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The Badass Luna

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Seraphine was a descendant of the Goddess of Wolves. Because of this, the tyrant Alpha of the Blood Moon pack oppressed her father and enslaved her mother. To keep her safe, Seraphine was entrusted to a great master and hid in the deep mountains. With drastic training and the blood of the wolf Creator in her veins, Seraphine grows more powerful day by day. Her angelic beauty only matches her strength. Before her 18th birthday, Seraphine returns to the village of her mother and befriends the daughter of her parent enemy. But destiny has another cruel joke —— The mate destined for Seraphine was the groom of her new friend. What hardships await Seraphine at the tribe? Will her true powers awaken? Will she prefer friendship or her destined love? In the end... Will Seraphine show forgiveness or seek retribution?

Chapter 1

In the Mountains,

“Teacher John Mayer, are you sure you can take care of Seraphine? She’s only three years old; you might have a hard time,” Grandma Sarah said, worrying as she looked around the house.

Teacher John Mayer laughed, “Don’t worry, I can take care of these little angels,” he replied as he took Seraphine to Sarah.

“Mom, don’t worry. Teacher Mayer can take care of Seraphine, and you have taught him everything he should do,” Mara retorted while laughing as she arranged the kitchen supplies. She has also set Seraphine’s belongings so that Teacher Mayer can easily find her needs in the future.

Sarah sighed, “Okay, every weekend, we bring your supply. I also made a list of the do’s and don’ts of taking care of the baby.” She added.

Teacher Mayer just nodded and took Seraphine out of the house and played there.

“Don’t worry, Mom, the baby will be okay here. You saw how teacher Mayer took care of her, “ Mara said while watching the two.

It was getting dark when Mara and Sarah decided to leave the mountain.

“So, it’s just you and me, little child,” Teacher Mayer said with a smile as he entered the room.


The next few days were peaceful for Teacher Mayer and Seraphine; it wasn’t hard to take care of the child because she didn’t cry or get sick.

And as discussed, every weekend, Mara and Sarah visit them to provide supplies. And it is also the time Teacher Mayer gets down to go to the city; that’s when he has time to do the things he needs to do.

“Where do you think Teacher Mayer goes every time he goes down the mountain? Does he have a family?” Sarah asked her daughter when Teacher Mayer had once left.

“Mom, Teacher Mayer is the most secretive I’ve ever met; no one knows about his personal life,” Mara replied while also looking at Teacher Mayer, who was walking fast.


They both turned to Seraphine as she quickly ran out of the house and chased after the Teacher.

“Seraphine, that’s dangerous. Don’t run fast; what if you fall?” Mara asserted after chasing the child, who was already out of the house.

Seraphine seemed to cry as she looked at the place where teacher Mayer went.

“It looks like our angel is big and knows how to chase after his guardian now,” Sarah commented as she closed the door so Seraphine couldn’t get out.

Hours passed, but Teacher Mayer still didn’t come back, and three-year-old Seraphine didn’t seem to like it. While the two were busy cooking, she walked to the door.

The two were shocked when they heard the loud bang. They immediately looked at the reason and were just as shocked when they saw the destroyed door. They were immediately anxious when they did not see Seraphine inside the house.

“Seraphine! Seraphine!” Sarah didn’t know what to do. Then she heard Teacher Mayer.

“She is here,” Teacher Mayer shouted while Seraphine got up and hugged him happily.

Mara and Sarah immediately said, “I thought someone broke in and took her!” Sarah exclaimed in terror as she took Seraphine.

“What happens?’ Teacher Mayer asked as he looked at the ruined door.

“We don’t know, we just heard a loud noise, and when we came out, the door’s broken, and Seraphine was gone,” Mara explained.

They went inside together while thinking about the possibility of what had happened.

“Seraphine, did you do that?” Teacher Mayer asks.

“Why are you asking the child? Teacher Mayer, Seraphine, is only three years old. How can she break down that door!” Sarah asserted in shock, “We should eat and forget what happened,” she added, and put Seraphine in her chair.

Teacher Mayer sat down and did not mention what had happened. But in his mind, it was forging.


“Seraphine, you’re turning four years old, so let’s start your training. Do you like that?” Teacher Mayer asked as he led her to the top of the mountain.

Seraphine nodded and hugged teacher Mayer tightly. When they got to the mountain, the first lesson for her began.

At a young age, Teacher Mayer taught me how to punch and kick correctly. Also, at an early age, Seraphine was taught discipline in everything she did. Climbing the mountain has also become her routine every morning. Because of her young age and natural talent, she quickly learned what teacher Mayer taught.

Years passed.

Seraphine’s only break from training was whenever Mara and Sarah came. And now she is excited, waiting for their arrival.

“What took them so long? Teacher Mayer, what did grandma say?” Seraphine asked as she stretched her neck at the sight of the road.

“Seraphine, it’s only eight o’clock in the morning. Maybe they’re still on the road,” Teacher Mayer retorted, laughing as he continued painting.

“Hmm, teacher, have you forgotten? Now it is my sixteenth birthday!” Seraphine asserted while frowning; then, she approached him.

“Then I wish you a happy birthday,” Teacher Mayer responded and looked at her. Then turned his gaze back to his drawing.

Seraphine frowned, “What are you drawing? How many days have you been focusing on that?” she asked while looking at the picture. Although Seraphine saw that her teacher was good at drawing, he kept his works hidden.

“If you peek at my drawing, I’ll punish you with three hours of training! And I’m sure you don’t want to sweat on your birthday,” Teacher Mayer threatened with a sweet smile.

Because of what she heard, Seraphine quickly walked away from him. She looked at the road again, and her frown disappeared, seeing the two figures approaching the house.

“Grandma Sarah! Aunt Mara!” Seraphine shouted loudly and hurried to meet them.

“My beautiful Seraphine, Happy birthday! You will definitely like my gift,” Grandma hugged her.

“We also bring you cake, and I will cook your favorites too!” Aunt Mara added while kissing her.

“It’s a good thing I have grandma and aunt! Because if it’s only me and Tea, her Meyer? I definitely wouldn’t have a cake and a gift!” Seraphine complained as they walked back to the house.

“Don’t you know that your teacher has been taunting us for a few days? He reminded us of what to cook and buy for the celebration,” Sarah explained.

Knowing this, Seraphine immediately approached Teacher Mayer, who was already standing and waiting for them, “Thank you,” she whispered and hugged him tightly.

“Because of the few years I’ve been torturing you with the training, I thought I’d give you a celebration, even though it’s not what you dreamed o; hopefully, it will fill your grief,” Teacher Mayer said as he patted her back.

Chapter 2

That's enough of your drama, and today is our day of rejoicing!" Grandma sighed when she saw Seraphine crying.

"Your grandma is right. I'm only allowing you to have fun because it's your birthday. After this, you will start the more brutal practice," Teacher Mayer said with a smile as he handed her his drawing.

Seraphine sighed and let go of the hug, "I hope you don't remind me of the training you're preparing," she muttered and looked at the drawing. She was stunned. Then Seraphine looked at Teacher Mayer with questioning in her eyes.

"Didn't you like it?" Teacher Mayer raised an eyebrow as he sat in the living room, arranging the decorations grandma and aunt had brought.

"What did your teacher draw?" Grandma asked as she took the drawing in Seraphine's hand.

"Wow, teacher Mayer, how did you draw me so beautifully" Grandma exclaimed excitedly.

Mara, who was


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