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The Alpha’s Perfect Find

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When normal, sweet, calm Hazel Coleman moves to a new town after the death of her parents, she is welcomed warmly by everyone except the Alpha of the Moonstone pack, who makes her go crazy every chance he gets. She settles there and is ready to deal with Alpha Caine Kingston’s love and hate for her. Ready to navigate this new world, blend in with the werewolves and start anew, things take a turn when she discovers she is the mate to the s*xy stubborn Alpha Caine and he was Denying the mate pull. Not wanting to put up with his attitude after holding on for too long to her emotions, she decides to confront him and get over what she feels for him. But they give in to their desires and he marks her and changes her to a werewolf one night. Adjusting and embracing her new life as a new creature, settling into her new role as the Luna of the pack and head over heels in love with Caine she is ready to settle down with him and live happily. Now Her biggest Fear is back, and it turns out to be the brother of the man she loves. Caleb Kingston, the person responsible for her parents death. Caleb is back to finish what he started, Her. With Caine having a secret to protect from Hazel, an old flame of his out for revenge and a power hungry brother on the loose, they have each other to trust and rely on. Hazel is met with love, suspense and betrayal in ways she could ever imagine.



Cooking for you

Rubbing your back while you read,

Waiting for you on the porch till you come home

Taking your hand while you drive

Lighting all the candles before you come home

Staying up late to watch you sleep

Observing all the details

Did you hear my “I love you”?

Sending me flowers whenever you think of me

Planning our first vacation together, the place I like

Asking hundreds of questions about me

Engaging in long, deep talks that soothes me

Making more time for me than yourself

Showing me your weird comfortable side

Yes I heard your “I love you”

The way you wrap your arms around me

The way you look at me and smile at me

And I get lost in your pool of emeralds

The way you look for me first in the crowd

And the way I wait for you

We found each other

And we fit perfect


The wind blew my hair in all places and I felt like the main character.

The drive to Magnolia Springs in Alabama was just as I expected.

It was a time to reminisce and replay some of the happy memories I had left before everything came crashing down.

I took an intake of breathe. My heart felt relaxed for once.

I was going back home.

Where I was told I belonged.

I had to, it was the final bus stop for me.

I had gathered the heavy stuff  I couldn’t move and did a yard sale so I had enough cash to keep me going for the next months till I get a new job.

With all of the things I owned and some of my parents stuff crammed into the back seat and hood of my car I knew there’s was no coming back for me.

The Woman I talked to a week ago before coming, Megan Kingston she said was her name. Sounded so nice and remembered my parents well when I brought them up.

I had told her I was coming back to my parents home, the one they had before they decided to move to the big city, I was coming back to stay.

Megan sounded excited to have me and had to call me yesterday night to make sure I hadn’t changed my mind about coming.

Thanks to my Mum’s Journal I had the address and some of the happy memories she had written down  when she moved to stay with my dad in Alabama, I had them to hold with me.

With both dead parents, a college degree in arts, a bleak love life and being unemployed I wanted to be far away from the city as much as possible, away from the place I came back home to see my parents murdered in cold blood.

Sighing when I saw the sign post that read “Welcome to Magnolia Springs” I slowed down to check my map.

The google Map on my phone ended at that particular sign and now I had to ask for directions to my parents house.

I stopped my car to a crawl, looking at the wide yards and houses around.

Driving really slow now in hopes of meeting someone, my faith worked out for me.

I saw a truck parked at the side of a farm, the bonnet was opened and a figure turned out to be working on it.

I pulled over slowly next to him and the figure peeked out from the hood of the car blocking him from the sun.

It was a he and he was shirtless.

“Hello, Good noon I’m new around, pls do you know the directions to the Coleman’s House?” I asked with a slightly loud voice hoping he’d hear me.

“Uh yeah, it’s right after the church, you go straight up and take the first two left turns.

“Alright, Thank you”

I had my foot on the pedal ready to follow the directions before he stopped me.

“Hazel Coleman?”

He knew me !????

Should I be alarmed?

“Who’s asking?”

He walked closer to my passenger window and crouched, squinting from the sun and tying to get a good look at me.

Man he was jacked, felt like he was flaunting it.

“Tristan Harris” he said and stretched his hand for a handshake.

“Megan told us about your coming, she’s been eagerly waiting for you”

He knew Megan, I started to relax

“Okay… Hey Tristan”

I knew I was a genetic build of the werewolf creatures and a human, and I knew when I decided to move over to this area, I was venturing into a pack of werewolves I knew nothing about.

