my jaw. It didn’t even sound insane. His betrayal was abominable, and I detested him for that. I was never going to accept him anymore. I couldn’t. But I also couldn’t watch him tie his bond with the cunning fox shifter and live a happy life. Not when I knew he’d robbed me of everything I ever was and had. I was ruined.

As long as Zephyr wasn’t with Petra, my pathetic soul was going to be content.

“Give me your hand,” Krietna hissed, and I opened my eyes.

My heart jumped when I caught the color of her irises. They were blood red, and veins were popping in them. Her features were twisted into an evil grimace, and her sunken-in face had a bit more color to it. She fed on my energy, didn’t she? But her feast was going to be my soul.

I was stronger than the other wolves because of my leader blood. I was supposed to lead our clan after my parents let me inherit it, but now I was ripped from my future and honorable position.

Swallowing, I gave the witch my hand and flinched at the feel of her icy flesh. Her skin was smooth and youthful, but it was like the bark of a tree to the touch. 

A pinch on my palm made my breath hitch, and it burst into me like the regret that wanted me to fall at its feet. But no. I knew why I was doing this. I could never be happy without my very soulmate. And I could never lead the clan if he didn’t accept me as his rightful partner. Everybody knew it, so why was he embarrassing me this way?

I’m sorry, Mother, Father. I failed you. It seemed that I was never born to become the clan chief if even my mate didn’t acknowledge my power.

I gasped as something unexplainable started spreading through my body, beginning from my stomach. It felt like there were one thousand spears in my guts, but at the same time, I’d walked a thousand miles all alone, naked, and in the snow. This sensation crawled through every part of me until it hit my heart and made me sway on my feet. I almost lost all strength, feeling tears push at my eyes, but I dug my heels in the rocks of the cave and stood my ground. I wasn’t going to collapse. Just as I wasn’t going to let myself cry. I hadn’t done it in years.

Memories of me finding out my best friend, Zephyr, was my mate, and seeing him kiss that woman on the very same day flashed through my mind, hitting me like thunder. I gritted my teeth and strengthened my resolve. He was older than me. He must’ve known for a while I was his mate, and he still didn’t tell me. He didn’t end his relationship with the fox, either.

Zephyr didn’t want me.

“Angast kefyt marrgess,” Krietna growled, her voice rising, and a strong gust of wind brushed through my pelts and furs.

I trembled as I felt my wolf energy lose a huge chuck and get replaced by something heavy. It immediately made my shoulders sag, and I grunted to myself, knowing what was happening.

But it was my choice. My only choice.

“Aktor magaht let mohobe Livia!” she yelled, and my scream followed as I fell to my knees and squinted at the mind-blowing pain that shattered my insides.

I supported myself on my hands, having lost all strength, and gaped at the gray stones under me. This was overwhelming, and it was defeating everything I was. This curse I was putting on Petra was going to turn my world upside down. It was going to destroy me, but it was also going to bring me the satisfaction of doing the same to her.

And what could be better than that?

My hatred strengthened my bones and helped me hold on as dark energy replaced the one that let me shift into my wolf. Heartbreak roared through me even though I knew it was something that was meant to happen. I was going to gradually lose my ability to shift, my body would weaken, and I would become just a crumpled sheet of the person I used to be, but…

I blinked as my eyes saw white-hot anger in the shape of that woman. 

Her blonde, wavey hair that Zephyr caressed all the time. 

Her pouty small lips that were so opposite of my full lips and Zephyr loved to kiss. 

Her small, round face that filled his eyes with adoration.

This was my fire. The animosity that ruled over my entire being.

I lost everything because of them.

My heart didn’t beat the way it did before.

My smile wasn’t the same as before. It was gone.

My parents disowned me, and my clan turned its back on me.

I was nobody because of them now. Because my f*ck*ng mate chose a two-faced fox b*tch instead of his best friend, his one, true mate who could fill the missing spots in his soul.

They crushed me.

And I was returning the favor.

I gritted my teeth and stood through the torture as the sensation I was getting robbed of everything swam through me. This woke the feeling of desperation I’d fought to stifle before I came up with the plan for destruction.

“It’s done,” Krietna calmly said, and I lifted my gaze to her.

Her eyes were back to their pale colors, only this time, there were red blobs swimming in them. I stared at the cold mask on her face and stood up.

“It’s done?” I repeated, trying to determine the truthfulness of her words. I knew she always turned whatever deals she’d made into reality, but I was sacrificing everything I had left. My life was sold.

“Yes.” She bobbed her head barely visibly. “The girl will die in three weeks. It would be painful and torturous. Three days after she dies, you will perish too. That is the price you’re paying. So, take those three days to enjoy your victory, because when you go to the underworld, you would pay the price for putting a death curse on someone else.”

I didn’t grace her with a response. I turned around and started climbing up the stone stairs. Although they were leading to the outside world, there was no light at all. We were miles underground. And now, I had to climb all these stairs on my own. Weakness made my vision blurry, and I supported myself on the cave wall.

The witch’s manic laughter echoed through the huge space as she disappeared into the darkness and blended with it. She thought I was foolish, didn’t she? That I could’ve killed Petra on my own.

But no. The reality wasn’t that simple. If I did that, I was going to cause a war between our kinds. She was the daughter of the fox clan’s second in charge. This was going to embarrass my parents even further, and it was going to cause more victims than necessary. The only person I wanted dead was her.

Centuries ago, the fox shifters had tricked the cat shifters and had stolen their nine-lives ability. It had destroyed the cat shifters, and to me, it just proved what kind of clan they were. Traitors. Cheaters. Murderers.

Because of this nine-lives ability, they were nearly impossible to kill, and every other shifter kind strived to have them on their side. Could I risk the wolves’ well-being? No. Even if they turned their backs on me, I was still on their side.

Panting and gasping, I struggled to reach the exit of the cave. The first few hours after the curse was put, I was going to experience its strongest effects over my body and soul. It was the merging of the black magic with my being.

I made a few more excruciating steps and collapsed on the stairs face-front. I turned my head to the side, breathing out dust, and stared at the rocks and walls. There were bats that were making fun of me, waiting for the moment I died. I wondered if they were going to report my state to the underworld and notify the demons for my inevitable descension.

A breath left my lips, and I closed my eyes, letting darkness take over me.


When I opened my lids, it was because of the coldness that was making my bones shudder. I, as a wolf, never felt cold, so this was an unpleasant realization that caused my guts to wrench. I lifted myself on my hands and looked around, trying to listen for any danger. My ears were ringing.

I grunted and shook my head, striving to get my senses back, but that just made my head spin harder. I reached for my wolf, and it stirred from its deep sleep. My need for her made her alert, and that helped me regain my senses.

I was all alone in the cave, and except for the bats and a few poisonous creatures, there was nothing else here. The air was palpitating with black magic, but Krietna was gone.

Pushing myself to my feet, I started walking to the exit. I didn’t have time. I needed to see the proof of my curse and hide my scent.

Fresh air teased my nose, and I stepped firmer on the rocks, eager to see the outside. As I stepped out of the cave, blinding light made me co


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