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Gallardo nicolas

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I reincarnated in another world and brought a cube from my favorite video game with me. Being a Mage or a Knight? It's not a question when I can being both. They will hunt me down? Let them triy. Being a legendary blacksmith by taking advantage of my future knowledge in blacksmithing? is it morally wrong? Yes, but I will make the most of each of my knowledge of the future to bring changes to this world. Be a knight and then be a magician? why not better I am both. Genre: Romance, Comedy, Action, Determinación, Will, Fantasy, Weak to Strong, Male MC,

The book of Babel
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Synopsis: In a Victorian France of the 19th century, a Globetrotter had arrived from far away whose name was Cain de Ceniz thanks to an Automaton Airship, this Man was in search of a unique Book whose only known information was thanks to legends and fantasy tales, it was the Grimoire of Babel whose pages contained words that would be the cause of the curse that the Vampires carried and that turned them into predators against all reason and conscience that they possessed. Cain on his way to the truth will join forces with Erza, a human doctor, and together they will go into action with the purpose of freeing these Vampires from these curses. However, a group with different motivations is approaching the same country? Will they be able to discover the truth of the Grimoire and not fail in the process? <End of Synopsis. Novel Genres: Dark Fantasy, Vampires, Steampunk, Action, Adventure, Mystery, Supernatural, Romance, Drama, Historical.


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