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The Alpha's Whispering Pearl

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"She's mute... she's a small omega that looks so beaten up and- do you think these pack members would accept her as their Luna? How do you expect everyone to respect someone like her??" ***Everleigh is a mute omega who finds herself striving every day to stay away from her pack's bullying, abuse, and harassment. Being taught to hang her head low in front of superior rankers, at the end of the day, she finds herself meeting the guest alpha, Grey, who also turned out to be the alpha of the strongest werewolf pack, the Dark Moon Pack. And their secret love story would bring nothing but more complications. So, how about a journey to become the Luna of the strongest werewolf pack?



< Ranking: Alpha-Beta-Omega >

< Packs are like palaces with territories and borders. All the pack members live in the vast building where the king (alpha) and queen (Luna) live as well>


|Everleigh's Point Of View|

I tried to squeeze myself under his tight grip around my neck. His large claws started digging into my flesh.

'I want you to shift.' he ordered, carefully word by word.

'I can't.' my wolf, Sparkle, replied to the black, large wolf who was on top of us. He added more pressure to my neck.

I started getting breathless and lightheaded due to the lack of oxygen. Even Sparkle started feeling suffocated.

'Shift,' he ordered again, the second time, with a slight warning in his voice.

With wide eyes, I realised there was no escape... the giant wolf was right above me, ready to snap and break my neck any moment. I was just a tiny creature lying beneath. I was defenceless.

I closed my eyes and calmed myself down as a start. I felt the wolf above me adding more pressure to my neck, and I knew it would be bruised and visible later on. I released a shaky breath and started shifting back to my human self.

I arched my back as all the bent-up bones cracked into straight ones; it was painful. The tiny claws of my wolf hid behind, and my human limbs appeared. The beasty-looking nails got replaced with small trimmed nails. The fur disappeared and left my pale skin visible to him.

The wolf above me moved away as soon as I shifted to my human form.

And I was naked as the day I was born.

I shyly covered myself, watching the dark wolf, who then started sniffing around as if looking for something. He walked away from me while my eyes started looking around for an escape. A few seconds later, the wolf came back with some clothes, carrying them with his teeth.

'Blue is asking whether those are our clothes or not', Sparkle said in my mind.

'Oh, they are... Who is Blue, by the way?' I asked back in my mind.

'It's the wolf... oh-'

'W-what happened?'

'Grey is so mad you didn't shift when he told you first.. and probably waiting for you to talk.'

'Who's Grey again?'

'The human.'

I hummed at Sparkle, eagerly watching the large wolf standing a few meters away from me.

The wolf tossed the clothes at me, which were between his teeth... they were the clothes that I left before shifting into my wolf form. I quickly hugged the clothes and waited for the wolf to look elsewhere so I could change back.

He turned in the opposite direction facing away from me when he got my silent request. I quickly slipped myself into my clothes. Afterwards, with quiet and quick steps, I walked behind the large tree that was next to me.

I saw how the black wolf patiently waited for me to change and tell him... but I didn't. I couldn't! All I wanted was to hide from him so badly. I badly wanted to turn around and run away. He looked ferocious.

I gripped the slippery tree side, looking eagerly at the foreign wolf. From his look, I knew he wasn't someone from my pack, but he was from another pack... or a rouge, I assumed. It brought me into my thoughts...

'How did he cross the borders? Why aren't my pack members chasing him away? Or killing him?'

Cause my pack members were ruthless to that point, they used to kill whoever passed the borders... small or big.

The wolf turned around after a while, and our eyes met for a second. He quickly looked down, focusing on something else.

As I continued watching him, I saw his fur turning back to human skin.. he was shifting to his human form just like I did. I watched him breathing heavily as his bones cracked and bent in specific directions. It was one painful process for werewolves to shift back and fore; the process breaks all their bones when they shift.

I was a werewolf, after all. Being another werewolf, I knew how painful the process was, and the shifting was so painful, especially when I was a 'weak' omega.

My lips parted in surprise as the wolf... now a human, stood in front of me all naked, just like when I shifted to my human form.

I couldn't take my eyes away. His dominating structure, the piercing gaze kept me rooted to where I was. I felt tiny all of a sudden.

