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The Alpha’s substitute mate

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WARNING!!! MATURE CONTENT!!! “ Isabella Cross, I will marry you to fulfill the alliance agreement, going back on it will deem my position in the clan. And before you get your hopes high, let me make something clear to you. You’ll never be my Luna, you’ll never be my mate and you’ll never share my bed. You mean absolutely nothing to me. His voice was cruel and there was a snarl on his lips.” “Reject me and set me free Arden, You can't keep what you don't want in your possession.” His eyes became stony and his soft lips which were the color of blood, curled up amusingly. He moved closer to me, so close that our noise was almost touching. I felt his hot breath fan my face, and my breathing became hitched and my legs became so feeble. The attraction between us was too strong to ignore. Couldn't he feel it too? “ Nope! I won't reject you but you will stay in this pack and suffer for your dad’s treachery. I won't kill you but you will beg for death yourself.” Isabella Cross, a silver-eyed girl, was hated by her Dad from birth and was given out as a gift to the most ruthless and cruel Alpha in exchange for an alliance. What happens when she finds out that she feels a mate bond with her husband and brother-in-law? One was her doom while the other was her one true love. Would she be able to fight and conquer her storms to be with him? Let's find out in this heart-racing piece, filled with suspense, steamy romance and misery.

Chapter 1 Treaty contract


I found myself standing outside the patio of the castle staring in fear as the event unfolded before my eyes.

One second my father’s pack was fighting off rogues and the next I was being exchanged as a treaty contract.

I couldn't believe it when the Chief guard announced that my presence had been summoned by the Alpha, that's my dad. And that he had ordered him to bring me to his office immediately. I felt some kind of way and the whole stuff didn't sit well with me and I'm not the kind of girl that looks for trouble, I'm always in my lane, you can actually say I was quite boring. I tried talking to the Chief guard just so he could tell me what might have triggered Dad to call me out by that odd hour.

He didn't say a word instead he glimpsed at me with pity and a fretted look and continued walking to the Alpha’s office. I silently said a quiet prayer hoping everything turns out okay. But something doesn't seem right, my intuition has never been wrong.

We arrived at the entrance door of Dad’s office and the Chief guard tapped on the door to announce our presence,  Dad’s voice thundered “ Come in.”

The chief guard opened the door and bowed to Dad and then indicated with his hands for me to go inside the office. I looked at him weirdly and then glanced at Dad before I finally entered his office. Immediately I got in he shut the door of Dad's office leaving the two of us alone.

I got seated in one of the mesh armchairs that faced his desk and stared at Dad, his countenance was enough to tell me that all isn't well. He looked like he was in so much pain. Though he ignored my presence and was busy flipping through the documents on his table. I felt some kinda way and decided to break the abnormal silence between us.

“ You sent for me Dad,” I said trying to keep my voice very low

He closed the documents and dropped them on his table and cleared his voice and stared at me. His face was devoid of any form of emotion and I felt my heart constrict. It was beating so wildly that I thought I would die of shortness of breath.

He sighed and spoke in a dreadful voice

“ Isabella I have agreed on an alliance negotiation with the Blood Moon Pack, I have consented and signed a marriage agreement between you, Isabella Cross will marry Arden Vinci on the next full moon.”

I was shocked. It felt like my world was collapsing before my very eyes. I stared at him in horror

“ What? Dad? I let out a small chuckle and whispered lowly

“ Tell me you’re joking, Dad! You can't possibly sign that without seeking my opinion first.” I looked at him like I was pleading with my eyes for him to take back his words and tell me he was joking.

“ It has been decided and sealed,” Dad said

“How could you do this to me?”  I yelled at him

“ Arranged marriage for real!” Who still does that ancient practice at this time and season?”

“ How can you force me to marry someone that is not my mate?”

“ Bella, I did it for the sake of our pack, we are the smallest and most feeble pack. And the most accessible park for rogues' attacks. We need the protection of a larger and more powerful pack. This new alliance will guarantee our survival and safety.” He replied without any emotions

I felt a shift in the air as suddenly a pressure weighed down on me. I grabbed the chair for support and stared at Dad with tears threatening to fall

“ But…Why me? Why not any of my older sisters?

I have older sisters and we are all yet to find our mate, we are much single and available. And the three of my sisters would jump at the opportunity, so why me?

Celia the eldest was the beta of our park and was smart and strong and also the most skilled warrior of our pack. Gwen the second one was the intelligent and crafted one, and also Dad’s favorite.

