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The Assassin’s Daughter

The Assassin’s Daughter

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: DB0106
  • Chapters: 2
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 13
  • 3.0
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She was raised by a cruel Alpha, an alpha who created an entire pack of mercenaries to make him more money. He trained them to lie, to fight, to kill. Her name is Ayla, and she was his most prized warrior. She was given her first knife at age five. She was isolated from others her age to teach her to not grow attachments. She was trained to take over her pack, to be the next leader of the world’s most vicious killers. Ayla’s father sent her on a mission to kill the leader of the next strongest pack, but when Ayla meets him she is instantly fascinated. His deep green eyes, jet black hair, and his large muscular form. She’s got feelings for him that she’s never felt of anyone before, but no wolf of her pack has ever returned without finishing a mission. Will she go home and face the wrath of her father, run, or kill this mysterious, alluring alpha?

Chapter 1- Childhood

Ayla tiptoes out of her room and down the stairs. There has been another little girl in fortresses grounds every night trying to get Ayla’s attention from her window. Ayla had always avoided talking to the girl, for fear of her father. “People of power don’t need others support to keep them grounded, just they’re fear.”

It was one of the first lessons Ayla had learned, that and never interrupt her father when he is talking. Her hand instinctively went to the scar above her collarbone and she shook a little. “Maybe I should go back to my room, if father caught me, there would be serious consequence. I may have to train through the day with not food. Or he may just get angry and hurt me again.”

Ayla shook her head, “no I’ll be careful.” And with that she continued to be quiet, clinging to walls and sneaking past guards like her life depended on it.

”It may.” The thought sent a shiver down her spine. She made it to the bottom of the stairs and the front door is in sight. She looks to the left to see two guards walking in opposite directions in straight paths. “Edgar is large so there Is no way to make it to the door without having to fight.” Ayla looks for another escape and sees a window high up. “Bingo.”

Ayla examines the stone walls for brick gaps to climb. She manages to find the path to the window and makes her way. She has to stop a few times when one of the guards gets within eyesight of her, but eventually makes it. Next thing she knows the window is open and closed and she is standing on the outer ledge. She chose this specific pathway knowing it was the only without guards. To keep up our appearance as a normal pack, he keeps the guards throughout the inside of the fortress. “That’ll change when he catches you.”

Ayla shakes again and braces herself for the long jump she is about to make. Because she is a direct descendant of the moon goddess Ayla has the ability of strength, healing, and speed long before she gets her wolf. She hits the gravel of the garden pathway and doesn’t waist anymore time. She takes off to the tree the little girl normally sits at after giving up on gaining Ayla’s attention.

Ayla sees the girl and feels excitement fill her soul. “A child, and actual child I get to talk to, play with. Oh yay! Oh yay, oh yay.” She’s feels this bubbly feeling in her stomach and starts to slow down until she is directly behind the little girl.

”H-Hi. I’m Ayla, the girl in the window?” She says timidly and the little girl turn around quickly in surprise, and smiles.

”I was wondering when you would finally come play with me. My name is Lulu.”

With that the girls play for what seems like a lifetime, it was actually so long that the girls didn’t even see the sun start to rise, and Ayla didn’t realize her dad would be awake and looking for her to start her daily training.

A big roar escapes the fortress. “Wh-what’s that?” Lulu asks, Ayla looks at the horror in the little girls eyes and feels panic shining back in her own.

“I’m so sorry.” And before she can add more her father appears behind her in his magnificent solid black wolf with red eyes. AYLA!! He shouts into her mind through the pack bond and before she can speak, everything goes black and Lulu screams.

Chapter 2- Teenage Dirtbag

Ayla jolts awake in cold sweats, her body shaking, and mind reeling over the horrors she saw the night before. She had her first solo mission. Her target was an omega from an international pack, he had apparently pissed off the wrong man. And that man called her father to send someone to take care of it. He calls us protectors, but Ayla had never seen someone who deserved the destruction we brought.

Today was her birthday, for normal kids that would mean a cake, party, and maybe even a car (she’s 16 today). For Ayla it meant mission grading and a training test, to see if she was ready to continue solo missions once she got her wolf at midnight. Her father wanted her to be the best, meaning she was the only one of her entire pack to start as young as she did. At first they were small missions, a group of them would go in and Ayla would stay in the car guiding them in and out through an ear piece. Then once she turned 13, she played back man, meaning she would hide in the shado


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