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The book of Babel

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Synopsis: In a Victorian France of the 19th century, a Globetrotter had arrived from far away whose name was Cain de Ceniz thanks to an Automaton Airship, this Man was in search of a unique Book whose only known information was thanks to legends and fantasy tales, it was the Grimoire of Babel whose pages contained words that would be the cause of the curse that the Vampires carried and that turned them into predators against all reason and conscience that they possessed. Cain on his way to the truth will join forces with Erza, a human doctor, and together they will go into action with the purpose of freeing these Vampires from these curses. However, a group with different motivations is approaching the same country? Will they be able to discover the truth of the Grimoire and not fail in the process? <End of Synopsis. Novel Genres: Dark Fantasy, Vampires, Steampunk, Action, Adventure, Mystery, Supernatural, Romance, Drama, Historical.

Chapter 1

Long, long ago, around the beginning of the prophets and urban legends, vampires were born, a superior variant of humans who at that time were said to be a product of the Crimson eclipse that was seen all over the world at that time where the conjunction of all the spheres occurred and of which there was supposed to be only darkness and yet on that day something out of the ordinary was seen.

These Vampires were the first and they all carried two characteristics that distinguished them from humans, their red eyes and sharp fangs, soon they came together as a group, started their own secret society and noticing the difference they had with the rest of the society as they do not age and drink blood, they come to the conclusion that a name is needed to differentiate them and created a clan "Crimson Moon" that unites them as a group with a clear hierarchy.

Everything went very well in their lives until it started to go relatively wrong because mysteriously something supernatural happened again, suddenly and on a full moon night, the moon turned blue and that was when descendants of the vampires of the only clan in the world were born with blue eyes, Among these descendants stood out a boy with the name of "Babel" that being seen as the black sheep of his family decided to leave but not before promising something and create his own clan of vampires with blue eyes that presented different skills more specialized in magic than in the physical as the reddish eyes.

The Azure clan would see the birth of its leader so abruptly at the age of only 15 years old, who is also said to be the most beautiful conscious being in the world.

Babel was still discriminated against, physically and mentally abused, hated to the core and blamed for the loss of his mother dubbed as a demon of misfortune even after only a year of living.

Such was the amount of hatred Babel received in his lifetime that it did not take long to create sequels and one day Babel looking at the dark and starry sky vowed - I will take revenge not now and not tomorrow but someday I will ensure the downfall of all of you.

The vampires of the Azure clan were so unique in their own way but such was their leader Babel that he harbored a great hatred and resentment towards his family and every red eyed vampire that soon it would not take long to create the flames of conflict that would spark into a war that would vastly reduce the number of vampires around the world.

Babel came up with the idea to put all his knowledge of arcane sorcery and put it all together in a mechanized Grimoire with a glowing Kristal stone that would only activate upon contact with another member of the Azure Clan.

A machined Grimoire bearing a highly refined Jewel made of Kristal, a mineral as important as it is necessary, capable of creating the first automatons. This Grimoire contained every ounce of the vast knowledge of the arcane that Babel possessed and was created with the goal of corrupting the vampires of the first Generation and making them lose their true names, all conscience and self-control turning them completely into animals. This would turn the balance of the war he was losing and in his favor....

The catastrophe caused by this book was such that it caused more hatred and resentment creating a cycle of racism and discrimination among the same species.

Babel after not winning the war but not losing it either since it ended in a mutual peace agreement between him and Acastor the red-eyed leader.

Babel locked himself in his tower and never came out again, maybe he was hibernating like any lord waiting for a sign to wake up or maybe he was planning something but what everyone was sure of was that this was just the calm before a very big storm that would involve not only the Vampire clans in the future.

. . .

"Master... Is that really how this story ends?" - Asks with a smile an adorable little brown boy with natural ash-colored hair, eyebrows and eyelashes of the same color and eyes whose irises were black dressed like a Victorian high society gentleman in his suit and tie sitting on the lap of his teacher, a Caucasian, blond man with grayish eyes of good looks who was dressed in an elegant simple silk suit with dark colors and who besides answering him held in his fingers a small tale - "Cain. This is how the story of Babel and its history ends. Now tell me something what is the moral you got through this tale?"

Cain answers him as he hears sounds of an engine in constant motion identical to a train - "Hmm well.... I think it wants to teach that you have to know how to forgive and overcome hatred" - the teacher tells him breaking his stoic face - "Interesting and do you like this short story with an open ending?" - Cain shakes his head and the teacher asks him - "Why didn't you like it?"

