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The Alpha's Weakness

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Rinna
  • Chapters: 90
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 18.2K
  • 7.5
  • 💬 34


Elena has been an assistant manager at Evervess Company for a couple of years . She loves her job and her boss but every thing changes when the old CEO steps down and his old son replaces him . The son of the old CEO is devilishly handsome but he is horrible , arrogant and bossy . Due to his behavior , Elena almost quites her job but then when she goes in the club, she ends up being kidnapped by the wolves who claim that she is the Alpha's mate. Everything changes when she meets the Alpha . He is hot and handsome but Elena knows nothing about the wolf world . She is a human. Will these two be able to cooperate?? How the hell did the moon goddess end up giving a mark to someone ugly like her ", Standing silently with my hands tied up behind my back , l heard one of the guards murmur . " Is she trying to make it harder for us ", Another one answered and at that l turned and looked at them . I had no idea of what they were talking about . I didn't even know their moon goddess stuff . " She is a human , how is that possible? ",

The new CEO


" Get into the formation properly ", Justin's voice boomed across the training ground . " You are too slow Lauren ", He directed a negative comment at me for the hundredth time this evening . I was doing better than most but he continued to criticize every move l made . Anger pumped through my body as I pushed myself to go more faster but I couldn't.

" More faster Lauren ", He continued to yell as I ran and this time l regretted why I even joined . I decided to run all because of my best friend Cassie . She was a model and this is what she did every evening . She always ran with different people in the field in order to be fit . As a friend I always escorted her , did training which was all fine but then today l realized it late that my ex boyfriend Justin was the one acting as our coach.

I tried to run again though l was hearing whispers sniggering behind me . They were all wondering why he was only yelling at me , no body knew that he was my ex . " F*ck this am done with this ", I inwardly facepalmed when I heard him yell at me again. I wasn't even working in a modelling company so this was all useless to me .

" No more running ", I wasn't ready to take this sh*t anymore. At least not from that b*st*rd. He was obviously picking up on me all because l broke up with him . Stopping dead in my tracks , l didn't dare look at his face as l started to walk off the field . " LAUREN ", His voice sounded full of rage but I didn't care . This was totally enough . I came in peace but now things had turned bad .

Before l could make it off the field , l saw Cassie my best friend walk quickly towards me . " Lauren ", she called me loudly as she tried to catch up with me . " Am sorry , l didn't know that he was going to assist Coach Peter ", she explained while catching up her breath . " It's fine , it's late let's go back home ", l replied uninterested.

" Let's go but John is gonna sleep over ", She uttered out as she walked towards the changing room . " I don't mind ", l shrugged my shoulders . John was her boyfriend and I didn't mind . Walking off from the field , l showered quickly then made my way to the bed giving space to Cassie and her boyfriend . I was already worn out and needed a rest.


" John f*ck right there" ,

I groaned out and rolled on the other side of the bed . I tried to sleep again but the moaning got more louder than before . It was already late ih the night and since John had slept over , l wasn't shocked . " Yes am about to c*m , am c*mm*ng ... " , The cries got more louder.

" Darn it ,my goodness " , Finding it unbearable l lastly jumped out of my bed. My sleep was already gone .

I got out of my room faster and made my way to the kitchen but still l could hear the moans . As l closed up the kitchen door , l inwardly tried to tell myself that my roommate and her boyfriend having s*x was normal but still it was unbearable . " Okay , okay it's fine " , l murmured to myself before sipping down the glass of water .

After placing down the glass on the counter , l walked and sat down in the corner of the kitchen . With my current situation , it was better to stay with a nosy person than sleep on the cold streets . I had no money to afford renting my own apartment , so now I had to bear up with their s*x noises .

Seated down on the floor , l tried not to fall asleep but as thoughts about my life flowed in my mind , l felt sleep slowly claim me . I knew it that in the morning , l will wake up with my neck aching but l didn't care . This was better than my past life . I used to sleep on cold cemented floors until when my roommate Cassie , pitied me and told me to stay with her .


