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Andrea Jay

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  • 👁 6.2K
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WARNING!!! MATURE CONTENT!!! “ Isabella Cross, I will marry you to fulfill the alliance agreement, going back on it will deem my position in the clan. And before you get your hopes high, let me make something clear to you. You’ll never be my Luna, you’ll never be my mate and you’ll never share my bed. You mean absolutely nothing to me. His voice was cruel and there was a snarl on his lips.” “Reject me and set me free Arden, You can't keep what you don't want in your possession.” His eyes became stony and his soft lips which were the color of blood, curled up amusingly. He moved closer to me, so close that our noise was almost touching. I felt his hot breath fan my face, and my breathing became hitched and my legs became so feeble. The attraction between us was too strong to ignore. Couldn't he feel it too? “ Nope! I won't reject you but you will stay in this pack and suffer for your dad’s treachery. I won't kill you but you will beg for death yourself.” Isabella Cross, a silver-eyed girl, was hated by her Dad from birth and was given out as a gift to the most ruthless and cruel Alpha in exchange for an alliance. What happens when she finds out that she feels a mate bond with her husband and brother-in-law? One was her doom while the other was her one true love. Would she be able to fight and conquer her storms to be with him? Let's find out in this heart-racing piece, filled with suspense, steamy romance and misery.


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