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The Alpha's Triangle

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Quay
  • Chapters: 199
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 107.7K
  • 6.8
  • 💬 8.2K


After two years of failing to find her mate, Zira was close to giving up hope. She decides it is time to get out and travel instead of dreading her misfortunes. Before she has a chance to leave, she acts upon feelings for someone else. However those feelings start a hoist of events that will change her life and everyone around her. Will she be able to live with the decisions she makes or will they lead her to her final destination? Isaiah is more excited to be Alpha than finding his mate. That all changed when his sister's supposed marriage proposal leads him to finding his mate. Unbeknownst to him, other events will challenge him as an Alpha and as a mate. Will he be able to choose between his duties as an Alpha or his duties as a mate? Does he have the power to protect those he loves?


“I just want to look perfect when I find my mate,” yelled my best friend, Isabella, while throwing more clothes over the fitting room door.

The poor clerk was doing her best to catch them before they hit the floor. I gave up helping her an hour ago. Now I was buried under her rejection pile, too lazy to move.

"Alright, dress number twenty one," Isabella yelled as I sat up, dropping the clothes to the floor. I looked up in time to see Isabella walking out wearing the most beautiful red dress.

“I want to look good. Like deliciously good,” she said, staring at herself in the mirror.

She sighed and took off the dress and threw it on the floor. She went back inside the fitting room, closing the door in frustration.

“Hey, that one was hot. Your mate wouldn’t be able to keep their hands off you,” I said, holding the red dress against my body.

Then something caught my eye. A dress that only Isabella could pull off.

“Hey, try this,” I said, throwing the dress into her fitting room.

Less than a minute later, she stumbled out of the room while smoothing the dress down. She didn’t say anything at first, just looked at herself in the mirror. The emerald green velvet off-the-shoulder, short sleeve bodycon dress fit her perfectly. The green shade was a nice contrast against her curly auburn hair that draped down to the middle of her back. I couldn’t help but gawk at her with my mouth open.

“So," Isabella asked with a glint of mischief in her blue-grayish eyes and a wicked smile on her face, "would you be able to keep your hands off of me?”

She always played these games, saying if she was good enough for a girl to want her, she'd have no problems with the guys. That's the most idiotic thing I've ever heard, but she doesn't care. I gave her the once over and pretended to think it over.

“Well-,” I started before she pummeled into me, grabbing my hands and trying to make me touch her.

“See, I knew it. You can’t help but touch me,” Isabella laughed before standing in front of the mirror. “This is the one,” Isabella said.

I was excited for her. This party was all people were talking about. Alpha Jack and Luna Bella(Isabella hates the fact she was named after her mom) Thorne decided to throw a party for Isaiah becoming the new Alpha, since the first ceremony was interrupted by rogues. Though, Isabella feels like the party is an excuse for her mom to try to find them suitable mates.

It’s been a little over a year since they turned eighteen and our mates seem to be nowhere in sight. I knew for a fact Alpha Jack wanted to hurry and release the reins over to Isaiah. He’s been talking about retiring and traveling the world for a while now. Though Luna Bella convinced him to wait to see if their children would find their mates soon. Time, however, won and Alpha Jack eventually stepped down for Isaiah to take over. Isabella, on the other hand, is still at the mercy of her mom's attempts to find her a mate.

Since the Black Moon pack was small, the Alpha thought it would be a great idea to invite the neighboring packs as well. This is common among the packs in this area, since it could increase the chances of finding a mate. I would know. I just turned twenty a month ago and I’m still on the hunt. Though the thought of someone claiming me and trying to domesticate me seems terrifying. Even still, I would still love to have someone.

“Alright, let’s go. There’s so much I have to do and we don’t have much time together,” Isabella said, pulling me to the register.

“Isa, it’s not like I’m leaving right after the party,” I said, helping her bring her things to the register. “Besides, your father still hasn't signed my papers to release me from the pack yet.”

I’ve been talking with my parents about leaving the pack after this party if I don’t find my mate. I figured sitting here and waiting just wasn’t doing it for me. I knew more than anything I wanted two things in life: to become a great warrior and to have a family of my own. Just like my parents.