And I knew I stood talking to a fine looking werewolf at that moment.

My parents never told me about them and never had the “perfect time “ to ever tell me about their origins. I had to read about them and I had little to no knowledge about them except the information the internet provided.

Hell, I didn’t even know if I was one. I had not felt any mate pull or had any reaction to consider I was shifting.

Now I was having a conversation with this sweet looking hunk of a man and he looked to good to be considered anything less of an Alpha.

If he turned out be then I guessed I ventured into clear waters.

“So I was working on my trunk and I was rounding up before you came along and if you wouldn’t mind I’d love to show you the way to where you’re headed, you know make it easier for you”.

Okay, I ventured into clear waters

“That’d be helpful, thank you”

He gave me a small smile and headed back for his truck. He was handsome.

The drive to my parents house wasn’t as long as I expected and we got there in about 10 minutes.

With Tristan’s truck at the front we both pulled up to the driveway of the house almost at the same time.

We both came out of our respective vehicles at the same time and stood back to inspect the place.

It was a Small Manor house. With evergreen trees standing tall, I could also hear a lake flowing from somewhere behind the trees, but the house looked abandoned.

It looked like the house I would always tell my mum I wanted to live in. It looked liked peace.

I had no idea why they had to leave here. Now I have to live the rest of my life looking for answers and waking up in cold sweats some night because of the last image I had of them.

I walked towards the entrance and Tristan followed behind. The place looked like it had too much dust and things I would want to avoid looking at or touching.

“I hate to break it to you…” Tristan’s voice brought me out of my reverie and I turned to face him.

“It’s what we use as a store house now, we tried moving the things inside over the weekend but everyone was so busy we couldn’t finish it on time before your arrival”

“Hmmm” I replied not knowing what to say

Ugh! This wasn’t what I had in mind. I just had to settle for a hotel this night before working on the house tomorrow. I have big plans for the designing of this place, all my paintings would come to life here.

I was going to check out the place tomorrow but for now I had to rest my head and plan for tomorrow

“Are there any hotels around”?  I asked

“Actually Megan planned on you staying at the pack house on tonight and by tomorrow we’ll get our men to work the house for you”

These people were thoughtful, I really needed to rest my head. It was past 4 in the evening.

“Oh, that’s nice. it’s high time I meet her anyways” I said lowly looking round the compound. My designs for the area and the house arranged themselves in my head.

“You’re not much of a talker are you?” Tristan was looking pointedly at me.

In the few minutes we’d spent together he was beginning to notice how my talks were little and monosyllabic.

I smiled a little “I tend to keep to myself most times”

He nodded and motioned towards our cars “Hmm, alright… after you Miss”

Alabama sun was something else and I stared to pack my long curly hair that I had let down all day into a bun as I headed to my car. I wanted fresh air for my neck .

When I got to my car and opened the door, I saw Tristan staring at me from behind as he headed for his truck.

When he saw I had caught him staring he turned away and entered his truck.

I also wanted to pay no attention to him, It’s best he has no ideas up his head, I wasn’t ready for any of that.

The drive to the pack house was even shorter.

This rich looking community seemed rather quiet. I’m guessing everyone were off to doing what they do by that time.

The driveway to the house brought the house in view. It was big, rather big, another Manor.

The pack house was a big Manor. Worthy to be called a pack house because of the size and the intricate designs.

Twice the size of my parents manor.

“Welcome to the Kingston’s house, a.k.a the pack house” Tristan said as we both shut the door to our vehicles and headed for the porch.

I marveled at the building, it looked like something out of a novel. The stone work, the trees and the fountains, it looked like old money, it smelt of riches.

Tristan headed inside and I followed behind hot on his heels.

We went inside the receiving parlor and it was much more than what I had seen outside. The mixture of modern souvenirs and ancient artifacts gave the room a whole exquisite vibe, This was art.

The arrangements of the room and the design on the high ceiling brought a smile to my face and probably left my mouth hanging open.

“Hazel this is Alpha Caine Kingston” Tristan’s voice broke my admiration of the house.

He had done that enough in the last few minutes I had known him - bringing me out of my thoughts.

I stopped my marveling immediately and my head whipped to who Tristan was talking about.

There in the corner of the receiving parlor he stood watching me. I felt a pang of shame this new man had seen me with my mouth open looking at his house that way.

