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Marie Hunter expresses gratitude for her brother's ascension as Alpha, preferring to avoid the responsibilities of being Luna. She relishes her life—having a crush, a best friend, and a loving family. However, Alpha Arlo, the leader of a rival pack, enters her life, altering its course. Arlo claims Marie as his own, but she rejects the idea of destined mates. Determined to prove her independence, Marie challenges societal expectations. Unfazed, Alpha Arlo initiates a strategic game known as 'The Alpha's Snare.'

Unveiling Dreams

"Soooo, what's the deal?

" I leaned against the counter next to Dad, excitement bubbling within me. His eyes flicked in my direction but remained fixed on the television screen.

Perplexed by his silence, I turned to Bryce for answers."He's half-hoping the Moon Lupis Alpha rejects our proposal.

But they probably won't," Bryce responded, his tone tinged with uncertainty."And why am I being dragged into this?" I inquired, intrigued by their sudden change of heart.

Bryce glanced at Dad before turning back to me, a hint of reluctance in his expression.

"He wants some of our pack members present, and it's better if the whole family attends," he muttered, prompting a reluctant nod from me.

I grabbed another nutri-grain bar, attempting to appease my grumbling stomach."Alright, so when and where are we rendezvousing with them?" I pressed for details, eager to unravel this mystery.

Bryce deferred to Dad, who remained silent, prompting Bryce to provide the answer."You know Phoenix Falls?

We're meeting near the woodland area close by," Bryce explained, and I nodded, familiar with the location."Marie?

" Dad's voice interrupted my thoughts. "Ask Lauren to join us; we're gathering a few pack members. The meeting's at eleven am sharp tomorrow."I obediently agreed, though inwardly cursing the early morning call. Weekends were meant for sleep-ins, after all.

Exiting the room, I found Lauren still waiting in my bedroom, tying her hair back."So, spill the beans," she demanded.

"We're meeting the Moon Lupis pack tomorrow at eleven. You're tagging along," I informed her, noting her confusion."Lauren, promise me you won't let power go to your head once you're Luna. Bryce will be Alpha soon.

If you do, I'll kick your butt," I warned playfully, earning a hug from her."Never," she assured me, her smile infectious. I nudged her away teasingly, reminding her of our no-hug policy.

As she prepared to leave, I couldn't resist poking fun at her flushed cheeks.

"So, Bryce kept you busy last night?"

"Stop, Marie.

I don't need the details," I protested, but Lauren's mischievous grin persisted.

Before long, Lauren's departure left me alone in my room.

Glancing at the clock, I noted the late hour—half past ten.

Despite my usual penchant for late nights, the early start tomorrow urged me to prepare for bed.

Undressing, I slipped into comfortable sleepwear and settled into bed with my phone.

Mindlessly scrolling through social media, I hoped to distract myself from the looming meeting with the Moon Lupis pack.My heart raced, and panic surged through me as I struggled against my restraints.

Blindfolded and bound, I called out for help, but silence greeted me.

Footsteps approached, and a familiar voice broke through the darkness."Marie," Adrian's voice was like a balm to my nerves, but confusion clouded my thoughts.


" I questioned myself, bewildered by my predicament. His touch sent shivers down my spine as he caressed my exposed skin.

"Are you ready?" His whispered question sent a jolt of anticipation through me, though I hesitated.

"Familiar with BDSM?"

Adrian's inquiry caught me off guard, but I nodded hesitantly, my mind racing."Kind of. My friend explained some things... Why?" I responded, my voice barely above a whisper.

"Tonight, you get to experience it." Adrian's voice dripped with seduction, and I braced myself for what was to come.

Sweat beaded on my skin as I jolted awake, my heart pounding in my chest. Disoriented and shaken, I reached for the water on my nightstand, my throat parched.

The remnants of the dream lingered, leaving me trembling and unsettled.

Reluctantly, I rose from bed, discarding my soaked clothing before heading to the bathroom.

The Alpha's Proposal

"Why is it taking so long?" I frowned while Lauren's eyes were fixed on me, a goofy grin on her face. Yes, I had told her about the dream, and she would not leave me alone.

"Calm down, Marie; it's only half an hour 'till we go.

" She sang, "Now it's time to talk about last night.” I scowled and turned toward her, shaking my head repeatedly.

"Please no, I'm scarred from that, and I just managed to get it out of my head." I frowned, and she began to laugh. I turned away from her and rested my head on my hand, waiting for my father and Bryce to return.I was kind of excited to meet the Moon Lupis Pack.

I wanted to pick a fight with them after they injured several of our pack members, but my father made me promise him I would behave, which sucked.

"So... you're a sub?" I was pulled from my train of thought when Lauren spoke. I turned toward her for a moment, then turned away.


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