Then Cain replies - "I thought it was very boring" - the teacher nods and says - "Well it's boring because it's not fantasy but it tells a historical fact that happened".

"Does that mean Babel existed?"

"Not only did it exist, but I fought against Babel at the time!"

Cain looks at his master and says - "Eh? What?" - his master looks at him raising an eyebrow - "Well it's because I was born in the same year Babel was born but I was part of the Crimson Moon Clan because of my Red eyes" - Cain nods several times looking excited and then asks - "That means my master is someone famous".

"Haha well I wouldn't say I'm someone famous but I did get certain merits in the War of the Roses.... Talking about it now brings back some good memories of that time" - hearing his master say that causes Cain to say - "Then my master is very old!" - those words cause the master to laugh for several seconds and reply - "Hey Cain, I'm not that old, I'm just a baby compared to the progenitors who are really old."

Cain changes the subject - "Master, which clan do I belong to?" - the master answers him - "Of course to the Crimson Moon clan" - Cain asks him looking with a nervous tone - "Ehh!? But I have black eyes!" - the master laughs again and plays with Cain's hair - "The vampires of our clan only show their true eyes when feeling hungry, will go, among other things. Of course if one practices one can come to control when to awaken that side voluntarily."

Cain nods and looks out the window with sparkles in his eyes admiring the very green and beautiful scenery of nature from a seat on a moving train - "But master, if we are vampires, why don't we drink blood?" - The master nods and answers him - "Why there is no need, supreme vampires can fill their stomach with food and satisfy their thirst with ordinary water."

"But then what about the curse bearers?".

The master first looks out the window ignoring the curious look of his disciple and answers - "What happens to the Babel curse bearers is that they are vampires with bad fortune who are stripped of their true names and gradually lose their conscience and common sense transforming them into beasts with insatiable thirst for blood" - Cain continues to ask with a thoughtful look - "Is there a cure for this curse and what causes the curse?".

The master looks out the window - "What causes the curse is that the curse bearers lose their true names because the book of Babel has the power to persuade the vampire to give his true name to the holder of this book. Each of the vampires has a true name and only one knows it for sure. That is why you must not tell your true name to anyone, including me, nor fall into deception and the cure.... That only Babel would know with certainty" - the master answers him not clarifying any doubt of the disciple and continues saying - "Cain you are a very curious child so, in the future you will probably travel through many Kingdoms and countries to satisfy that thirst for knowledge that you have and if so, maybe you will discover what happened to Babel and his freedman".

. . .

(18 years later: POV: Cain of Ceniz)

Dear diary, it was already the year 1837, this year I am 23 years old and only 3 years ago I started my search and I found concrete clues that lead me to the beautiful and port city Foceana with the name of "Marseille" in France, although I was surprised to learn that this is where Count Zeke lives, one of the vampires of the Crimson Moon clan participating in the War of the Roses, I was even more surprised to learn the concrete information of all the clues gathered so far.

It is said that there is a member of the Azure Clan stalking vampires of the Crimson Moon clan and they are never seen again in this very city. This is surprising because finding members of the Azure clan nowadays and even more accurate information like this is almost impossible unless they want to be seen first. There are many rumors regarding this member such as: 1st that she is a human 'I dismissed that theory right away because of how absurd it sounds for a human to be part of a vampire clan and I also slapped the Dhampir who sold me this information'.

2nd that she is a vampire who is sadistic and quite unhinged and has a lot of screws loose in her head 'I also dismissed this theory since it was said in the old days that members of the Azure Clan were very calm and reasonable'.

3rd that she is still a vampire of the Azure clan but not just any member but a direct descendant of Babel and a bearer of the legendary book 'I choose to go for this theory as it sounds somewhat likely.

Be that as it may right now I am traveling on a G.D.A heading towards the already written Marseille where the Marseille terminal is located where this metallic airship carrying me and other passengers is supposed to stop. I had my doubts about it since this year I could not attend the birthday of my dear friend Jubia, the birthday also of Kaiser anyway I made sure to send a letter to my two friends and my teacher in advance.

I sincerely missed them but this objective that my master entrusted me with is very important and I must get to Marseille quickly to speak with Count Zeke. I suspect that he must know more concrete information.

. . .

Cain is now a tall (190cm) and very attractive young man, well built at the age of 25. He has brown skin, a long, angular face, fine, black, almond-shaped eyes, and thin eyebrows. His hair is short, white and fluffy, reaching past his ears. Although her hair does not usually cover her eyes, her bangs are parted to the right, causing some of her hair to fall over her face. Some of his hair is above the rest in the front, on the left. He was dressed in a blue Victorian suit mixed with a gothic style with a simple white shirt and dark gloves and dark boots.