Louisiana the third one was the most beautiful with the hourglass shape and the fashionista of the house. And I was the not-so-beautiful one, the one with the weird eyes, the plain and ordinary one that has nothing to offer.

Looking at the four of us, I would bet that if Alpha Arden of the Blood Moon pack had seen us, he would never have picked or peeked at me twice. I don't qualify to be the Luna of such a powerful and the most dreaded pack.

I wanted to have a word on this matter, I wanted to voice my opinion but most importantly I didn't want to get married to someone that wasn't my mate.

Ever since I was little I have learned that mates were your other half, they complete you. Mates were made to fulfill your happiness in so many different ways, they make you whole mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

It wasn't fair for me to be married off to a total stranger just because Dad wants to assure the safety of the pack.

“ Does he not care about my feelings?”

But then again it made sense that Dad has always wanted to do away with me. Since he never really wanted me and I was claimed to be a mistake and bad luck. Because my parents had always wanted three girls but Mum fell pregnant and it was against the rules for Luna to get rid of Alpha's baby. So they kept me and tragedy struck when Mum died after giving birth to me.

And that shattered Dad, and he blamed me for killing his Luna. I sighed knowing that Dad would be the one that came up with the idea of me being the sacrificial lamb.

“ Don’t I get a say in this? Don't you need my approval before trading me for the sake of the pack?

“ What if I refuse?” I yelled loudly at his face

My dad’s face darkened and he glared at me with anger visible on his face. “ If you dare refuse, I will disown you and you will be thrown out of the pack.” “ Your faith is in your hands to agree with the treaty or go rogue.”

His words broke me, it shattered me. It felt as if I was falling down a cliff and would probably crash against the stones. My own dad would throw me out of the pack and out of the family and make me go rogue.

At this point, I asked myself if he was truly my biological dad. My real dad won't be this heartless and would never do this to me. I didn't know when the tears started streaming down my cheeks and at that moment I could only think if Mum had been alive I wouldn't be going through this and she would never allow him to sell me off.

“ Death played me silly!”

For a few moments, I weighed my options. If I refused and was thrown out, I don't even stand a chance as a lone wolf without a pack but more importantly, I couldn't stand the chance of being separated from my sisters. I loved them too much.

I shook my head and tried wiping my tears and the nasal drip that was making its way down to my mouth. I looked at Dad with rage, why was he so hardened? Was he trying to make me pay for the loss of his Luna?

Why would he choose his Alpha responsibility in replace of his daughter?

I used to think that fathers had a special bond of love with their last child but in my case it's different. He loathed me and preferred me dead. Though it was difficult,  I had to obey his order for the sake of my sisters to be safe and secure.

My body gave an involuntary shudder and my shoulder slumped forward in defeat. I avoided looking at him and stared at my feet and tried to speak but the words weren't forthcoming and the only thing that I managed to murmur was “Okay!”

He looked up at me. I noticed the worried lines on his forehead were gone and his face seemed a bit relaxed and I wondered if he was secretly worried that I would choose banishment over arranged marriage.

I was about to leave his office when he spoke in a strict and cruel voice “ You will pack up your stuff tonight, You will leave tomorrow by noon.”

My mouth fell open and I replied vehemently “ Why? But you said, "on the full moon.”

“ I said the marriage will take place on the full moon.” the alpha has requested you grace his presence immediately.”  one of the maids will come and help you pack and he took out the documents and started tottering them as if they are more important to him.

I stared at him but he indicated with his hands for me to leave. I walked to the door and opened it then stepped out of his office while channeling my anger by slamming the door forcefully. All I wanted at the moment was to shift and run through the forest till I'm exhausted but the fear of being captured by rogues made me walk dejected to my room while my wolf kept whimpering.

Chapter 2 Cruel world


I walked back to my chamber in a daze, walking past pack members but not paying attention to them or answering their greetings. I got to my room, entered and shut the door then leaned back against it before the muscles in my legs gave out and I sank to the floor. I couldn't help it. I was being forced to marry a total stranger, someone that I don't love.

Not just that I will be forever tied to a man I didn't love and I would never be able to experience the pleasure and fulfillment of finding a mate. That's what every wolf craves for, as soon as they get of age. To find your Moon-goddess-given soulmate, that magical person who would sweep you off your feet and make you whole.

All bliss and satisfaction would be tied to that person, that fated one.  And I won't get to feel the bond pull of a mate, I would be denied all that. Forever is a long time and I wondered if I would be able to pull through.

“ Why me!”

I couldn'

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