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The Alpha's Rejected Mate

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"I, Lance Mane, the future Alpha of the Silver Creek Pack, reject you Maisie Walter as my Luna," I said and she nodded looking down as if she expected. "You're a slave, the daughter of rogues, who killed a lot in our Pack, you don't deserve to be the Luna of the Pack, you don't deserve to be alive," I spat turning to leave. *** Maisie was taken as a slave of the Silver Creek Pack after her parents were burnt alive as they are tagged as rogues by the Alpha. She was mistreated much more than other slaves of the Pack and suffered a lot from her mate, the next-in-line Alpha Lance. He rejected her and slept with women in her presence as a way of torture. Lance Mane was the future Alpha of the Silver Creek Pack, he hated his mate because his mate’s parents killed his mother. But he can not avoid falling in love with his enemy’s daughter. He hid his tender heart but tortured and rejected his mate. Will Lance Mane’s hatred last or will he end up submitting to the mate bond? Can Maisie Walter escape from torture and get the chance to revenge for her parents? Read to find out.

CHAPTER 1 The Punishment

Maisie's POV

"Maisie." I yelped after I heard his voice, rushing over to his room wondering what my punishment would be today.

"Why did you take more than five minutes?" He barked after I reached his door.

"I'm sorry, I was trying to rush up and finish the work you gave me," I answered averting his eyes, afraid of the cruelty I would find once I looked at him.

"Are you complaining?" He barked again.

"No, I'm…" I stuttered staring hard at the floor.

"As a slave, you're supposed to do whatever I want, come whenever I call, and never complain, just be the lowly slave you are." He dragged me into his room before I could even realize it.

"What should I do for you, Alpha Lance?" I asked shakily, looking around the room, but I couldn't find any dirt.

"Another thing about being a slave is, don't ask questions!! Just follow my orders," He barked, and I swallowed nervously.

"Now follow me, don't stand around like a dummy."

I followed him to his inner room, I paused when I heard a sultry voice.

"Alpha, I'm waiting."

A woman walked in, with shorts on and no top or even a bra, and her boobs were pointing, I could already see bit marks on them.

I finally lifted my head searching his eyes, meeting the cruelty I avoided earlier.

"I'm sorry for making you wait." He smiled at her, dragging her closer to him, he kissed her and she purred leaning into him, placing his hands on her boobs she moaned when he squeezed them.

A sharp pain hit me, my heart shattering into a million pieces, I couldn't believe my eyes.

Looking away, "I'm sorry, I'll leave."

"Did I speak gibberish earlier?" He barked and I stilled.

I turned to him pleading with my eyes, the pain I was feeling was too unbearable.

"I said, as a slave you should only follow orders."

"And I never said you should leave the room yet." He added and I gasped realizing his intent.

"I'm not sure you need an audience, Alpha," I said wondering how I could find the words to speak, as I fought the tears in my eyes.

"I'm not sure you're in a position to say anything." He scoffed.

"Now I want you to seat there." He gestured to the small seat at the corner, smeared with dirt.

"Sit on the dirt that you are, and watch me." He added pushing me to the chair, my inner wolf whined in pain as claws pierced my skin.

"This will remove any ideas from your head." He added.

The woman laughed, "You know being this mean makes you so hot." She said and he raised his brows with a smile.

"Oh yeah?" He asked sucking her nipple, she moaned rubbing his head.

"I'm so wet." She moaned taking her shorts off.

He took his boxers and shirt off, and his c*ck sprang out, hard and big.

Kneeling, she took his c*ck in her mouth and he groaned, f*ck*ng her mouth, I clutched my heart the pain becoming unbearable.

My inner wolf wailed in pain, it became too hard for us, watching our mate do this.

I tried to look away, but the pain of watching him do this with someone else became so compelling, I couldn't look away.

I wondered what I did to deserve this pain, I never asked him to be my mate, and I didn't know why the Moon Goddess kept letting me feel this pain.

Groaning, he made her stand up, she moaned giggling as he took her to the bed, my eyes followed everything, my heart still clenching in pain.

She arched her body as she lay on the bed, he went behind her facing me, he slammed into her with a groan, and she moaned throwing her head back.

He kept slamming into her groaning as his eyes held mine, tears ran down my cheeks, I could hear my wailings now, and I was sure he could hear them too, with the smile he gave me.

"Uh, you're so good, baby." She moaned raising her body, his hands left her waist grabbing her boobs as he massaged them making her moan loudly.

"F*ck baby, you feel so good." He groaned slamming into her harder, she moaned giggling.

"Your c*ck is so big, baby, I'm so full." She said moaning louder.

"Yes, take that c*ck baby." He groaned louder.

The room was filled with his groans and her moans, and the sound of my wailing, I tried muffling my tears, I tried holding them back, but it was impossible.

He kept on f*ck*ng her, sweat glistening on his forehead, and while he kept f*ck*ng her, his eyes never left me, his cruel smile still visible as he groaned in pleasure.

His pace increased, and she moaned shaking, he groaned emptying his c*m into her.

The s*x finished, but my pain remained, the pain of watching my mate with someone else.

They both stood up, dressing up immediately, she kept giggling as he smacked her *ss repeatedly.

"Why are you doing this?" I asked unable to hold it in anymore.

"I'm not the Moon Goddess, I didn't choose to be your mate, why am I being punished for a decision I didn't make?" I cried out, tears spilling from my eyes

When I saw the way his face filled with rage, I clutched my fingers tightly.

I fell after his slap hit my face, groaning in pain, my inner wolf whined in pain.

"Don't you ever talk to me in that manner, I thought you'll learn a lesson today as you watched us f*ck, but I was wrong." He spat on me.

"You're just a disgusting slave, and you won't be my Luna, the Moon Goddess made a f*ck*ng mistake." He stomped on me as I clamped my mouth shut, trying not to cry out or say anything from too much pain.

"Get the f*ck out of my room." He barked.

CHAPTER 2 The Daughter of Rogues

Maisie's POV

The hurt I felt yesterday from Lance's spectacle still saddened me, my inner wolf whined every two hours, reminding me of the reckless pain I tried to forget.

I didn't do anything wrong, and my parents didn't do anything wrong, yet they were branded as rogues and killed, my stepmother and step-sister joined the Pack members in treating me this way.

"Maisie." My heart beat quickly, I knew what happens if I get called, it would be another dose of suffering.

I ran out to the laundry room, wondering what I did this time to annoy him.

I wasn't prepared for the slap that hit me sending me flying to the table, I winced as I hit the sharp edge of the table.

"I think you love me hitting you because you seem to not understand instructions clearly." He said and I didn't bother looking at his eyes, all I could do was stare at the floor, I knew I wouldn't find solace if I tried searching his eyes.

"If you listen to simple instructions and ac

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