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The Alpha's Slave

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After a siege that wiped out her family and entire Vampire clan, Arayah Whitlock was taken captive by the Malreux Wolf Pack to their kingdom, where she was tested and experimented on due her unique royal bloodline. She escaped at the age of fifteen, and was taken in by a werewolf family who housed her for another five years. The news of the werewolf prince looking for a bride sparked her interest, and though she was warned about the dangers of her kind being caught, she damned all consequences and followed her adventurous heart. Will it lead her to where she wanted or to her untimely death? _________________________________________________ All his life, Amareux Kingstone has been preparing to one day be the Alpha King of the Wolf race. Isolated from his peers since he was a kid, he has been made to understand his responsibility as the heir. Under so much pressure, he craved for a moment of escape and found it in the caves beneath the palace, with a girl. His first friend. However, this didn't last as the girl was taken away and he was plunged back into training to be the next Alpha. Will he see his friend again? When he does, what will he do when he finds out about her real identity?



Arayah opened her eyes to the world, not with a cry but a sneeze.

It was the strangest of births, the midwife had said.

The child came out with a very odd temperature that the midwife was concerned about if she would survive.

The first set of eyes Arayah met was that of her mother. Tears streamed down her face as she looked at her little born. The next face was that of Emmett her father. He was very gaunt and had very pale skin and dark hair. His eyes were gold and brown and he had canine teeth. She possessed the same features apart from the teeth as she was just a baby. He smiled with tears brimming in his eyes.

If someone was not going to survive, it was not Arayah as the midwife thought.

This was discovered a minute later, as Dahlia the little girl’s mother began to bleed excessively.

“Hold on to her,” the midwife said putting Arayah on her father’s body and pushing him aside.

“What is happening?” Emmett tried to inquire.

The midwife running around doing absolutely nothing at all in his opinion, refused to say a thing

“Answer me!” he dug into her arm with a strong grip.

She winced and said, “She is losing a lot of blood!”

He replied, “Can’t you do anything?!”

He was not ready to lose her. Not now, not now!

“I’m trying.”

“Then try harder.”

The woman looked so exhausted and he looked at his dear wife as she writhed in pain.

He sl*t his wrist and went to feed her his blood.

“What are you doing?” The midwife shrieked.

“I’m easing her pain! Since you won’t do anything. She doesn’t look okay!”

“She is human! What if she dies and wakes up a vampire?”

“Better than she not waking up at all.”

The blood went into her system and she felt a sense of relief from the pain.

Dahlia did die.

But only for a moment.

Before she became Emmett’s wife, she was not just any ordinary human, she had been a witch. It was the craziest love story between these two. A vampire and witch.

In normal cases, a vampire could not conceive, but hers was an exception as she knew just what to do to get a baby. She had cast a spell that could turn Emmett to be human for only a day. And that night, she had conceived of her child. As the spell was a strong one and had gone beyond the natural course of nature, she hadn’t been able to practice magic again. This lasted throughout her pregnancy term.

She had come on a tourist visit to the vampire town when she met Emmett. She was of course captured by vampire cops for her blood to be used as food for the vampire population. Emmett taking a liking to her had saved her and brought her to the palace. Emmett was the head of the Draven Vampire clan a thriving vampire community. The system was built strongly and there wasn’t a thing they didn’t have. They had a strong army and they had conquered even wolf packs. He was a well-respected leader and friend to all in the community, but after meeting and taking an interest in Dahlia, many were not so sure it was a good idea. It was only later he found out that she was a witch. She began handling responsibilities that vampires couldn’t do and this earned her love and respect from the community. After a while, Dahlia and Emmett fell madly in love with each other and decided to get married. She quickly became a mother figure in the clan. She loved her husband and the community exceedingly.

After minutes, Dahlia’s eyes blinked back open.

She was in the first stages of her transition. She had to take blood immediately or else she would die.

Emmett was already by her side, with their child in his arms.

“Are you okay? You need blood. Here have this.” A glass of blood by the bedside table was given to her.

She felt so weak and her insides were fighting her. She felt every part of her wanting to down the glass. But she could only look at it as her human mind saw it. This was blood. Not food.

She replied with a weak, “No. I’m hungry. Give me food please.”

“God dammit Dahlia! You’d die if you don’t take this. I can’t lose you now. I just can’t. You’re the only one who has made my long life bearable and I want to spend forever with you and our daughter.” He broke down in tears, “You don’t need any stupid food!” He said to her sharply and impatiently.

After seeing how broken her husband looked, who she knew she would do anything for, she took the cup and downed it. The blood going down her system felt like electricity coursing through her body. Just like that, she immediately felt a disconnection from her witch roots. The last shred of magic that was left in her disappeared. She then realized that turning into a vampire meant no longer being a witch. But to her, it didn’t matter anymore as her powers had refused to work since she had done what she did to get her child.

She then stretched her hand in the direction of her child. She had finally gotten what she wanted. A child, with the love of her life. All was fine and good. This was the best moment of her life. The only thing now was that she had never envisioned being a vampire and now she had to learn to survive on blood.

Just then, the midwife walked in and reminded them that Arayah needed to be fed. Roselyn was a midwife before she was turned. But as vampires didn’t give birth, she had not delivered a child in over a hundred years and she was enjoying this moment as it was priceless to her.

Emmett leaned over his wife on the bed as she suckled the child, Dahlia looked up at him and then back at her child and said, “Arayah Sinclair Whitlock. Let’s name her Arayah.”

He smiled back and nodded yes with tears in his eyes.

He had a child. He finally had a child.

Chapter 1

“Amareux Kingstone! Oh my goodness!”

Amareux was just seven years old, but he had grown to know when his mum was angry. In such moments, she called his full name.

He had a ferocious appetite to destroy, as he was still learning to control his wolf, and so his entire household was in a frenzy trying to control him. Looking back, those were some of the times he ever felt his dad was proud of him.

His dad, Alpha Aragorn, was excited the first time he turned. It had been considered quite early, to shift at age five. He had been quite the little pup and whenever he shifted back, he would be sick for days. Alpha Aragorn was the Alpha of the Malraux Wolf pack, and Amareux was to become Alpha someday.

The little wolf still prancing about the house came and folded itself around his mother’s leg.

She picked him up with her hand by the scruff of his neck easily, like she did when she was in her wolf form, only this time it was strong hands and not strong jaws. Tho


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