Morning came to soon and as soon as the light lit up in the kitchen window , l instantly stood up from the floor . " Ouch ! " , I stretched my neck then made my way upstairs . As soon as I entered in my room , l made my way to the bathroom then showered quickly . After drying myself , l dressed up in my low rise jeans and a black t-shirt , they were so old that even the wording in the front was completely erased .

I left the restroom with every thing done but then as l beelined in the living room , my eyes fall on the lover birds . They were cuddling on the couch , whispering to each other in hushed tones and smiling . Seeing them like this , it brought a pang in my chest . It wasn't because I was jealousy . I just wanted to get too a caring person like Cassie got but then unfortunately love wasn't for me , just like Justin all the men just wave off at me.

" Anything you want Lauren " , just as l was lost in my thoughts , Cassie's voice distracted me . " You could have resisted the urge to have s*x until when l walk out" , l scolded but while putting up an act . She wasn't only my roommate but my best friend so I didn't care about her enjoying her life .

" I tried Lauren trust me but it's just that the dirty talking got me all hot and bothered " , she purred and l fake gagged . " Urgh what a best friend , am soon getting my boyfriend too " , l replied and she showed me her tongue in response . " Stop doubting , anyway Breakfast is already in the kitchen" , I retorted . " Have a nice day " , she waved at me and then l stormed out of the house .

Out of the house , l made my way to the road to catch the timed bus . After boarding the bus , l got my phone and l started to scroll down my phone through a couple of slow romantic songs . I selected one of the songs of Selena Gomez then tilted my head and relaxed in my seat . Through out the whole drive , l was silent looking through the window as l listened to the music .

I kept staring at the different people and trees that blurred as the bus moved forward . They were different handsome hunks which l did like but unfortunately l was nothing to them . When the bus halted up , l speed walked out of it and made my way to the Evervess Company . I walked more fastly to the security line and then produced my ID card before briskly walking inside .

I took the elevator to the second floor and went into the bathroom . I changed into my uniform quickly , a white shirt and a black pencil skirt which stopped just above my knees . I currently got a job in Evervess company and l loved working there for some reason .

I checked myself in the mirror , took a deep breath then rushed to my place behind the desk . " Late again ? ", Just as l had sat down , the voice of my boss cut through the silence of the hall. " Yeah , just woke up to the same old morning routines " , l retorted while making my way to her office . I walked without any fear because Rachel my boss was my good friend . I have been working as her assistant manager for almost five months and she trusted me . I didn't earn much but still l liked the job .

" Good morning ", l greeted as soon as l entered in her office which screamed luxury . " Good morning too ", she gave me a small nod then gestured me to take a seat . I sat carefully as l watched her speak to someone on the phone . She talked for a pretty good time until when she turned to me with a frustrated look on her face.

" What's up madam ? ", I asked in a soft voice . " I need a favor Lauren ", she said in a low voice . " Sure ? ", My ears perked up . " You know it that our boss Mr Spencer wants to retire , yesterday during the meeting he informed us that his old son , Nelly is going to be our new CEO ", she explained .

" That's cool ", l replied with a smile on my face because it didn't bother me . " It isn't cool , he is going to be right here in an hour and you going to be his PA ", My eyes dilated open when l heard her say that .

" He is honestly harsh but you the first assistant who came up in my mind ", she continued and my mouth fall open in disbelief .

Harsh billionaire

" why me?", As soon as I heard her say that he is horrible, l felt my moods ruined up . " You have to be his assistant , I really had nothing to do , l just didn't expect him to come here quickly ", She looked at me expectantly . " Fine am gonna be his assistant", With no other solution I retorted .

"Thanks dear ", she smiled and after smiling back , l collected my stuff and sat behind the desk . Throughout the whole time , I kept staring around waiting for the harsh billionaire to arrive. Precisely at nine o'clock the elevator lastly opened up . Hearing it , l hurriedly raised up my head to look at the person who walked into the long corridor .

At first l didn't see his face because he was far away but l knew everything about him . He was a thirty six old man , considered as a ruthless and an arrogant billionaire in New York . Finally as l stared , his face came in my view . His tall muscular figure was very intimi


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