He would close his little journal as he finished writing it and put it back in his suitcase with the rest of his luggage then get up from his seat in a coffee shop.

Cain was leaving the premises in what appeared to be a huge establishment of stores ranging from restaurants to clothing stores and a single hostelry and he was walking as he listened intently to the constantly running engines of the automaton airship he was in. There were in addition to him quite a few passengers who paid for a ticket to the same destination. Cain found himself with sparkles in his eyes admiring and looking at different local curiosity and there was a lot of movement and noises everywhere from couples going on their honeymoon, fathers and mothers with their children....

Cain then reached the back of the hallway where the transparent glasses were and with sparkles in his eyes he exclaims amazed by the view of the sky and that is when he is interrupted by a Miss who looked the same age as him asking him - "Excuse the interruption but may I know what is the name of the gentleman?" - the young man turns to look at the lady who interrupted him and replied - "My name is Cain De Ceniz why in the world would the lady ask me my name?"

The lady was dressed in an orange Victorian dress that looked good in contrast with her pale white skin, she had a slender body that stood out with her dress, a nice natural face without makeup that combined with her reddish lips plus her brown eyes made her stand out, long straight brown hair tied back leaving her neck uncovered and in general she had the ideal appearance of a young lady of her time. This lady says to Cain - "I asked you because I was interested in you since I saw you looking at the stars with so much attention, oh excuse my manners, my name is Alicia Greenwood and I am also a tourist."

Cain nods looking at her with some curiosity while he continues holding his suitcase with his left hand and asks her realizing that she spoke in English with a Scottish accent - "You are Scottish?" - Alicia nods and asks him looking at him surprised - "You found out so fast? To think that I'm still not fully fluent in neutral English, I apologize if I caused you any discomfort understanding some words".

Cain shakes his head and replies with a smile - "Please don't apologize. I find it more adorable to hear your accent so genuine because it gives a lot of identity to the lady" - hearing those words causes Alicia to smile calmly, a little blushing for his words and then she tells him speaking unabashedly with her Scottish accent - "Then I hope you don't mind. May I know where you come from? Your surname and bearing tells me that you are a Spanish gentleman with all the words".

Cain replies - "Let's just say I have Spanish roots in Buenos Aires, Argentina" - Alicia looks at him with wide eyes and says - "So far away? You must be a descendant of some Spanish nobleman because it's hard to find someone nowadays who speaks more than two languages so fluently" - Cain nods and says - "When you become a globetrotter like me, learning languages comes naturally. And looking at her I can't help but ask what it took for a Scot to go all the way to Marseille?"

Alice replies with a bright face - "A new life. Since I was a child I have learned French from my grandfather so I will take advantage of this knowledge to get employed in this new France that is under the command of Emperor Napoleon although I'm sure none of this sounds interesting to a globetrotter like you who surely saw many things and I could ask you the same question. What has taken you all the way to Marseille?" - Cain tells him looking again at the sky and especially at the full moon - "The good food, great monuments, merchants from all over the world and the view of the sea although most of all.... The book of Babel."

The last word causes Alice to startle and suddenly her pupils dilate a little, her breathing becomes a little agitated, she swallows her saliva and looks straight into Cain's dark and sharp eyes and just as she opened her mouth, a voice sounds that is heard throughout the place - "Dear passengers, In 60 minutes we will arrive at our destination so please do not forget any of your belongings inside the G.D.A" - Cain says to Alice - "Miss Alice, do you believe in Vampires? It is curious why it is said by sources like newspapers that there are wild vampires like beasts that attack at night in the city of Marseille".

Alicia upon hearing his words, becomes even paler than before, breathing even more shakily as if she is short of air, that makes Cain continue to tell her - "You look very pale Miss Alicia. Do you need help with your luggage? Surely there must be a doctor nearby who can help you more than I can in terms of health" - Alicia nods and folds her arms thinking 'How cold, it's so cold all of a sudden' as she walks alongside Noah heading towards her room.

Alicia asks him with a doubtful look looking at the floor - "That story.... The book of Babel... Do you really believe that such a thing... exists?" - Noah answers - "... I don't know however I'm heading to Marseille to see for myself" - Alice falls to the floor breathing heavily and Noah asks her with a tone of concern while offering her his hand to lift her off the floor - "Miss Alice. Are you all right?" - Alicia hits Noé's hand and replies - "!Don't touch me!" - The light is immediately cut throughout the place while Alicia grunts in pain holding her own head tightly and a sound is heard so loud that it enters the ear of every passenger - "!Boom!" - sounds of broken glass on the ceiling and through which they manage to see two individuals who fall squarely on the floor of the large hallway, in a single second a group chaos is submerged among the passengers who flee in panic.