He walked towards us and i stopped the worship of the manor to marvel at him. This was definitely the Alpha of the pack. His stance and walk screamed superiority.

As he walked towards us my eyes glued unto him, I felt my body tingle. I had no idea what was happening to me. I was flustered.

When he got close enough I came close to his green pools of eyes that looked at me like he was looking at my soul, his rosy lips that looked so soft, a sharp pointed nose and a chiseled jaw line and his small stubble made him look like a Greek god.

His neck length hair packed in a little bun behind his head and strands falling out of place made him look even better.

His build, his arms, I knew I would gladly run into them. This man was built to protect. I wanted him to protect me, what exactly he was protecting me against, I had no idea.

“Caine, this is Hazel Coleman” I felt giddy on the inside

“Hmm, The rouge” the voice was as I expected but his words were not.

Every excitement I had stopped abruptly

“Excuse you??” My eyes widened.

He walked so intimidatingly towards me and when he stood in front of me, he whispered to me “I hope you know you’re not welcomed here”

I was too stunned to speak

I could only stare at him, the whole worship I had of him a while ago in my head slowly vanished.

He held my stare and looked at me blankly.

“Caine!” An elderly man had come into the scene and he looked like an older version of Caine. He seemed to have heard what Caine told me and chided him.

Caine didn’t turn back, but he side stepped me and went for a handshake with Tristan who stood witnessing what was happening.

“I’m heading out dad, gotta work on those new pipes”

This was in-fact the Elder Kingston.

Caine wasted no time heading out for his truck.

“Come back home early for dinner honey” A woman’s voice called from upstairs and it echoed in the parlor.

“Tristan, you coming?” Caine called from outside.

Tristan who didn’t follow him when he went outside stood watching me.

Tristan looked at me one last time and gave me a small smile before heading outside with to meet Caine in his truck.

It was like they were all used to this unhappy human named Caine living amongst them and they had no other choice but to tolerate him.

“Thank you Tristan” the woman called out to a retreating Tristan for bringing me to the house.

“Anytime Megan”

Then the Woman came down the stairs.

She looked stunning in her ruffled floral gown and Chanel heels, and her green eyes illuminated under the light, I could see where Caine got his. This woman looked no older that 40.

I instantly wanted to be like her when I grew older, she was gorgeous.

“Hazel, darling how was the trip I’ve been waiting forever for you” She walked up to me, arms opened for hug.

“It was fine, thank you” finally able to speak,I fell into her embrace, she felt warm. I missed my mum.

“I’m sorry about that” The man pointed at Caine’s  truck outside. “He usually has his pants up in a knot when he meets new people”

“David Kingston” the elder Kingston gave his outstretched hand out. With a buzz cut full of grey hair, I instantly knew why Megan was with this man. He looked like a middle aged version of Channing Tatum.

“Hazel Coleman” I took his hand, it felt like my dad’s. Warm and big.

“I know enough about you already from my wife who hasn’t met you before, she could even write a biography about you. She’s been on your arrival all week”

“Stop it David you don’t have to put me like that” she laughed and playfully hit him on the shoulder.

They had that same playfulness my parents had.

“Come honey, since you’d be spending time with us for the next few days, let’s show you round the house and get you settled in”

“I’ll go get your bags” David offered and Megan steered me towards the stairs.

I was too tired to protest, they had everything figured out.

She took my hand and walked with me while David headed outside for my bags.

Walking further inside the house I took one final look from the window at Caine’s now retreating truck pulling from the driveway with Tristan’s behind his, and the last minute replayed in my head.

The realization that I came to live with Primordial Lycans who I wasn’t sure one of them wanted me here hit me one last time, now I wasn’t too sure I ventured into clear waters.


“Would you please hand me some nails from that bag and also the board lying there?”

I slipped on some gloves and and scooped some nails to hand over to Tristan who was standing on a ladder trying to fix a hole in the wall.

“Can you move it, or you need some help” Tristan was asking about the weight of the board I was about to carry.

“Tristan If you’d look closely, I’m more built than it looks”

I was making an attempt at making a joke after we’ve been working all morning.

He stopped what he was doing and look down at me. He had a full blown smile

“Oh really, flex your arm or take your shirt off, I need to see your sleeper build”

Ohh he was flirting, this wasn’t what I planned.

“Uhhhh, I don’t…. I” I was stuttering???

“Just hand me the nails Hazel” he got me where any man would want a woman - speechless.

His looks and his smile and the flirting had that effect on me.

I silently gave him the nails and left the roo

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