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The Beta's Unwanted Mate

The Beta's Unwanted Mate

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"That night meant nothing to me Olivia." "You were just like another girl to me." He smirked, "and you KNOW how I do girls. I lure them," he took a crumpled paper in his hands and softly straightened it, "I fuck them. HARD." He tore the paper off in pieces, "and then, I throw them out of my life," he concluded, crushing the paper into a ball and throwing it with a perfect shot in the bin. I looked up at him in shock, anger and heartbreak. "You actually thought I got jealous!" He scoffed. Out of nowhere he threw me against the wall and I gasped as his arm pressed by my sides and he trapped me. "ALSO, DON'T YOU DARE CALL ME YOUR MATE AGAIN!" he growled, I breathed heavily as fear started crawling in. Tears flowed down my face. I struggled to breathe. "I NEVER wanted a mate. Especially not like you." He gave me a glare as if the mere sight of me disgusted him. "Who would want a mate like you anyways, huh? You're ugly, nerdy, clingy, way-too-innocent and being with you will DESTROY my social reputation." Listening to those words shattered my Wolf and she howled in pain. I gasped, trying to get some air but he pressed me against the wall harder. "Look at you," he chuckled, "So pathetic. You're not even able to defend yourself. Moon goddess made a mistake mating you with me. I will correct it ." "I won't reject you," he said, "oh no no. Rejection is easy. I will TORTURE you. I will sleep with other girls, I will flirt with them in front of your eyes and I will watch you and your wolf die everyday. I will break you to the limit where you won't ever be able to come back. And then, I will leave you to rot." "One last thing. Don't you DARE tell anyone that we are mates. Are we clear?" I nodded frantically, my heart clenching till where it was unbearable. He let out a dark chuckle and released me,"Good girl." I collapsed on the floor and almost passed out from the lack of air in my lungs. He just walked away & left me there to rot.

01 | Cheap thrills

"Baby I don't need dollar bills to have fun


I love cheap thrills"


*Chance Sommerfield*

(Warning- a little of 'bad words' or 'cuss.

words' have bee used)

I used a towel to dry my hair a bit as I stand in front of the mirror after my shower. Football is my love. My passion. But sweaty jerseys is something I just can't handle and I have to take a shower after every game. I am a clean freak like that.

I was gelling my hair in the perfect spike, sprayed on some cologne that gets all the girls go crazy on me and pulled on a simple v-neck shirt that showed off my tone chest when my phone ping-ed with a message. I ignored it at first, assuming it was some slut I fucked before, asking to come over and I wasn't interested.

You see, it's kind of a pact I have made with myself that I would never fuck the same girl again. I don't have a big reason for that. It's just that it would be kind of boring to pound the same cunt again. My dick deserves better.

And there are plenty girls out there in the market anyways. So why fuck the same one twice? Half of the fun is in discovering their pleasure points anyway. Everyone has them at diffrent places you know and I love the chase. I love to have a new girl in my bed every night and have some fun time with her.

I bit my lip and run my hand through my hair, suddenly in a mood.

I was about to leave when my phone ping-ed again. This time I decided to check, just in case she's sent nudes too.

If a girl sends you nudes, you stop and appreciate them. I am a simple guy like that.

To my surprise it wasn't some chic. Instead it was my best friend Reece, informing me about a party.

From- Reece

To- Chance

Hey bro, it's someone's birthday party today. Wanna come?

I rolled my eyes. Why do I have a feeling that it's going to be boring as a 5 year old's birthday party?

From- Chance

To- Reece


From- Reece

To- Chance

I don't know man. Mom said we have to go. It's someone important.

From- Chance

To- Reece

As long as I have a chance of getting laid.

From- Reece

To- Chance

Who would fuck your flaccid, tiny dick, huh?

I chuckled at his message. He asked for it.

From- Chance

To- Reece

Flaccid, tiny dick, eh? That's not what your sister said last night when I made her scream my name.

From- Reece

To- Chance

I don't have a sister, Chance.

I laughed again. This little bitch.

From- Chance

To- Reece

Shhhh, you are killing my vibe.

From- Reece

To- Chance

Whatever, see you at the party. Don't forget your pump honey. You know how much you need it. ;)

I quickly send him an insult from my side and shook my head in amusement. That's what best friends do. Insult and tease the fuck out of each other.

But when someone else tries to say anything to the other, we go all ballistic and defensive.

I have known Reece my entire life. We were inseparable even as kids. And why not? We were Alpha and Beta. So naturally, to run the pack in a better way, we had to get along well.

I opened my bedside drawer and took a few condoms out, tucking them in my jeans. Picking up my phone I grinned at myself. I have a party to attend.


"So are you officially turning into a nun now?" Reece, the bitch, said sliding on a chair next to me.

I rolled my eyes and flipped him off. "Just because I haven't grinded into a cute butt yet, doesn't mean I am not going to."

"Yeah right. All you have done since you've come here is drink and stare into space."

