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The Alpha's Human Mate

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Emma Thorne has no idea what or whom she is, To most people, she's the girl that keeps moving from one town to another with her family. To Emma, she's nothing special. She wants to fit in with the other kids. Will she get her wish? Or will her life be upturned by a werewolf that awakens desires she did not know existed? Noah is the Alpha king of the Moon Stone Pack. He's strong, kind but like everyone has painful memories they don't want to remember, to him, it was his dead mother. He eventually finds out who his mate is and discovers that it's the new girl in school, Emma and as he tries to make her smitten by his personality, dark forces keep pushing them apart. As Emma and Noah's world collide, shocking truths unfurl, Noah is uncertain of who he should trust and what to believe when a coup happens in his clan right under his nose and tries to challenge his authority. One thing Noah knows is that Emma can save him but could he save his clan?

Chapter 1

The whispers, the very obvious stares and the threatening glares! Again! This was the kind of life Emma had gotten used to. It was Emma's first day at Sunshine High School. What kind of high school is named Sunshine anyway? She had always hated being the new kid. There were always some people who are like people magnets and they make like a hundred friends in one week. Nope. That was not Emma. She was the exact opposite. She was the kind of person that was sure to make a hundred enemies.

Everyone would gossip about her, make up stories about her and her family, develop theories on why she was in the school and then she would spend an unfortunate amount of time trying to make a few friends and would then be compensated with a lot of enemies.

When she told people her father's job, they'd say they understood, that being a soldier was not easy and all that. When his country said move, he had to even though it only introduced more cracks into their family. Most times she wished her father would quit or lose his job but he was too patriotic and also too diligent. She was always upset trying to make new friends in every new state they go to only to get ripped from them again when her father got posted somewhere else.

She missed her friends and she knew their friendship might not survive the distance. Just like Ava's.

She and Ava had known each other since they were in kindergarten. Her dad and mum were both bankers so there was no spontaneous uprooting like hers. They were in the same middle school for one year and 3 months. They used to go to the same summer camp when school was closed consistently until they entered high school and the friendship had started expiring. It started with less phone calls to no more summer camps and then nothing.

She got dressed that morning, putting on black joggers and a new Star Wars T shirt. People always assumed she was a gym freak wherever she moved because of her outfit which was not absurd because she only went to the gym once a week.

It was the beginning of February and her family had just moved on new year day(January 1st). She had been getting ready to graduate and was already writing applications to colleges in London. She wanted to be as far away as possible from her parents and Daniel. Daniel was her younger and annoying brother.

It was an entire mess when her mom announced to them on the kitchen table that they were going to move again. Daniel immediately went into a tearful rampage, he was just about to enter middle school.

He refused to talk to any of them for a week, only coming downstairs from his room to take food and offering the barest of replies and affection. She did not even understand why his cold attitude had affected her because they were literally in the same situation.

It was useless to argue with her parents, when she was younger, she used to argue and cry for hours. At one time she left the house to a friend's house whom her parents had no idea about for a day, didn't pick their calls and just wept into her friend's pillow until she slept. Her tantrums did nothing. They never did anything. The culprit, her father, never told them directly that they were going to move. It was always mom.

Mom on the other hand had no job. Nope she didn't. She had always been a housewife so anything she started to feed us with b*llsh*t of her understanding our pain and trying to be emphatic, she knew d*mn well that she didn't even understand Father.

Her dad used to come to her room to apologize and tell her it would not happen again but now all she got was a nod. She loved her father but she hated him too and hated his job the most.

So they packed their loads, they had quite an experience in that already. It only took them about 2 hours to finish packing. They were moving to a little town on the outskirts of Minnesota.

The town was cute. It had so much green scenery. Many of them in the town were farmers or hunters or people that had too much land. It was literally a film director's heaven.

This town didn't have apartment buildings. There were either large bungalows or duplexes or mansions!At least she has many hiding spots.

On her way to school, she had openly gawked on a mansion that was like fifteen minutes away from her house. She had wondered why they would have their mansions in this kind of town. The closest urban city was three hours and that was by train. When there was heavy snow, they would spend like six hours on the road. She couldn't imagine having that kind of wealth and living here. She would have been in Beverly hills or New York not this large farmland of a city.

She had walked to school because she had no idea where she was supposed to wait for a bus stop. She had not even seen a bus since she had arrived in town. She tried to smile as she walked, nodding at the neighbors who were out watering their lawns not because she was trying to be polite. She did not give a d*mn about them. They were out just looking at her like she was a specimen or a weird human being. It felt weird to her but she brushed it off since she was new in town. Probably that was how they welcomed people they didn't know to their town. She couldn't even care less. The spontaneity of her life assured her that they wouldn't be here for long.

She wondered about the people in her school. She had already mentally deduced that they would all have cliques, she would probably be relegated to the back benchers clique or the nerd club.



Chapter 2


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