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The Blue Rose

The Blue Rose

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Sage is a young seventeen year old girl who turns eighteen in two days, she lives in the Black Sword pack led by the Alpha King, Zero and his mate, Haven. She is the daughter of Duke who is the Delta of the pack and Relynn who is a scout. The night Sage was born it was underneath a blood red moon and a dark cloudy sky. Now as she reaches the time of eighteenth birthday, she is filled with fear and anxiety. Despite her parents efforts to calm their daughter down, the pack is visited by many strange wolves who are powerful and wish to trade land for peace. However one specific male has no intention of keeping the deal if he doesn't get Sage. Now, she faces a hard decision that faces many threats and dangerous situations no matter what way she chooses. Will Sage go with this strange man? Will she stay with her pack and family? Or maybe, will she leave it all behind?

Early Morning

"Sage! Hurry your ass up!" A girl yelled. Her voice echoing through the halls and up the stairs. "Ms. Willow, I can assure you that screaming profanity in my house like that won't make you two leave any faster." Relynn said.

"I'm sorry, ma'am. However we both planned leave as soon as the mall opens, and I want to beat the ten a.m traffic before it hits." Willow said as she looked down, avoiding her friends mothers glare.

"Well I am very sorry to burst your bubble, however neither of you are leaving until you've had breakfast." Relynn said with a gentle sounding voice but held a firm command to it.

"Mother, I promise you we would never skip out on your cooking." Sage said as she walked down the stairs in a rush, her brown hair in a ponytail and she wore a white tank top with black ripped jeans and black boots.

"Good, now sit down and I'll get your plates ready." She said. Relynn turned back around and finished making the girls breakfast while the two talked.

"Did you seriously needed to take an eternity just to get ready? I mean we have two days before your birthday and you still have no clothes for the celebration!" Willow whispered to Sage, who was sitting across from her at the table.

"Yes, if my parents find out about the his party you planned before notice they will freak! Especially my mom" Sage said, she was playing with her hair, which she often does when she freaks out. "Oh calm down, the party will be supervised and guarded by my parents and other guards, so nothing bad will happen tomorrow night." Willow said with a grin.

Sage still didn't find any comfort in her best friends words, just because it was guarded and supervised doesn't mean nothing bad will happen. "And here you two go. Enjoy." Relynn says with a smile, she leaned down and pressed a kiss on top of her daughters head before walking upstairs.

The two girls are in silence before Willow broke it. "Besides, aren't you excited? You meet your wolf in less than two days now, I bet she will be beautiful just like mine!" Willow said with a squeal.

Willow was nineteen going onto twenty, the two shared the same birthday week, with Sage being September 15th and Willow being the 19th. The only difference is that Willow was two years older then Sage and she had met her wolf a year ago, only a month after her eighteenth birthday due to some... painful events.

However she was right, Quinn was very beautiful. She was a light brown wolf with darker brown markings on her paws and ears, and even a little bit on her tail.

"Yes I'm excited but...what about everything else? I'm not ready to be able to sense my mate, I'm not ready for my bones breaking and rearranging every time when a change. Sure over time I'll get used to it but I won't be ready for that in TWO days!" Sage said, fear very clearly lacing her voice.

Willow looked at her friend with sympathy in her eyes, reaching over she grabbed Sage's hand in her own and linked her fingers with hers. "I won't lie to you." Willow started.

"Yes, for the first time it will be extremely painful. However after a while of shifting you will grow used to the pain, and then it will feel like nothing." She said as she held her Sage's hand, running her thumb over the back of her hand.

Willow got up and grabbed their plates, unlinking her hand with Sage's she goes to the sink and sets the plates down with a 'thunk'.

"If you guys break my plates I'll have you both on work duty!" Relynn yelled from upstairs, causing the two girls to laugh as they walked out the house together.

"Have a good day girls." Duke said as the two passed. "Oh, and Willow?" He yelled making the girls turn around to look at him.

"Don't do anything stupid with my daughter." He said, his voice filled with a warning, making Willow gulp. "Dad! I'll be home by four!" Sage said before she got into the car.

The crash

As the two walk into the town mall many people were everywhere. Some human, some apart of the packs that surrounded the town.

The two walked into a store that was less crowded and not so busy, Willow smiled as she held up a dress that would be considered very revealing to Relynn if she saw it.

It was a golden fabric dress that had the sides and the whole back to her lower waist uncovered. Instead of straps that went around the shoulders, the dress had a connected turtle neck like style.

Sage chuckled at Willow as she was practically fawning over how many dresses were inside the store. She turned around and looked around for a dress that she liked.

After a while of looking, she stopped suddenly and looked at a beautiful cream colored dress. It hung off the shoulders of the mannequin and the fabric was a lovely soft silk for the skirt and lace top.

"Hey Willow! I think I found something!" Sage called as she looked that the dress. After a whi


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