He shook his head with a slight smirk appearing on the corner of his lips when he caught me staring at him. He bent down to pick up his clothes.

I pursed my lips and shamelessly watched as he put on his clothes.

I didn't know what was wrong with me.. the only thing I knew was I couldn't take my eyes away from him. I felt captured.

My heart was crazily beating inside its cage; my mind was running a thousand miles per second.

"Done staring?" he asked, which made me release a silent gasp.

I bit my lower lip and looked down with a flustered face still hiding behind the tree.

"What's your name?" he asked.

'Everleigh', I thought

But I couldn't reply...

"Why don't you have a scent?" he asked again, waiting for my reply.

I quickly looked up at his face and slowly moved my shoulders to a slight shrug. He frowned and walked to me, keeping long strides. When he was right in front of me, I took a few steps back, looking for an escape.. but I knew I couldn't escape an 'alpha' which I assumed he was of his build.

"I asked you a question," he said with his voice slightly rising.

I looked at him with wide eyes and shook my head twice. I didn't want to make him mad.

He clicked his tongue and looked down at me again. I silently gasped at the way he looked at me. He seemed so mad because I didn't answer. It was the nature of all alphas; they were impatient.

'Don't just stand, do something!', Sparkled scolded me inside.

I nodded my head and took a deep breath.

Then I raised my hands to take his attention. His eyes shifted to my hands.

I pointed at myself. He tilted his head, looking at me sharply.

Then using both my hands, I crossed them in front of me, shaking my head simultaneously.

Then I pointed at my lips with my right hand; moved the same hand from left to right, indicating a conversation between two people.

He didn't move for a while but watched me with a raised eyebrow.

'What a stupid person.' I thought in my mind thinking maybe he didn't understand what I did with my hands.

Sparkle laughed in my mind; 'Don't call him stupid. He's an alpha.'

'Y-you sure?'


I started panicking at the new information. I only looked at his built and assumed before. But honestly, I couldn't say if he was an alpha or beta or whoever because I was born without a scent, without the ability to identify other's scents though I was an omega.

I started sweating as fear crept through me.

He was an alpha...

'Calm down, okay? He won't do anything.' Sparkled confirmed, making me feel relieved.

"I don't want to talk?" the tall person in front of me asked. "Is that what you mean?" he sounded mad again. So I quickly shook my head, scared.

Then I pointed at my throat, shaking my head so he would get the point that I could not generate my voice much. But yeah, I could whine and whimper... but I couldn't talk.

"You can't talk?.. As in-"

I showed him a thumbs-up with a bright smile. Finally, he understood what I said!!!

He looked at me, taken aback by my reaction, so I quickly wore the same sullen face from before. For a mere second, I forgot that he was another egoist alpha.

"Go back to where you came from," he ordered.

I pointed in the direction I came from; then, I pressed my fingertips, making a peak-like thing using both my hands. I wanted to say, 'my home was that way.'

"Oh? I came from that direction too," he said and raised his eyebrows in a silent request to follow him.

I meekly nodded, following him with at least a ten-meter gap between us.

I knew just how the real side of alphas was... they were used to seeing us, omegas, as their toys... as enslaved people who should do anything for them.

Omegas were the play toys that they kept with them when they wanted and to throw out when they got tired.

So I reminded myself to be cautious despite the fact he was the first alpha who ever even tried to have a decent conversation with me.

He was a bit more patient than all the other alphas I've met.

But how different can this alpha be?

Living Corpses

|Everleigh's Point Of View| (Every)

Have you ever heard of living corpses? I've heard, but I never knew what those were. Or who they were.

And my caregiver used to call me a 'living corpse' while saying how I was turning into an actual living corpse each day. I didn't know what she meant by that; I was only seven years old, and I was new to the Blue Crystal Pack.

Saying I was scared at that moment was an understatement. First of all, I didn't know where I came from, nor did I know where my caregiver brought me to. The only thing I knew was... I couldn't talk. So I tightly hugged my bunny plushie on my chest to feel a bit safe within the unfamiliar surroundings.

"Alpha Jackson, this is Everleigh. The girl I told you about yesterday," my caregiver said to an old man who looked around in his early forties. I looked at him with a questioning gaze. Who was he?

They asked me to stay where I was and moved aside to t


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