The first one I feel I’ve accomplished already, but I will never know if I stayed tucked away in the pack with my mother smoldering me. Besides, I've actually never been in a real battle, so I don’t know how good I am and this pack rarely gets attacked. Lucky them.

The second one requires me to find a mate. Someone destined to be my true love, the better whole, the perfect puzzle piece, so on and on. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to find my mate. It just feels hopeless the longer I wait for him to find me. I would love to find a mate here and stay with this pack. I’ve grown so accustomed to the people and the area. Maybe I could convince him to come back if I find him out there.

“No, no, no. I don't want to talk about this now. It’s such a downer,” Isabella suggested.

“Fine, fine. Just hurry and pay. I am starving.”

“You’re always starving,” Isabella laughed. “Just go and get something already. I’ll be done in a few.”

I looked at the food court and my stomach started growling as if my wolf was in my stomach. While Isabella was paying for the clothes, my nose led me to a dessert stand. I could smell the sugar, butter, and cinnamon. My weakness. I looked down and was disappointed that all the cinnamon rolls were gone. All that were left were donut holes and cake pops.

“I think I took the last one,” a silky, deep voice said behind me.

I knew exactly who it was. Hunter Meade, the next Beta of Black Moon. He was considered the pack's bad boy and, from his looks, he could get away with anything. He was wearing a tight black shirt that showed off his muscled arms, toned chest with a nice six-pack. His blonde hair was slicked back, showing off his electric blue eyes that fit his perfectly chiseled face.

“We can share it, if you want,” he said with a dazzling smile.

He put half of it in his mouth and indicated the other half. I hesitated before slowly walking up to him and trying to grab the other half with my hand. Hunter leaned back and shook his head. Then he grabbed my chin and traced his finger to my lips, which he tapped.

Really? He wanted me to use my mouth. I leaned towards him and grabbed the other half of the cinnamon roll, making sure to keep my eyes on his.

“Mmmmmm.” I pulled my half away and quickly devoured it as I watched him do the same. Hunter smiled, licking his lips, and I turned to walk away. I knew all about Hunter and his antics.

“D*mn, Zira. If I knew sweets made you say things like that. I would’ve saved the rest of them,” he said, walking behind me.

I rolled my eyes at him. “Your flirtations don’t work on me. It was all for the cinnamon roll.”

“Come on, not even a little for me.” Hunter whispered in my ear.

He's such a big flirt, but my eyes were only for one. The one I was hoping would come and save me from Hunter's advances. I turned around to push him away just when I felt someone pull me back by my hand.

“Keep away from him, Zira. You might catch something standing too close to him,” Isabella glared at him, standing between us. “Isn’t there some wh*r* waiting in a bathroom for you somewhere?”

“Little Bella to the rescue as always. Tell me, how does it feel to be a life-sized c*ck blocker, huh,” Hunter glared back.

“Satisfying, especially when it's yours I'm blocking,” she fired back just when a hint of cinnamon tickled my nose and I knew who was coming up.

“Hey, that’s my sister, *ss. Be nice before she chops something off you'll regret,” Isaiah said, coming up behind us and punching Hunter in the arm while he shielded his privates.

Isaiah Thorne was a true adonis. He was one of the top warriors of the pack. His bronze-like skin looked as light as sand. His body was adorned with lean muscles from his calves to his magnificent chest. His tight black shirt revealed his abs as if they were painted on. Dark, curly hair falls just shy of his stormy, gray eyes, with the sides shaved.

He had a light stubble on his square chin and a smile that could completely melt you in an instant. Just looking at him sent waves of pure lust through my body. Isaiah saw me staring and I couldn’t look away. He smiled, displaying those amazing dimples, and gave me a wink.

“Hey, it is not my fault your sister wants me.”

"As if." Isabella stepped in his face. “You are insane,” she growled. Hunter didn’t move from her advance.

“All of this just to get this close to me. I feel honored.” Here commenced the usual back and forth between these two.

I stood there looking at the show and Isaiah took this chance to hand me a chocolate swirl croissant.

“Here, not as good as yours, but it’ll do the trick.”

“Thanks. It’ll last until the party. Your mom requested a lot of desserts,” I said, taking the croissant from his hand.