I took a sip of my 3rd beer. He was right. I haven't even flirted with anyone yet.

When I came to this party, I was all up for getting laid. But now I am kind of brooding in the corner like my bitch died or something.

"I don't know man. My wolf is kinda off rightnow." I told him truthfully. My wolf ‐‐ Lupus, was kind of restless. Don't get me wrong, he's NEVER thrilled at the idea of me getting laid. To him it's like infidelity to future mate blah blah blah, but I don't care.

Today however, it was diffrent. Instead of constantly whining about not having a mate, he was practically jumping up and down in my mind, frantically looking for something.

God know's what's wrong with him.

Reece had a concerned expression for a second which immediately morphed into a teasing one but before he could say anything, his name was called and he looked behind.

A chic wrapped her arms around his neck from behind and whispered something in his ear with a seductive look on her face. Reece smirked immediately and gave a triumphant look.

I rolled my eyes. This was definitely the girl he is going to bang tonight. She was exactly like his type. Curved ass and perky boobs.

We both usually went for the same kind of girls but the only difference was that I liked tall girls, whereas he preferred shorties.

I am not into virgins though. Not AT ALL. I have banged a few before, and they were nothing but high maintenance.

'Taking care' of some girl who I won't be seeing after the night is not what I mean by a nice fuck.

Call me a jerk. I don't care.

'Okay seriously Lupus. What the fuck is wrong with you? I asked my wolf who had literally started howling in my head.

'Mate' Lupus said, panting.

I rolled my eyes mentally, 'Can you stop obsessing over your imaginary mate for a while Lupus? We don't have one. So chill down.'

I had turned 18 last month. And dad threw a huge party. Celebrating the fact that the new beta has become 18. The purpose of the party was simple. Just like every other parents out there, he wanted me to find my mate. He invited the entire pack and some important people from the neighboring packs as well. Everyone expected me to find my mate that night.

I didn't.

No big deal though. I was kind of glad about it. Because Mates means commitment and I was not looking for one right now.

Commitment scares me. And for someone who never been in a relationship, I didn't want to start now.

I an too young anyways. I want to enjoy my life right now. My mate can wait.

'You disgust me!' Said Lupus, scoffing in my brain. 'I don't care about what you think. I can kinda sense her here. Get your lazy ass up from this place and get moving. Explore this place as much as you can. We have to catch a whiff of her scent.'

I rolled my eyes but obligated anyways. I don't want him to be whining about this later. He will learn his lesson when we'll return mateless, anyway.

Walking around the house I surprisingly didn't look at or flirt with other girls. Maybe I was intrigued too.

Is my mate really here?


I was nearing the dance area when suddenly everything went dark.

Everyone groaned in annoyance. Powercut.

I sighed. Powercuts are unusual, but not unheard of. Anytime now though, the generators would be switched on and lights will come back.

I was hoping whoever owns this house invested in a gener-

"Owwww!" I hissed, when a body collided into mine and I rubbed my arm.

"Watch out!" I curses at the person but it was soon followed by a soft apology.

"Oh my god! I am so sorry-" She cut herself off with a gasp as her skin touched mine and I felt little sparks ignited in my arm.

My eyes widened as I felt them and Lupus howled in joy inside of me.

I have found my mate?

Holy mother of Jesus…

Her hand reached out to touch my face in the dark and I inhaled sharply. The tingles I felt spread from my face to my toes and I can't say I hated them.

But just when I opened my mouth to ask who she was, lights came back on and I saw her face.

"YOU?" I bellowed angrily, pushing her off of me.

She gasped at my push and fell on the ground, like she hadn't expected it.

I didn't feel an ounce of regret though. She deserves it.

"KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF ME YOU BITCH!" I said as I almost spat at her.

She was still in shock looking at the ground when I gave her a disgusted glance and walked off.

To hell being mates.


–1522 words –

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Chance's wolfs name is named "Lupus" after wolf's biological name— that is, canis Lupus.

Also Chance is a jerk.

I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter! Olivia's POV from the next chapter.

You can also consider this chapter as more of an introduction to which Chance really is



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02 | radioactive

"I'm breaking in and shaping up,

Then checking out on the prison bus

This is it, the apocalypse."

02| radioactive

●Olivia Hart●

As cliche as it sounds, I hate parties. Especially the ones that include my parents or relatives.

Because the moment I knew that there will be relatives at a party, I know what is going to go down.

But it's not like you can really turn the party offer down with it's your own birthday…

Fuck my life.

"Oh my god! OLIVIA! Is that you, honey? Holly Molly! It's been so long!" My aunty Hannah, gushed as she squeezed me in one of her bone crashing hugs.

Awww look at you, getting demonstrations already.

"You have grown up so much!" She gushed again.

What the fuck are you talking about, woman? You literally saw me last week. And the only thing I have managed to grow is that interval is my armpit hair.

And a little bit of moustac


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