That's when Alicia starts to sprout two large fangs and her eyes were as red as jewels that even glowed in the dark. Cain then says - "Mademoseille Alice. You are a vampire" - Alicia looks agitatedly at Cain for those words and they both hear a female voice that interrupts them coming from one of the two individuals that fell from the ceiling - "I... found you" - said individual jumps immediately with open arms to catch a confused Alicia with no time to react however Cain with very fast reflexes immediately carries Alicia like a princess and takes her away from this suspicious woman.

Then this woman gets up from the floor and walks to a corner where there was light, revealing her appearance, a slim young woman with a very athletic physical form, small build and tall for a lady, probably measuring 175 cm. She has white skin, large and expressive eyes, round face and small chin. Her eyes are of a strong blue color. Her hair is long, black and irregularly cut, she also has a fringe that falls in the center of her attractive face. Both of his ears were pierced, a simple hoop worn in his right ear, while his left ear was pierced with a golden hourglass earring and two rings through the helix. He wears a white shirt over black pants, a dark red striped vest, a large red bow tie and an oversized black coat. As accessories, he wears a long, wide ribbon tied in a bow as a belt, short boots with white leggings, and black gloves with claws embedded in the fingertips. His coat is long, with a wide collar and a single button, large enough to fall frequently over one shoulder. On her belt, she wears a large Grimoire-like book, two knives, and inside her coat, two portable toolboxes were visible.

This young woman spoke - "I almost have it in my hands.... What are you?" - Cain holding Alicia in his arms asks - "The same thing I ask you" - The young woman smiles from ear to ear and answers - "Listen to my words carefully. I have business and it is with that Mademoseille. Get lost or else you will get hurt" - Cain looks as Alice has her eyes closed and answers him - "She refused me".

"I refused your refusal."

Without waiting for him to finish his words. This young woman brandishes both of her knives in both hands and places her body taking strength to launch herself and starts her attack, each one directed towards Cain's neck however Cain dodges each of her attacks as if nothing, moving his head and body without any intention of doubt in his head.

The young woman continues attacking, trying to fulfill her words and speaks to Cain between her attacks - "!HaHaHaHaHa¡ not bad to be carrying that weight" - However this young woman misses one of her attacks and that's when she seems to press a button placed on the hilt of her knife, there the blade of the knife shoots out held by a wire...

"What the hell with this guy!?"

Cain also manages to dodge this surprise attack but he was very surprised by it however he did not remember that the young woman had two knives and the other one also shot out only what the blade of this one did not come out aimed at Cain's head but at the leg forming a kind of knot trapping it in mid-movement causing Cain to lose his balance.


It was there that Cain keeping his face stoic feels that he is falling, this young girl approached his position in a matter of seconds with a speed of an elite athlete and that's when Cain throws Alicia gathering all his strength towards the ceiling surprising the girl who stops in an instant watching Alicia fly up to the ceiling in an instant without blinking and the same could be said of the other individual who was watching from the darkness this fight.


There and without mercy Cain instantly regains his balance doing a pirouette, in an instant he reaches the side of this young woman who attacked them and gives her a clean punch in the stomach sending her flying into the wall. Cain stands in the same place as before, jumps and arrives immediately to once again carry Alicia in his arms.

The other individual who arrived with the woman with the knives asks her - "Hey Healer are you alive?" - The woman stands up and answers him - "I am not "Curandera"! HaHaHaHaHa well, that was kind of careless of me. Those red eyes like gems!!!. He's a vampire too, isn't he? Now hurry up with the preparations, by the looks of it, there's little time left".

Chapter 2

The other individual who arrived with the woman with the knives asks - "Hey Curandera Are you alive?" - The woman stands up and answers him - "I am not "Curandera"! HaHaHaHaHa well, that was kind of careless of me. Those red eyes like gems!!!. He's a vampire too, isn't he? Now hurry up, by the looks of it there's little time left."

. . .

It's cold...

It's very cold...

Alice suddenly finds herself immersed in a field of beautiful and exotic flowers as she closes her eyes and is being carried by Cain.

In that beautiful and bright field of flowers where animals and nature followed its beautiful course there was something out of the norm, something that was contrary to the atmosphere and the environment around her.

A shadow that little by little took the shape of a human body, but it was still a shadow without mouth or eyes, so he designed them himself. A white smile in the darkness and white ey


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