There was a shock between us and we stared at each other for a moment. This wasn’t the first time there were sparks between us. Every now and then when we touch, whether it’s a hug or an accidental tap, I would feel little sparks through my body. I could never tell if he felt the same thing. Though as soon as they arrived, they went away. It was as if it was a mistake.

At first I thought we were mates, but I never experienced the strong sensation people talk about. Besides, Nina, my wolf, would tell me. So usually I just ignored it, but I won’t lie and say this isn’t the reason I didn't leave the pack two years ago.

At first, I was waiting for him to turn eighteen, thinking this bond between us might get stronger. When it didn't, I thought he would at least feel something enough to make him choose me as his mate. Still nothing. Just friends. Who was I kidding anyway? He was an Alpha and I was just a hunter, which is right under a warrior.

A scream interrupted my thoughts and I saw Isabella hold Hunter in a headlock, telling him to cry 'Uncle'.

“Isa! Making trouble as always. How cute,” Victoria, Isaiah’s now girlfriend, giggled, diffusing the situation.

There are a lot of words I can use to describe Victoria. B*tch, sl*t, trashy aren’t any of them. Out of all the girls Isaiah has been with, she is by far the most impressive. She’s smart, kind, supportive, and very s*xy. Her clothes might seem very conservative, but many sleepovers proved she’s good at hiding all the goods.

Hell, if I was down, she would definitely be my second choice. Of course, Isabella had to be first or she would kill me. I won't deny I was a bit jealous of her. She not only gets more attention from my best friend, but she gets to cozy up with Isaiah anytime she can. She practically had the life I wanted.

Instantly Isabella beamed at her and let go of Hunter. He dramatically fell to the floor, reaching for Isaiah, who swatted his hand away.

“And here you are making it all better. Vicky dear, let’s go and leave the children to play.” Isabella walked away with Victoria right behind her.

“I guess that’s my cue to leave,” I smiled at Isaiah, who returned the expression. “Oh before I forget, did Alpha Jack ever sign my papers? I know you've been working closely with him for training, so I'm guessing you might know the answer. I really need them if I want to move safely though other packlands.”

Isaiah's smile suddenly dropped and he furrowed his brows as if to think about my question. No Alpha liked the fact that any member wanted to leave, but since we were both looking for our mates, I figured Isaiah would understand. Still, his thinking face was so cute.

Focus Nina growled. She was more excited about leaving than me. She wanted nothing more than to be free and find her mate.

“No, I don’t think that came across my desk but I’ll ask him about it later,” Isaiah said, kind of dismissively. He turned around and I grabbed his arm.

"Sorry, Alpha-"

"Isaiah. I told you before, Zi. You can call me Isaiah," he interrupted.

"Of course, Isaiah. I was going to say, I’ll be at the party tonight, if you do happen to find them by then.”

“In a rush to leave us so soon, Zi,” Isaiah asked while crossing his arms.

Did I hear a bit of irritation in his voice? Was he actually mad about this? “Of course not. I love this pack, truly. I’m just excited for a new adventure. Besides, nothing is really keeping me here anyway.”

Isaiah didn’t respond back, just stared at me for a minute. “Well I guess we’ll have to see what happens tonight.” He turned away and walked over Hunter.

Wait, what did he mean by that? What’s going to happen? What could happen to make me change my mind? I knew nothing short of meeting my mate could make me stay. I had a feeling this party was going to be something worth remembering.

CHAPTER 2 Isaiah

Thinking about the conversation with Zira earlier had me tearing a hole into another punching bag. That was my third one so far.

I don’t understand your frustration. She’s not our mate, my wolf Devon reminded me.

Don’t you think I know that, I snapped at him. Still, I felt connected to her somehow. Every time we touched, I could feel something close to a spark. Wasn’t that similar to what others say a mate’s touch feels like? Maybe something was blocking us.

“Hunter, I need another o-,” I yelled across the gym, just as Hunter dropped another bag near my feet. Hunter has been my best friend since birth, so, of course, he became my Beta. Also the fact that he was one of few people that got me.

There were times when I needed to talk to someone and there were times I needed to talk with my fists. Hunter knew of those times. He dragged the broken bag away as I hooked up the new one and started another round of boxing.

I couldn’t get the fact that Zira wanted


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